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Cover 8


  • How to construct a soundproof generator shed
  • Here’s a neat way to expand your child’s bedroom and play space
  • Spring maintenance hints
  • You can move a piano, even a house if you understand “mechanics”
  • How to hang an exterior door

Alternative energy

  • Solar water pumping — a sensible, reliable alternative
  • Conservation and a wise choice of home appliances is the key to making photovoltaic power work for you
  • The pre-packaged solar system
  • Wind generator questions and answers

Country living/Cooking

  • Memories from the past
  • Making your own shoulder pads
  • Backwoods Home Recipes
  • Elegant vegetarian cuisine
  • Just for kids — ladybugs and spiders

Country employment

  • Nursing — the number 1 country career for both men and women
  • A crash course in small business record keeping


  • Spring planting a lot to do now, plenty of options to consider
  • Dairying with sheep
  • Home-grown herbs give your food that “very special” kind of flavor
  • Whip grafting — the key to producing fruit variety
  • The portable pig machine


  • The Guayule Plant — an oil-saving opportunity begging for an American entrepreneur
  • In spite of DEET and Permethrin, the mosquito still reigns supreme
  • What about the lead in your water supply?


  • Letters to the editor
  • Magazine reviews
  • Index of previous articles
  • Classified ads