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Backwoods Home Magazine, self-reliance, homesteading, off-grid

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Letters To The Editor

From Our Print Issue

      Dear Readers — Backwoods Home Magazine welcomes all letters. The opinions and suggestions we receive from our readers are very important to us. We regret that we are no longer able to print or individually respond to every letter received due to the volume. We do read every letter received, and pass them along to the editor or writer concerned.
      We print a selection from our mail in the magazine and online on our Feedback page that best represents the views and concerns of our readers. Email your thoughts to or mail them to Editor, Backwoods Home Magazine, P.O. Box 712, Gold Beach, OR 97444.
      You MUST include your Full Name, City, and State or your letter cannot be used — The Editors


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      Please address comments regarding this page to editor[at] Comments may appear in the "Letters" section of Backwoods Home Magazine. Although every email is read, busy schedules generally do not permit personal responses.


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