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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Claire Wolfe

Time’s Up!

Monday, January 7th, 2013

Want to see something pretty amazing?



The emblem, of course, is the DullHawk flag, made by a man very familiar hereabouts. I’m the proud possessor of a full-size version. You can get various sizes of the flag and a pretty cool tee shirt from Kent “DullHawk” McManigal himself. NFI on my part, but wouldn’t it be great really to see it everywhere? And hear that buzzing?

I’m going to add links to it to today’s earlier post where I talk about time. Should have thought to do that in the first place.

19 Responses to “Time’s Up!”

  1. Kent McManigal Says:

    Thanks, Claire! Yeah, it’s cool. It would also be cool if I had the financial resources to have a bunch of flags made up, since I am almost out of them. It’s time to talk to “my people” again and see what can be done about that.

  2. Ellendra Says:

    I’ve been trying to find a source for the part where he says D’s are demanding a removal of term limits, but I haven’t found one yet. Anybody see it? Because I think it needs more publicity.

  3. Claire Says:

    Ellendra — apparently there’s not much to it. It seems to be a combo of conservative/libertarian fears and the fact that a Dem congressthing named Jose Serrano introduces a bill to repeal the 22nd amendment to the Constitution in every congressional term. Well, that and the aforementioned proposal that the Constitution itself be scrapped.

  4. Ellendra Says:

    Thank you, Claire. In some ways that’s a relief, in others . . . how bad is it that we had to check?

  5. The Infamous Oregon Lawhobbit Says:

    “Simon Jester,” anybody?

  6. Joel Says:

    The big mistake Chris Muir makes in referencing Kent’s design (Hi, Dullhawk!) is in insisting that the war on freedom is a democrat thing. He still hasn’t taken that last step.

  7. Tom from WNY Says:

    How much for this flag? One would look good next to my 50 star.

  8. Kent McManigal Says:

    Yeah, Joel, I keep trying to let the “conservatives” know that the “Time’s Up” message is also directed at them, and that I designed the flag during the reign of Bush the Decider.

    I got one email today that said:

    However, this flag is not a ‘Tea Party’ symbol. It gives no quarter to authoritarians of any stripe. If you seek to control the voluntary, consensual interactions of any individuals, this message, ‘Time’s Up’, is aimed at you. If you support the War on Drugs, welfare, national borders, nationalized ‘health care’, ‘gun control’, taxation, racism, or any other statist cause, ‘Time’s Up’.

    “I was going to buy your flag, but then found your comments, above. Perhaps I am misunderstanding you, so I thought I’d ask you to explain.
    I don’t support dopeheads and druggies, let along trafficking in narcotics, so yes, I support making war on those who have their hands in such things.

    “I do support national borders… you can’t have a soveriegn country without borders and without enforcing them.

    “The Constitution calls for taxation, so… since I took an oath to support and defend the document… I do support taxation. I don’t support being sodomized by it, though.

    “So are you saying to ‘nevermind about the border,’ ‘let everybody toke up, and such?

    “Lastly… since when did the ‘TEA Party’ become ‘authoritarians.’ I’ve done several TEA Party events and I can assure you, we want less government intrusion in our lives, not more.

    “I just don’t want to line your pockets if you’re my enemy. Your either with me or against me. I like your flag, but I’m not giving you a dime if you’re saying I have to let Mexicans invade my country (I’m of the mind you shoot invaders) and if you’re saying we should all turn into potheads.


    LTC, AR, USAR (Ret.)

    ‘… against all enemies, foreign and domestic.'”

    So, I responded to him with this:

    “Mr. (redacted),

    “The Constitution is a step in the right direction, but it falls far short of liberty. Once the government is forced back within the limits of the Constitution, liberty-lovers can debate whether they have ‘enough liberty’ or want more. I consider anyone who is moving in the direction of more liberty to be on my side, at least in this battle. You may have other thoughts on the matter.

