Issue #86

March/April, 2004

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A Backwoods Home Anthology — The Fifteenth Year
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Cover 86
Though petite, Dorothy Ainsworth is truly an example of the self-reliant woman. Almost alone she built a log studio, then followed it with a huge log house, both of which were subjects of earlier articles in BHM. When her house tragically burned to the ground, Dorothy just turned around and built a better one. The stack of logs beside her in the cover photo was cut, transported, peeled, then wrought into the beautiful home that graces the pages of this issue, almost single-handedly by Dorothy.



10  The house that Dorothy built    By Dorothy Ainsworth

79  Plumbing for propane    By Don Fallick

Food & recipes

45  Garlic — the glorious bulb    By Linda Gabris

56  Jerky…a venison treat you can’t stop snacking on    By Linda Gabris

58  Canned salmon — Quality fish canned right is awesome    By Linda Gabris

66  Hints for enjoying strawberries    By Tom R. Kovach


19  Water is the key to gardening    By Tom R. Kovach

50  Black-eyed peas, a gift shared with the cows    By Alice Brantley Yeager

54  Herb boxes from fence boards    By Maggie Larsen

64  Growing productive strawberries    By Edna Manning

66  Fighting tomato blight    By Tom R. Kovach

Country living

77  Stay clear of young wild animals    By Tom and Joanne O’Toole


24  Hogs belong on the homestead    By Charles Sanders


48  Pysanki — you can make those biddies pay!    By Amy E. Peare


20  Make a poor man’s safe    By Jeffrey R. Yago, P.E., CEM

22  Four lawn mower tips that will save you $$$    By Tom R. Kovach

22  Watch those weed whips    By Tom R. Kovach

28  Getting it free in Alaska    By David Sneed

42  Harvesting the wild: shaggy mane mushrooms    By Jackie Clay

61  Bath herbs    By Cynthia Andal

73  Save money when you buy your next vehicle    By John Silveira

Small Town America

36  Raymond, Washington — green, wet, and wild   By Emily Salinger