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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Claire Wolfe

After-action report and onward

Monday, October 1st, 2012

Oy. That vacation was WERK!

You know I took the week off from writing to focus on the Organizing of Stuff. A lot of gear has sat heaped in garage, attic, closets, and laundry room these last two years while I’ve focused on home improvement. Some of it never really got unpacked after the move; some has accumulated since then.

I blame garage sales. Accumulation is totally not my fault. Clutter and I are enemies. I figured: one week and clutter is dead. I, Bold Clutter Slayer, will Overcome All.

Sigh. I forgot that the Organizing of Stuff requires the Building of Shelves. Which requires the Painting and Trimming of Shelves. Which kept the house in chaos the whole time I was trying to slay chaos.

I WERKed until I dropped into bed exhausted most nights, sweaty but too tired even to take a bath. I got a lot done (including building several seriously large shelves in two rooms using scrounged materials and $15 worth of fasteners and trim). But I didn’t do a lot of what I was aiming to do.

There was one glorious moment, though. On Monday morning when I woke up, I took a mental look behind me and I saw all deadlines completely met. I cast a mental look ahead and saw that I didn’t have a single commitment to anybody in the world. I didn’t so much as owe anybody an email.

I only had to answer to me for one, solid week. I can’t tell you how light I felt.

As the days went on, things began to pile up again, both in my inbox and my brain. But that couple of hours Monday morning was worth everything.

Now onward …


An Aussie Red Dawn

I just watched Tomorrow When the War Began, the 2010 film from the famous young-adult book by John Marsden. Neither the book series nor the movie are exactly what you’d call Great Art. But their hearts are definitely in the right place.

Seven teenagers from a rural Australian town go off for a remote weekend campout. They return to find the country has been invaded, with their own area being one of three points of entry. All the adults have either been rounded up or killed, leaving these seven first to save their own lives then to become guerrilla fighters.

Definitely not great art, but some good characters. Self-reliant, resourceful country kids (and game townies). Decent character development. And the movie has some fine booms and crashes.

Can’t recall which freedomista turned me on to the book a couple of years ago, but thank you.


Cop frees a trapped dog. And then …

You must watch this video. I swear. All the way to the end. (H/T C^2)


Back to work now. It’ll be a relief after all that vacationing. Thanks for sticking with me.

13 Responses to “After-action report and onward”

  1. MamaLiberty Says:

    That’s a remarkable dog… wagging his tail when he’s hurting that way. Most would be insanely frantic. The cop is incredible too… a sane cop… who would have thought? Oh, and the dog getting into the cop car is pretty amazing too!

    Neat find.

    Oh, and welcome back. :)

  2. Scott Says:

    The dog is used to riding in a car-a few weeks ago while visiting some friends who had moved to a new area, I was unloading some stuff from my car,and one of the neighbor’s dogs hopped up in the passenger’s seat, happy and ready to go. Turns out the neighbor’s son, who takes the dog out for rides, has the same kind of car I do. Animals are smarter than they’re generally given credit for.

  3. Richard Says:

    Tomorrow When The War Began TWTWB a in my opinion light years ahead of most teen reads and flicks. Including Red Dawn. Although I agree its not great art it is however full of content. It requires the reader to think not just imagine. This in my opinion trumps art. However I do feel that the director of the movie, Stuart Beatie, turned an awkward first book in the series of 7 into a smooth and sexy film with only a few skips and awkward moments. When I was younger I loved Red Dawn but had to admit it was not all that good when it came to content (just flash). I’m hoping te new one will be better.

  4. just waiting Says:

    Finally, a dog/cop story with a happy ending. Thank you Claire!

  5. Claire Says:

    Don’t thank me, just waiting! Thank that good cop, that dog, and C^2.

    Since we’re on a roll, here are two more good dog-and-cop stories:

  6. Claire Says:

    Richard, I agree the movie was better than the book. I had trouble getting into the book (and it’s the only one of the series I’ve read). At first I had trouble getting into the movie, too, partly because the lead actress looks more like a supermodel than a tough, resourceful country girl. But while there were definitely things in the film that kept me rolling my eyes* the characters gradually grew on me. Great coming-of-age story — with guns and things that go boom!

    Better than Red Dawn, for sure. Never did understand the attraction of that movie.


    *Yeah, your elaborately worked-out plan hinges on being able to light something on fire and nobody makes sure to bring a lighter? You’re laying low after an enemy has invaded your country, yet you bomb around in vehicles day and night with no worry — and not even a mention of fuel problems?

  7. Claire Says:

    Oh yeah, and here’s another — contributed by Laird — where a cop dealt with an actually demonstrably dangerous dog (not the usual “the chihuahua barked at me!” dangerous dog) without bloodshed.

  8. Concealed Carrying Cyclist Says:

    Because somebody asked, I posted info on resetting Kindle page locations in the previous comment section (not sure how many people go back and review prior days’ comments).

  9. Samuel Adams Says:

    “You must watch this video.” Must? Don’t tell me what I must do!

  10. Claire Says:

    Well then, Samuel Adams, you must do whatever you want to do!

  11. Jim B. Says:

    Speaking of the Red Dawn movie, here’s an early review, needless to say it’s not a good one.

  12. Jim B. Says:

    Speaking of the Red Dawn movie, here’s an early review, needless to say it’s not a good one.

  13. MamaLiberty Says:

    Oh thanks, CCC!! Will definitely look for that. :) I don’t have an actual “kindle,” so we’ll see if it works. :) I have an android tablet… which seems to do a lot of things strangely. LOL

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