Letters To The Editor from Issue #159

Letters To The Editor

From Issue #159

A self-reliant 16-year-old

My name is Daniel Bjornson. I'm 16 years old and I live in California. I'm happy to say that my whole family and I really enjoy Backwoods Home. I'm sure I speak for my entire family when I say that we love the focus of your articles, as we're all quite natural people, us Bjornsons. We all especially love the "Ayoob on Firearms" section, as we support guns for recreation and as a defense tool.

As a Boy Scout, I've developed a spirit of the outdoors, and have become used to self-sufficiency over extended camping trips. Although we live in a city right now, my parents' dream is to one day build a house in Idaho, so that when my siblings and I have families, we can come and visit them or live there on the property. It's comforting to know that there is a magazine that has great ideas for this kind of lifestyle, and we hope to use your building projects in Idaho!

Daniel Bjornson
San Mateo, California

Inspiration from BHM

... Two years ago, Backwoods Home inspired my wife (professional mom/homemaker) and me (professional mechanic) to buy a totally undeveloped eight-acre piece of land at the top of Purslane Mountain in Great Cacapon, West Virginia.

We just finished building a completely off-grid cabin ourselves out of a prefab building (shed type) complete with solar electric generation, composting toilet, wood heat, cistern, and soon-to-be capped spring ... two people not even necessarily caught up in any rat races but still with no skills or experience that would indicate we could do it successfully. Even more so, your magazine inspired us to now take our three kids, leave suburbia, and buy a farm in search of providing a better life for our kids ... once again with no previous experience or skill set that would indicate any possibility of success at this endeavor.

Five years ago we would have never even thought about doing it, but reading the articles reminds us the only way other people got the experience was by just doing it.

Phil and Kristy Aiello
Great Cacapon, West Virginia

I am a subscriber since 1994; I read BHM cover to cover every month. I raise the heritage Mangalitsa hog, meat rabbits, and chickens with all butchering done at home. We have an orchard, multiple gardens, berries of all kinds, and our newest addition — 20 honeyberry bushes. We recently purchased our second acreage with a commercial egg building which will become a shop, farrowing house, and greenhouse as it is 200 feet long. The property adjoins our first acreage, with a much newer home. We turn to BHM again and again for info and ideas. Thanks for a great magazine.

Tim Johanns
Stacyville, Iowa

The DVD is a great deal; thanks for plastic bag

I originally started being a customer of yours maybe back in the 90s. I have purchased anthologies; I have a few yearly subscriptions then I moved to the States, and on my many relocations I lost many of my issues due to loss or to moisture, A few years back I returned to Puerto Rico.

A few months ago, I purchased 24 years' worth of anthologies on DVD; I think it's a great deal. I wanted to comment on the great job you guys do not only on the magazine itself (which I think the articles are fantastic), but on the plastic wrapping and the address on the insert. I know this does not come cheap but at least it guarantees the customer will get their magazines. I have had many different subscriptions to different magazines in the past, many issues were never delivered because the address label fell or got ripped from the issue.

Francisco Cuebas
Puerto Rico

The McKenzie Method

Read Dave's article "How to fix your aching back using the McKenzie Method" from Issue #144, Nov/Dec 2013.

Brilliant. Thanks for the directives!

I have been struggling to find a way forward on my own. Doctor nearly killed me (long story), and physiotherapist was just unhappy with me all the time (didn't follow all the instructions all the time — what working man can?).

South Africa


I used to subscribe and as I am deep cleaning and getting rid of old magazines, I realized how much I miss this one! It is one of the few that is worth keeping around ...

Stephanie Jurries
Craig, Alaska

Keep up the good work — you are the voice of reason and sanity in an insane world!

Mike Hoenig
Port Orchard, Washington


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