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Don Childers painted this farm scene while visiting Dave and Ilene Duffy in Oregon this past fall. Everyone put their two cents in: We need a small child in Grandpa’s lap; that goat can be nibbling on his pants; how about a kid climbing up the haystack; that horse will be in the barn eating all the hay without a rope to keep her out.

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7  Editorial:
The Internet brings into the open the previously undiscussable

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Handgun-caliber carbines

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Bread without electricity, canning meat, growing apricots, etc.

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Things kids should learn before leaving high school — but don’t

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24  Remove rust with electrolysis
By Randy Young

39  An easier way to cut firewood
By Larry LaVan

40  Improving a rural economy with legalized marijuana
By Claire Wolfe


20  How to install a steel roof
By Morgan Barker

54  Two good projects for excess rock
By Jackie Clay-Atkinson

78  Build ceiling boxes to save space
By David Williams


70  An $89 backup generator
By Jeffrey Yago, P.E., CEM

Farm and garden

8  Awesome alliums
By Jackie Clay-Atkinson

15  A predator-proof chicken coop
By Mary Whalen

35  “Log cabin” garden beds
By Robert Van Putten

58  A kid-friendly chicken coop
By Melissa Souza

Food and recipes

28  Using the whole chicken
By Linda Gabris


66  Keeping clean on a pig farm in the 1940s
By J.E. Kuyper