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The Water System By Michael Hackleman

In this first part of a two-part series, Michael Hackleman discusses the alternatives you should consider before installing your own water system. Wise decisions at the outset can save you a lot of money and ensure a reliable and plentiful supply of water.

Solar food drying By Marcella Shaffer

Solar food drying, the oldest known means of preserving food, has its place in our kitchens even as we make our passage into the 21st Century. Marcella Shaffer shows us how to build simple solar dryers that can be used for fruits, vegetables, and meats. She also tells us how to tell when they’re ready for storage.

Cost-saving baby tips By Carolyn Hudman

To cure those “expensive baby blues”, Carolyn Hudman gives us recipes for homemade baby powders, oils, ointments, and more. She also tells us how to shop for quality baby clothes, car seats, and furniture that are always popping up in garage sales near you.

Country Living

Fully Involved By Diana Morgan

The life of a volunteer firefighter is one of hard work punctuated by bouts of danger, terror, and grief. Diana Morgan, a somewhat undersized and overaged female volunteer with a small town fire department, writes eloquently of one such night in her “career.”

Farm and Garden

Okra—not just for the South By Alice Yeager

Alice Yeager provides gardening tips for growing the Southern favorite that Northerners just don’t understand—okra. Along the way she gives us some handy and tasty kitchen suggestions for its preparation.


How to use those leftovers By Marjorie Burris

Every kitchen winds up with them—leftovers. Marjorie Burris tells us the best way to store them, then she presents ways to give them new life. She even ends this handy little piece with a recipe for “homemade” dog food Fido will love.


We don’t need no steenking 2nd Amendment By John Silveira

Duffy, MacDougal, and Silveira are at it again. This time they discuss our right to keep and bear arms. MacDougal’s argument, sure to upset gun control advocates, is
that even without the “protection” of the 2nd Amendment our right to arms
is inalienable.