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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Claire Wolfe

All white people are going to hell

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

The preacher Obama chose to give the benediction at his 2009 inaugural says that all white people are going to hell.

Well, this comes as a relief. I’ve long figured that, if Christians are right, I’m headed for some boiling vat of something unpleasant. But there was always that teeny chance I might get saved if I could only find the right line to toe. But nope. Now I can just go on being my ornery, skeptical self, doomed no matter what I do.

Seriously (and I have to say seriously because certain people don’t have a sense of humor about these things) … the highly unreverable Reverend Joseph Lowery is a freaking bigoted moron and though I have no love for Mitt Romney, I wonder what kind of bizarre hidden agenda the Big O has that he would chose such a man to “benedict” his presidency?

(H/T Joel)

20 Responses to “All white people are going to hell”

  1. clark Says:

    bizarre hidden agenda, eh?

    Looking at this list, which seems enormous compared to learning about each incident one at a time, a hidden agenda doesn’t seem unlikely, and I’m not even including all the other types of financial controls being imposed throughout the world:

    “…the US government is making it more difficult for people to be prepared and to be self-sufficient. Here’s a bullet-point list:

    Using recent corporate “food safety” laws as the weapon to curtail people’s producing or sharing or selling food themselves, laws have been put into place and police actions have been occurring that expose a pattern of …

    * Cities are passing “food safety” ordinances making it a crime for people to give food to the homeless.
    * Cities and states are using armed agencies to attack local food producers, having turned misdemeanors around such minor infractions as certification, into felonies and even conspiracies to sell fresh food. Worse, people are being accused of breaking laws that are not even in existence.
    * The FDA is attacking organic farms and food producers, especially around access to raw milk, even as the CDC puts out false information on it that is at odds with the CDC’s own data which show it to be as much as 35,000 times safer than other foods. It is the only real milk in the country.
    * The USDA has shut down most small local meat processors across the country – despite no history of contamination – and left the biggest corporate processors in place, despite an on-going history of illnesses and deaths from contamination. In shutting down local processors, the government has cut local communities off from control over local food, and left them at the whim of the big processors to deliver meat at all.
    * Having gotten rid of the small operations, the multinationals have just demonstrated why they put “food safety” laws into place. The food safety agency in Canada (with USDA’s help) just brought a major slaughtering operation to destruction in only a few days and with no means provided for the company to correct any alleged problem – setting it up for easy picking by the multinationals.
    * The food safety division of the FDA has been directly asserting in court that people have no right to choose their own food, or to contract with each other, and even no right to their own health.
    * Corporate lawyers have gotten food redefined as “stuff” knowing that GMOs do not fulfill the definition of food. The basic of nutritional aspect of food is entirely missing as is its capacity to heal, and support fertility.
    * The EPA is one step closer to approving Dow’s Agent Orange pesticide , and thus opens up the possibility of the FDA declaring an infestation or contamination on organic farms and ordering aerial spraying with this new Agent Orange “pesticide,” thus wiping out normal agriculture in the US and truly killing the soil, animals, insects and ultimately, people.
    * This scenario is folded into the food safety law, designed by Monsanto’s VP Michael Taylor who is now running the FDA’s food safety division using that law, putting Monsanto in charge of all farms in the US. Given that the DHS has declared organic crops bio-threats, and the USDA has listed earthworms – the indication of a healthy ecosystem – as an invasive species, the door is open to the FDA ordering the spraying of Agent Orange pesticide on private local organic farms and even gardens.
    * The food safety law allows for the shut down of food into cities if contamination is declared, without it having to be proven, and as though absolute starvation were preferable to contaminated food. These provisions codify how the government behaved in New Orleans after Katrina, shutting off delivery of food and water (even donated by citizens), and preventing people from leaving the area, and gunning down unarmed people who broke into stores to obtain food.
    * The government is moving ahead rapidly with GMO approvals despite emergency warnings from agricultural experts that farm animals are going sterile and agriculture itself could collapse here.
    * In Michigan, the Department of Natural Resources, leaving all logic – except the profit of industrial agriculture – behind, has declared small farmers’ heritage pigs, which are raised behind fences, and raised on pasture, “feral” and “invasive” and has ordered they all be destroyed and farmers raising them, declared felons.
    * This is bringing home to the US a similar US agribusiness attack on pigs that occurred in Haiti to force US hogs that require huge expensive inputs of USDA commodities on the country. The US used the threat of swine flu to destroy the special breed of Haitian pigs, leaving Haitians without the food and income the non-demanding little pigs provided.
    * In the UK and Korea and across, US agribusiness has profited from fear of foot and mouth disease (harmless to people) arranging for military to slaughter millions of farmers’ animals. In Asia, the hoax of avian flu was used. In both cases, the slaughters left countries dependent on imports by the giant multinationals, and much less food secure. Local sources were wiped out and then laws put in place putting in place a financial bar to raising animals. Biodiversity is wiped out and it is biodiversity that provides a food system its resilience and security.
    * Recent Presidential orders include the seizure of all farms, all livestock, all farm equipment and all food. How such removal of food production from the American people is protective of them or the country is unclear.” …

    Sorry about the length, but… doesn’t it have more of an impact that way?

