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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Archive for the ‘Health’ Category

Claire Wolfe

Report from the writer battles

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

Sometimes I’m not sure which is harder: writer’s block or that rare and supposedly wondrous state of flow, where words fly from the end of your fingers without conscious input from your mind, where things like eating, getting dressed, and taking the dogs for a walk either get forgotten or force themselves upon your attention like the unforgivable person from Porlock.

I used to live for the flow state. Now it exhausts me. Definitely more exhilarating and productive than writer’s block, though.

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Claire Wolfe

Weekend links

Saturday, January 30th, 2016
  • Well. Now we know why the “service economy” keeps growing even as everything else falls into the Dumpster. The whole story in one graph.
  • Here’s another big story in one graph. This one’s about gold.
  • Are MSM outlets Photoshopping pix of Hillary (or using Photoshopped pix provided by her campaign) to make her look as much as 30 years younger than she really is?
  • This is precisely why we should be using email encryption even for sharing our chocolate chip cookie recipes. Smack that snotty, crowing NSA right in its face. (Tip o’ hat to S.)
  • Will Switzerland end fractional reserve banking?
  • Down with the tyranny of the Fitbit.
  • I know some will object that this little “flash story” is too optimistic. Okay. Still a beautiful, hopeful piece, though. (H/T MJR)
  • And this, dropped into comments by TSO, really is too optimistic. Or swimming too hopelessly against the tide. It also uses technology (provided by industrialization) to decry industrialization. Nevertheless, some truth there.
Claire Wolfe

Monday links

Monday, January 25th, 2016
  • Cool story from shooting-sports star Vera Koo. I had no idea she was so old or that she learned to shoot only in middle age because she was terrified of guns.
  • Amazing and discouraging that cops continue to get away with being highwaymen despite these tactics being repeatedly exposed. Picked the wrong victim this time, though. (H/T MJR)
  • Why is there no Uber for healthcare? You already know the answer, but this article finally asks some of the obvious questions.
  • Much sweat has been sweated over China’s holdings of U.S. debt. This is the first time I’ve seen anybody get exercised over what Saudi Arabia could do to us. (H/T The Shy One)
  • And speaking of Saudi Arabia, while I wouldn’t take this opinion piece as gospel, we should forever keep in mind that these tyrannical thugs are not our friends.
  • I wanna know who those 62 people are.
  • Do not get between a mama bear — or a mama human — and her cubs.
  • “The Day the Mesozoic Died.” Great account of a scientific detective story.
  • Fairytales are much older than we know.
Claire Wolfe

Wednesday links

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016
  • Wow. But not surprising. The ATF and the Obama administration, via Fast & Furious, supplied drug lord El Chapo with .50 cal weaponry.
  • Zombie ships ply the ocean in hopes of paying just the interest, not the principle, on shipowners’ debt. One more place all that central bank bubble capital has been going for the last eight years.
  • Right analysis? But completely crazy proposed solution to global bubbles.
  • With state legislatures in session, it’s become political silly season. Most of the goofy new bills will never pass, so you can stop sending me alarming emails about junk that might not even make it out of committee, okay? But politicians are getting their jollies with bills enabling random acquaintances to deprive you of your gun rights, create new gun bans even in southern states, and requiring “journalists” to register with the state. Yeah, that one’ll really meet the First Amendment test, for sure.
  • Good news, however! Although politics clearly rots your brain, you may be pleased to know that, contrary to recent reports, cannabis probably doesn’t.
  • Being the grey man in a surveillance society. (Jim Bovard, who led me to this link, gets called out for one of his notable failures in the grey-man department. OTOH, I don’t think Jim has ever aimed to be grey.)
  • Or you could become the opposite of the grey man. Like this first guy in the world to travel with a passport chip in his hand. (Via David Codrea.)
  • RIP, Bitcoin? Despite this week’s developments, I don’t know whether Bitcoin is dead or not. I’m outside the Bitcoin universe. I do know, however, that there has always been good reason to watch from the sidelines before jumping in. The volatility. The out-of-thin-air nature of the currency. The ability of small groups to control it. And — above all — the fact that true believers have promoted Bitcoin at me as though it were the second coming of Jesus. Never a good sign, that.
  • She got jilted at the altar, sold all her stuff and became a world traveling writer.
Claire Wolfe

