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A Backwoods Home Anthology — The Ninth Year
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Cover 51

Note from the publisher


The Millenium bug! Are you kidding?


Ayoob on firearms:
Four X .44 — the logical backwoods handgun

Your honey will love your sweet buns
Solar oven casseroles are good and easy
Wild raspberries — summertime’s finest treat

Original Poems:
Lee Ann Murphy
John Earl Silveira
Deborah Rolland

Irreverent joke page




Making a living

  • If you just love those books, here’s how to make money with them
  • The emu and ostrich craze — Why won’t the big birds fly?
  • Spousal support in a small business — it means tolerance, love and faith in the future
  • I grow my homestead fund by stitching “ditty bags”
  • He combined crab pots with car repair to make his business go
  • Elephant garlic as a cash crop
  • Here’s how one man made the transition from city to country
  • Self-publishing can be profitable but stay clear of vanity presses
  • A determined Rose Bley escaped the city
  • Supplement your income by raising exotic tortoises


Country living

  • Remembering “the good life”
  • Extend the vase life of flowers
  • Build a fish pond — just for fun


  • Make a fun stick whistle

The old days

  • Hope chest memories