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A Backwoods Home Anthology — The Eleventh Year
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Cover 61
After the Nov./Dec. issue which portrayed a celestial view of the earth, Dave wanted us to look a little closer and see a warm sunrise over a rural backwoods environment for the new millennium. This positive approach to Y2K is portrayed by artist John C. Dean in this issue, which depicts a rural valley surrounded by forest land and homesteads on a wintery morning in the year 2000.


Independent Energy

22   High voltage ac, low voltage dc    By Michael Hackleman

Most independent energy systems are built around alternating current, but Michael Hackleman presents a 12-point argument in favor of incorporating direct current into your own system.

77   Sunny solutions for north slope applications    By Michael Hackleman

When confronted with the difficult task of providing energy to pump water using a PV system that lay in the shadow of a mountain, Michael Hackleman provides a simple solution: if the sun won’t reach your solar panels on the ground, raise the panels to meet the sun.


8   A (very) short history of the earth    By John Silveira

John Silveira shows how to build a timeline that describes just how “large” the history of the earth is. Included are some surprises about how recently higher life-forms arrived on this planet.


70   Cooking for a crowd    By Marjorie Burris

74   Bologna sandwiches and roasted rabbit    By Habeeb Salloum

Farm and Garden

18   Plant your trees in the spring    By Tom R. Kovach

38   The villain dodder    By Alice Brantley Yeager

64   Indian pear trees    By Alice Brantley Yeager


14   Wild greens: when weeds become vegetables    By Jackie Clay

Jackie Clay has two gardens. One is in her yard but the other stretches from her front door to beyond the horizon. In this article she tells you how to identify, harvest, cook, and can delicious “weeds” that can become regular table fare at your house.

35   Start a self-sufficiency garden even in a cramped apartment    By Nancy Wolcott


42   A Yankee father remembered    By Natalie McKnight Haugaard as told to Kay Haugaard

Country Living

47   Keeping poison ivy under control    By George Griebe


34   A portable bench for your better half    By Dana Martin Batory

49   Preparation for successful painting    By Oliver Del Signore