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A Backwoods Home Anthology — The Eleventh Year
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Cover 62
For this issue, Backwoods Home Magazine artist John Dean painted a dream house in the woods. The model for the painting is taken from The New Cottage Home by Jim Tolpin, Taunton Press, 1998. The lush ground cover and tall trees surrounding the modest two-story home lend a feeling of privacy and seclusion for the couple kissing on the upstairs balcony. Spring is in the air.


Independent Energy

8   Electricity from the wind    By Michael Hackleman

Michael Hackleman explains how to assess the wind energy potential of your homestead. Understand the wind equation and cube law, evaluate tower height, examine wind plant ratings, match a windplant to your system, and undertstand the wind.


51   More tips and tricks for the kitchen     By Richard Blunt

This is a continuation of Richard Blunt’s very popular “Tips and tricks” article in Issue #60. In this article he discusses pots, pans, knives, and kitchen gadgets. And how to cook a cat

76   Five great breakfasts that are good for you    By Jennifer Stein Barker

Farm and Garden

16   Propagate your plants    By Marcella Shaffer

24   Grow your best bush beans ever    By Lisa LaFreniere

33   Ramps: Better than garlic breath    By Ben Crookshanks

36   Naughty peppers    By Alice Brantley Yeager

50   Good garden bugs    By Tom Kovach

72   Basic livestock vetting    By Marcella Shaffer

Marcella Shaffer shows you how to take care of your livestock in an emergency. How do you take a temperature? How do you give an injection? How do you administer oral medications? What should be in your basic first aid animal medicine cabinet?


40   Jackie’s tips for hardcore homesteading    By Jackie Clay

Jackie addresses her article to those who are serious about homesteading. It is aimed at being able to provide your family with nearly all of its basic needs. She discusses a survival garden, a fruit orchard, and homegrown meat and dairy products.

65   Working with your woodlot    By Robbo Holleran

79   Dealing with ticks     By Tom R. Kovach

Working for a living

28   Make extra money teaching your skills to others    By Robert Williams

45   Running your own business—a mother’s perspective    By Ilene Duffy

Ilene Duffy, Backwoods Home Magazine’s business manager, talks about the benefits of running your own business. As a mother of four, being able to work at home with her children is, of course, the number one benefit, but there are plenty of other ones too.