    I’m going to keep this quote in mind going forward:

    “A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.” – Max Planck.

  2. A.G. Says:

    Good thing I am 1/16 Cherokee!

  3. Matt, another Says:

    I realized a long time ago, that regardless of what I believe, what I do or don’t do, no matter how much money I give to anybody, I am going to somebodies version of hell. With all the different religions, all their subvariations, etc I am doomed. The list of offenses that will render me unto hell when I die is longer than the list of felonies I commit each and every day.

    Wondering which version of someone’s hell I wind up in and how I will ultimately get there gives me something to look foward to.

  4. Claire Says:

    “Good thing I am 1/16 Cherokee!”

    Yes, but A.G. — the other 15/16ths of you are going to be very, verrrrry uncomfortable.

  5. Samuel Adams Says:

    Remember Mark Twain’s advice:

    Dying man couldn’t make up his mind which place to go to — both have their advantages, “heaven for climate, hell for company!”
    – Mark Twain’s Notebooks and Journals, vol. 3

  6. EN Says:

    This actually gives me some hope. If there’s a hell this racist asshat (and yes, if you condemn and entire race to hell you’re by definition a racist) will be there. Perhaps I’ll have an opportunity to speak to him when that day comes. Last weekend alone could easily get me in.

  7. Pat Says:

    So half of Obama will be there, too.

    Why does the word “nigger” have to be written like n– if it’s quoted by another person?

  8. EN Says:

    ” Please delete.”

    Indeed, there’s no such things as Muslim heaven, it’s all hell.

  9. Child of the trillion dollar wasteland. Says:

    Crap, I’m english back to like 1450. The original white bread. Oh Well. One less thing to worry about I guess.

  10. Claire Says:

    Yes, Samuel Adams, but if ALL white people are going to hell … well, there goes the neighborhood.

  11. Bear Says:

    Heaven doesn’t want me and Hell is afraid I’ll take over.

    I figure that makes me immortal.

  12. Jim B. Says:

    If I ever meet that guy face to face, I’d make him regret those words. I wouldn’t do anything physical. I would let him know why letting those he scorned hear his words is not good. If the scorned decide that if they’re destined for hell no matter how good they live, they may well decide to have “fun”, and that definition of fun may not be a good one.

    I’ll leave it to your imagination how that conversation would go.

    For myself, the guy’s nothing.

  13. Richard Says:

    I used to vote for a write in or “libertarian party” whatever that is because frankly I never thought it made a difference. All my local and state amendment votes were strictly based on which amendment removed money or power from the state. When Obama won I thought, “wow, maybe he’ll stick to promises”. I actually can’t believe this guy managed to be worse than Bush. And even scarier than Clinton and Bush combined. Its as if he hates us. I hate to say it but maybe the Agenda21 conspiracy nutters are right.
    So this time I voted for the lesser known evil and only for one reason. Obama is on a roll when it comes to screwing us. I figure it will take Romney a year or two to get going. I can use that year to prepare for the world of hurt coming are way irregardless of who wins. When the buggery starts I want to have plenty of vaseline in my preps.

  14. kevin m Says:

    “Am I afraid I’m going to hell? I’ve been married two times, hell would be like Club Med!” Sam Kinison

  15. naturegirl Says:

    That’s just one more thing that someone who tries to tell me what to do, simply gets ignored. I go wherever I want to go, period. My choice only…not anyone else’s…..

    Can’t think of the name of the man who said “black people can’t be racist” right now, but that quote popped into my head while reading that….and made me chuckle…..

  16. Scott Says:

    Somebody save me a seat with a good view…

  17. Jim O. Says:

    I’m planning to open an Ice Cream stand since I’m going there anyway.

  18. White Devil Says:

    This is why I want to be buried with my guns.

    Becuase where I’m going after I die, I’m going to need them.

  19. winston Says:

    Yet these are the sorts of people to start national level career-ending witch hunts when, say for instance, a white radio host makes a slightly crude remark on the air about a black person. It’s more than just a double standard at this point.

    “Racism” (by whites), real or imagined is the new number one offense in the western world today. The very definition of thoughtcrime.

  20. leonard Says:

    so is this based only on race ? cause I’m a dudeist and my S.O. is a pastafarian. Well, to be exact she belongs to the offshoot of pastafarianism that doesn’t believe in wearing a pasta strainer as a hat.

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