Thursday news

Thursday, January 14th, 2016
  • Will people now have to start watching their “threat scores” the way they have to watch their credit scores? Given the notoriously bad and biased information that goes into marking us as “threats,” that could be a real challenge.
  • Mental Floss tells the story of German teens who rebelled against Hitler. Another fascinating, little-known bit of history.
  • To call it the gun issue even the NRA won’t touch might be an exaggeration. But the problem of non-violent ex-felons being denied gun rights does hit blacks harder than the rest of us. (Thank you, War on Drugs.)
  • Funny timing. Last evening I started reading a 30-year-old tome by a naturalist/environmentalist. He mentioned the then-dire ozone hole; you may remember the OH as the terror that was going to make livestock go blind and give us humans shocking rates of skin cancer. I’d forgotten all about it. Bet you had, too. Then I check my morning news and up pops a Smithsonian piece asking whatever happened to the ozone hole.
  • Ouch. Even if Ammon Bundy manages not to get himself Wacoed, he faces financial oblivion for the Oregon standoff (H/T MJR). Meanwhile, Oath Keepers and III Percenters pay a call on the FBI.
  • Too much suffering and struggle for freedomistas lately. Michael Werecat Dean details how he faces life-threatening health problems while giving his all to Freedom Feens. The Feens audience is generally younger and hipper than most here at BHM, but the show is a wonderful outreach vehicle and MWD has always been a passionate supporter of other freedomistas, including me.
  • For people who complained that her The Book of Barkley: Love and Life Through the Eyes of a Labrador Retriever was more about humans than the dog, Brigid writes a brief “book” about her dog Abby’s thoughts. Hilarious. Because it’s so right.
Claire Wolfe

Fundraiser for Mike Vanderboegh

Friday, January 8th, 2016

David Codrea (thank you, David) looked into various fundraising sites, but after seeing their hoops and the cuts they take, he says let’s keep it simple. We need to give back to Mike Vanderboegh in his last months on earth and the simple way is the fastest and least overheady.

Here’s David’s appeal and donation link. Or you can go directly to Sipsey Street and scroll down just a hair to find Mike’s own donation button and snailing address.

Mike has been tireless in the cause of gun rights and freedom, even when he was desperately ill. Without him and David, the Fast & Furious scandal might never have been exposed. Without Mike, the meme and identity of the III Percent wouldn’t exist. Mike has been tough, straightforward, always there, and always honorable.

The freedom movement owes Mike more than can ever be repaid, and we now have just this short time to pay it — and to help Mike and Rosey with house projects, freedom projects, and medical bills.

It’s as simple as ABC:

A. Donate.
B. Spread the word via your blogs, email lists, and forums.
C. Thank you.

Claire Wolfe

Friday links

Friday, January 8th, 2016
  • Guess what the most popular work at the UN library is. A thesis on how to avoid being charged with war crimes. Not how to avoid committing war crimes. Just how to avoid punishment. (H/T jb)
  • Several major car makers are partnering up with Linux. While this is a lot better than the recent features about those partnering with Microsoft, I generally wish they’d all stay the heck out of any automobile I ever own, except for entirely optional, turn-offable devices. (H/T MJR)
  • Another inspiring story about the life-changing power of going debt free.
  • Who says a porno-graphic can’t be your legitimate signature? NSFW and sorry about that, but it’s another interesting tale of whether the state or the individual controls identity. (H/T jb)
  • Speaking of porn, you’ve probably seen the latest TSA child-molestation video. What fascinates and depresses me is the father’s “I love the security state, BUT …” attitude. Not to worry, of course. Procedures were followed. Not to mention guidelines. No mistakes were made.
  • Washingtonian magazine dubiously “credits” Jim Bovard for one of the DC outrages of the year.
  • Your awwwwww story for today doesn’t involve dogs or cats (or even a giant jumping spider, which I admit is more of an ewwwwww story) . It’s about a baby saved by an innovative surgeon and a $20 device.
Claire Wolfe

Mike and more

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

Deadlining today. The article came together nicely over the last several days, so today I had only to polish it, choose photos, and write captions. But this was still urgent, intense work. All the while I felt terrible because I could not pause to write a worthy blog on Mike Vanderboegh’s terrible news. M. posted the link yesterday evening in comments, so thank you for that. But I needed to do more — and now that I have the time, I don’t have the words.