    “There are some things that Constitutionalists support and advocate which are in direct violation of the Constitution- which is something I have never understood. The Constitution doesn’t permit ‘immigration control’ (the part of the Constitution usually referenced as proof that immigration control is ‘Constitutional’ is actually regulating the importation of slaves), nor a ‘war on drugs’- even the earlier alcohol prohibitionists realized that the only way to make prohibition ‘legal’ was to amend the Constitution. There is no amendment ‘legalizing’ the current war on politically incorrect drugs. I don’t ‘support’ the abuse of drugs, but I also know that the biggest incentive for trafficking in them- the outrageous profits- are a direct result of prohibition.

    “Taxation- the taking of rightfully owned property for ‘the common good’ under threat of force- is theft. Just as slavery is wrong, and considering a human to be only 3/5 of a person for ‘taxation’ purposes is wrong, it doesn’t matter if the Constitution declares it to be ‘legal’. Wrong is wrong. I have a video that explains this in more detail: Theft by any other name

    “Authoritarians are those who desire to control the consensual interactions of other people- often, but not always, through ‘law’. The Tea Party wasn’t very authoritarian in the beginning, but became more so as time went on. The libertarians in the Tea Party were marginalized and replaced by ‘conservatives’, thus rendering the Tea Party ‘politics as usual’.

    “I don’t consider you my enemy, but I know my true enemy is not the Mexican or the ‘pot head’, but those who would assert the authority to try to use The State as an excuse to control anything other than the initiation of force and/or theft.

    “I am libertarian, which means that ‘conservatives’ call me a ‘liberal domestic enemy’, and ‘liberals’ call me a ‘right-wing extremist’. Make of that what you will.”

  9. Kent McManigal Says:

    Tom in WNY- I am almost sold out of the flags. Check out the info on them at my website, and then contact me- the contact info is also at that site.

  10. Chris Muir Says:

    I concur with most of what Kent says, and Joel is correct,but mostly because I have only 365 toons I post/year, and the Left/Dems right now are into Marxist overdrive,so they get the attention.I consider the GOP about 2% different from the Democrats,but they are such Stockholm Syndrome cases, they’re too weak and spineless to make good copy-though they are a target-rich source for comment as well! In essence, what thieves,leads.

  11. Chris Muir Says:

    Where are my manners? Thank you for posting the toon, and the venue of your excellent readers who comment.I told Kent his flag will have a place in History,my opinion only, of course, but it has an essential truth to it,ya know?

  12. Chris Muir Says:

    It just seems to me that people who revere the Constitution have no party that represents themselves and the ideas of a Constitutional Republic.

  13. LarryA Says:

    “I’ve done several TEA Party events and I can assure you, we want less government intrusion in our lives, not more.”

    Actually, that’s not at all special. Almost everybody wants less government intrusion into THEIR lives.

    Only the libertarians understand that the way to accomplish that is to limit government intrusion into EVERYONE ELSE’s life.

  14. Kent McManigal Says:

    Hey Chris, there is the Constitution Party (although I observe that they seem to be saying “there’s parts of the Constitution I like and parts I don’t like!”).

  15. Concealed Carrying Cyclist Says:

    Nobody clamors for a new law to restrict THEIR freedom – only the freedom of others that annoy them.

  16. Richard Says:

    I just like the flag. Would makefora hell if a warning g system along Yves lines of Color Alert levels…
    Stars & Stripes – All’s Well
    Stars & Stripes upside down
    Gadsden flag – things are really bad
    DullHawk flag – talking ain’t doing

  17. Victor Milán Says:

    If you need to raise money to print up more flags, Kent, have you considered Kickstarter? Or some similar service.

  18. Concealed Carrying Cyclist Says:

    I’m not terribly interested in a flag, but a high quality vinyl sticker that would withstand sun and weather (e.g. on a car window) would be the bee’s knees.

  19. Kent McManigal Says:

    Victor- No, I hadn’t considered Kickstarter. Maybe I should look into that. Hmmm.

    And CCC- The stickers I had made turned out to be crap. At least if used outdoors. I may get more made soon.

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