Work on the new pasture continues — 3 Comments

  1. My neighbors had 11 children, they would sometimes by 24 – 36 dozen eggs at a time. Their way of freezing eggs, especially the ones to make cakes with, was to put the two or three eggs, as needed per recipe, in the cups of muffin tins, freeze them, then put the eggs in separate baggies. She kept these in what I would call a plastic shoebox. She also would poke each yoke with a toothpick to keep it from blowing up.

  2. My family love, love, loves the taste of your canned meatballs with mushroom sauce Jackie – and I love, love, love the convenience! When in a hurry, I just heat a quart of those, open a jar of canned potatoes, a jar of carrots, applesauce and in no time at all I have a great meal all from my home canned goods!

  3. i had thought about making the meatloaf into balls but did not do so. There is not enough left to can any way as my 27 year old son came and ate. Next time I will make it into balls instead of a loaf. Good idea. Thank you