Today it’s really warm … up to 33 degrees — 10 Comments

  1. Your onions are beautiful. I have to give up on growing them for some time due to onion maggots. They are so bad that they even find onions I plant in containers away from the garden soil. Do you have any tips? – Margy

  2. Yes, it is! We sure appreciate ours, especially today with its four inches of new, wet snow. Ish!

    • Really, Reg! Basically, Sam Duffy, Dave’s son, is going ahead with bringing BHM back in print in all its glory. If you click on the green box up on my blog in the right hand corner, you can get all the details and also subscribe if you choose. We’re really happy about this as I, for one, want to hold a magazine in my hands when I read.

      • I didn’t think I would really miss the printed BWH until I went to the computer edition. It was so difficult to read, I just gave up and moved on. But now, I’m back ready to try to find someplace to store the collection again. Glad to see the real magazine coming back.

  3. Sorry to hear about the local grocery store. I gave them my business when I was in Cook instead of using the big stores. I am proud of Matt for planning to rebuild and know it will help many.

    When does the print of Backwoods Home begin?

    I just got out my heavy winter boots. Stay warm.

    • We are so sorry too. Zups is a true family business and has helped the community in so many ways through the years. My youngest son, David, worked there for two years as he went to college and has started a fundraiser through his Facebook page (David Clay), to help out some. The response is heartening. The print issue will begin with the next issue. You can click on the green box (upper right) on this blog to find out more. We just got four inches of wet snow. Yuck!

  4. Your onions are beautiful!! They look so good!! Can’t wait for your new catalog for garden seed.

    We are finally back to the 30s too. We need some snow cover if it’s going to be cold again.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!!

    Sorry to hear about your grocery store. Maybe you could have an old fashioned “Store” raising!!!

    • No, that’s not a possibility due to building codes in town and insurance. The closest the community can do is pray and help by sending a little cash to the fundraiser on my son, David Clay’s Facebook page. I know he won’t raise millions but anything will help cheer up Matt, the owner and will help some.