Mike announced his own impending death with resolution and grace. You should definitely read what he wrote. The news wasn’t surprising; Mike’s been battling cancer for years. He’s reported many, many recent bad days. And merely the thin, drawn look of him at the events he’s managed to attend in the last year said he was no longer winning the fight. He’s a believer, of course. So he has that to hold onto. I hope it sustains him.

Mike is an authentic hero not only to gun rights, but to freedom in general. Nobody will ever match or replace him.

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Claire Wolfe

Monday links

Monday, December 28th, 2015
Claire Wolfe

Tuesday links

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015
  • SpaceX has launched — and landed — an orbital rocket at Cape Canaveral. Whoohoo! ADDED: Better link.
  • If you’ve got friends or family who don’t think there’s anything wrong with being on a government list, or who believe the gov’s pledges of privacy or promises that missions will never creep … have them read Carl-Bear’s latest over at TZP. Real world example, right there.
  • If those friends are against the wide dissemination of “dangerous” information, Historian says, “Ask the Jews of Warsaw.”
  • Kaiser Permanente opens its own medical school with a focus on teamwork. I can see some positives and some big negatives there. (H/T PT)
  • The chief publicist for Bloomberg and Watts has apparently been sexually harassing every female he could get his hands on, including his own employees and clients’ employees. (H/T David Codrea) This is not the first time Trevor FitzGibbon has been caught, either. Perfect guy to represent people who don’t believe women should be able to defend themselves.
  • To call this puppy-murdering, people-despising (now-ex) police chief a pig would be doing a disservice to swine the world over.
  • Some cops apparently consider cats easier targets.
  • James Kosur discovers it’s a lot harder for a man to take his wife’s last name than it is for a woman to take her husband’s.
  • The 12 flavors of rainbows. (Yeah, but none of those include my glorious rainbow because technically it wasn’t a rainbow but a halo.)
Claire Wolfe

Everything not forbidden is compulsory

Monday, December 14th, 2015

Does anybody — anybody? — remember just 22 years ago when microbrewers Bert and Sherry Grant were hounded mercilessly by the ATF for daring — those foul, vile, deadly criminals! — to put nutritional labels on their ale?

Well, this time next year the FDA is going to start mercilessly hounding microbrewers who — those foul, vile, deadly criminals!fail to put nutritional labels on their products. (Via Tam).

Ah, the land of the free and the home of the overgoverned! Ain’t it grand?

I wonder if the FDA checked first with the ATF to see whose contradictory book of regulations would rule the microbrew and craft beer world. Or will it simply be left to the brewers to try to figure out how they can obey both agencies at once? Nutritional labels in invisible ink, perhaps? Double-sided labels, one side with nutritional info and one without?

Such a pity Bert Grant didn’t live to see this day. He was a feisty fella who would surely have had something enlightening to say about this development.

Claire Wolfe

Sunday links

Sunday, December 13th, 2015
  • How to escape the culture of mass deception (via RLW in comments). Written from a conservative, not libertarian, perspective. But the basic point is good.
  • Thailand investigates the U.S. ambassador for lèse-majesté — because he criticized lèse-majesté arrests.
  • Never, but never, ever, did I think anybody would say this about marijuana. Never.
  • Ugh. Big data to be the next trillion-dollar business? Oh, please …
  • Socks. Containing urine. Circulated by walking. Generating electricity.
  • Just because you’re inept and unprepared, buddy, doesn’t mean the rest of us are. (Still, the certification process sounds horribly inadequate if it was anything like he describes.)
  • The White House is shocked. Truly. Shocked! That Americans are buying so many guns. Are they really this clueless or is there some Big Lie purpose here?
  • Finally. this is what moderate Muslims should have been doing since 2001. And this, too. Kudos to them, and here’s hoping these are not just passing nothings but the beginning of a serious trend.
  • Marco Rubio, however much of an establishment-sucking neocon he may otherwise be, deserves a lot of credit for cutting Obamacare off at the knees by legislating against a bailout of insurance companies. But uh oh, it now appears that Obamaites may pull a bailout out of their hats, anyhow.
  • Best get those online Christmas orders placed ASAP. UPS and FedEx say this story about delivery delays isn’t accurate. But I’ve already had a “two-day” delivery take four days this month. And I watched online as another package simply sat on a loading dock for three days before ultimately arriving five days late.
  • How trolling is done. :-)
  • Normally I am not charmed by “soldier and his dog” photos. But it’s incredibly cool that this injured pair are reportedly being treated in the same hospital room.



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