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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Claire Wolfe

Christmas wishes

Monday, November 12th, 2012

STICKIED. Scroll down for newer posts — then come back and do your Christmas shopping. :-)

It’s that time of year again. Yep, already.

If you value the information you get from this blog, please contribute to its (and my) well-being. As I’ve mentioned before, Backwoods Home is kind enough to pay me for this blog, but the pay is based on one post a week. I think we’re doing better than that.

As always, please do your online shopping via my Amazon links.

I did have an Amazon wish list, but I’ve had to remove it for reasons I might write about later. So if you want to give a gift to support this blog, please do it via PayPal:

16 Responses to “Christmas wishes”

  1. msjordan Says:

    What no tennis balls for the four legged kids ?????

  2. Claire Says:

    msjordan — A certain someone (I’m sure you know well) got the four-legs SO MANY TENNIS BALLS a year or two ago that they still have multitudes of them — despite having lost them under the deck, crushed several, and had doggie guests steal a few. They are, BTW, grateful every day.

  3. msjordan Says:

    I’m sure Santa will provide more, that way Mom will spend more time throwing for us !!!

  4. Richard Says:

    Wow I always forget about the Amazon links. Good thing posting a reminder. You definitely provide ‘beaucoup’ value.


  5. jed Says:

    Maybe, instead of more balls, Claire needs this.

    Well, that might be overkill — just a bit.

    Claire, was it you who linked to this video a while back?
    lots of tennis balls

    Amazon should implement a “mystery gift” feature, so people can send someone who has a wish list something that’s not from the list. Hmmm, maybe that’d be dangerous.

  6. jed Says:

    Oh, bletch, messed up the link.

  7. Claire Says:

    Holy crap, jed — they’re charging $800 for a ball-throwing machine? I saw one a few years ago for $150 and thought that was crazy enough! But there was a video of an ACD using it all by itself and it was clearly loving it.

    Yep, I linked to that “lots of tennis balls” video a while back. I’m not sure whether it’s a dog’s dream come true or nightmare.

    And great minds — I was just thinking about the “mystery gift linked to wish list” idea today. Sure, might be dangerous. But might be fabulously interesting, too. I’d love to see what people would choose on their own.

  8. Jim B. Says:

    Too bad there isn’t a way for multiple people to go in together to buy the more expensive gift like the generator. $25-$50 here and there could end up meeting the goal pretty quickly.

    Just saying.

  9. Claire Says:

    That’s a kind thought, Jim. B. But in fact a reader who sells both the Honda and Yamaha generators has offered a better-than-Amazon price. If people contribute money, I can add it to what I already have and buy it myself.

    However, I’m not expecting either to get the generator as a gift or raise enough to buy it on my own from that donation button. That would be asking an awful lot.

    I’m totally delighted to get anything at all, big or small (and I already see I’m going to get some of my most wished-for items). I’m a very happy girl.

  10. MamaLiberty Says:

    “I was just thinking about the “mystery gift linked to wish list” idea today. Sure, might be dangerous. But might be fabulously interesting, too. I’d love to see what people would choose on their own.”

    Easy to do, actually. Once you have sent a gift to Claire from her wish list, her address and sending instructions remain in your list of shipping options. All you have to do is buy something and have it shipped to her. And that works even if you have a large order and need things shipped to two or more addresses. I’ve done this for a long time when sending gifts to my sons and grandsons.

    No idea if it could be “anonymous,” of course – never considered it, but the gifting part can be done easily.

  11. Claire Says:

    MamaLiberty — Well, that’s interesting. Thank for the tip! It always did seem as though we ought to be able to send something of our own choice to a person, once we’ve done it before. I know that addresses on wish lists are supposed to be private (hope so, even though mine is a P.O. box that may or may not well reflect my actual location ;-) ). But still …

    Good tip.

  12. jed Says:

    The problem with a PO Box is in shipping. Unless it’s not really a PO Box. In which case, you could receive almost anything. Do you need a boat anchor?

  13. Claire Says:

    “Do you need a boat anchor?”

    Did I put one on my wish list?

    I did put one or two big, heavy items on the list and I hope Amazon has some non-privacy-invading way of handling that. One good thing; UPS has a service in which they accept PO box addresses and still deliver to the house (they know where I live) or the post office. And Amazon’s free shipping is via FedEx, which delivers to the post office.

    Yeah, I know there are still some items where the sender won’t/can’t accept a PO address. Should anybody find that to be the case, let me know and we’ll figure out how to deal with it.

  14. jed Says:

    > Did I put one on my wish list?

    Well, no. But you never know what some people might think is useful, so I figured it’d be best to rule it out. ;)

    Good to know about the UPS deal. I’ve used a PO box in the past, and a couple times that would’ve been really handy.

  15. Sam Says:

    Another stupid question from me. Do you get money everytime we click on your amazon link or just when we buy stuff using your link?

  16. Claire Says:

    Not a stupid question at all, Sam! Only purchases earn money.

    To add some boring, but I hope helpful, detail … I earn a commission on each purchase. Some commissions are at a set rate (e.g. electronics & computer items at 4%), but mostly the commission rate is flexible. The more items Amazon sells via my links in any given month, the higher the commission I earn on all the items sold that month.

    So while it’s great when people buy pricy items, every tiny purchase can push up the total.

    A few items (certain electronics, all wines) earn no commission at all; I presume that’s because Amazon’s margin on those is too narrow. But I believe even they still count toward toward total purchases, when it comes to determining a month’s overall commission level. Thanks for asking.

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