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Home Energy Information

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      Welcome to Backwoods Home Magazine's Home Energy Information page. We hope this page with its accompanying articles and the extensive Q&A section will help you answer some of your questions about a home energy installation, especially about an alternative energy installation such as with solar, wind, hydro, or a generator.

Our Latest Energy Articles

Solar-powered electric fencing
      By Jeffrey Yago, P.E., CEM

      More and more people are turning to electric fences as the cost of standard metal and wood fencing continues to climb each year. Those who are concerned about the reliability of the electric grid are turning to solar-powered electric fencing.
      Traditional fences are nothing new to a life-long farmer or cattleman. Large-scale cattle ranchers and farmers are very familiar with installing and maintaining all types of fencing. However, the weekend farmer may not have the experience, special tools, or power equipment required to install traditional fencing. Not only is electric fencing much less expensive than traditional wood or metal fencing, but it can be installed with a minimum amount of tools and little or no prior experience.
      Read More


Solar-powered water purifiers
      By Jeffrey Yago, P.E., CEM

      Ihile it is estimated that more than 70% of the earth's surface is covered with some form of water, only 2% of this surface water is fresh water and not salty or contaminated. In addition, fresh water is not always located close to populated cities or agricultural areas and may have to be pumped hundreds of miles. Of the known below-ground freshwater aquifers, less than half are easily accessible.
      Read More

Website Exclusive

A small creek provides plenty of power for this off-grid home
      By Scott Gentleman
Hydro Powered Home
      For eight years, Tracey and I lived in a solar powered home and for eight cloudy winters, we ran a small Honda generator every week to recharge our batteries. We understood that the original owner of our home had operated a small hydro system from the property's year round creek but we never investigated this option because the creek ran through dense forest. Besides, we could just tell there wasn't sufficient drop over its course.
      We finally decided to use Backwoods Solar's Site Level just to confirm hydro didn't make sense. Much to our surprise, our traverse through the woods from a potential turbine site to a convenient intake location revealed about 80' of drop. Not possible, we declared, assuming our technique must have failed. To double-check our method, we used the same Site Level to measure the drop from our water cistern to kitchen sink. We knew this drop equaled 56 feet because we had used a transit to measure it when this gravity fed system was installed. The review with the Site Level gave us about 60 feet and confirmed we knew how to use the level.
      Voila, hydro potential.

BHM Advertiser Resources

Backwoods Solar Electric Systems
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Sandpoint, ID 83864

Central Boiler
20502 160th St
Greenbush, MN 56726

Miller Refrigeration LLC
7295 50th Ave
Sears, MI 49679

Energy Articles

Energy Questions

Sorry, we no longer answer questions online. Please Click Here to search the Energy Questions blog archive which includes many questions not listed below.

We are in the process of transfering all the questions and answers listed below to the Energy Questions Blog.

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All Questions & Answers below this line have been transfered to the searchable blog format. They are still available here, as well.

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