By John Silveira

Issue #153 • May/June, 2015

Is climate change theory a real science or is it merely a new religion? It’s a fair question to ask because although climate change enthusiasts like to refer to their theory as science, it has all the trappings of religion. I’m a mathematician by degree, so let me show you how I add things up.

The hallmark of real scientific theory is that it has the ability to make predictions. Some years ago, climate change adherents made predictions about today that, had they come true, would have given their version of climatology some scientific legitimacy. They predicted that by now there’d be an ice-free Arctic, little or no snow in the northern United States, and that there would be more frequent and deadlier hurricanes. None of these predictions have held up. In other sciences, when your predictions fail you go back and see what’s wrong with your theory. Climate change theorists didn’t do that. Instead, four things happened:

1. They stopped making short-term predictions and started making predictions that are so far in the future that everyone now alive will be dead and unable to hold them accountable.

2. When record cold temperatures and snowfalls visited the Northeastern United States this past winter, they backed into new theories about how global warming actually caused the record cold and historic blizzards.

3. They invented a consensus. Even though so many of their predictions have, so far, failed, they now claim that 97% of scientists agree with their catastrophic climate change scenario. (Even NASA quotes that figure.) But Wall Street Journal investigative journalists Joseph Bast and Roy Spencer wrote in a May 26, 2014 article: “… the assertion that 97% of scientists believe that climate change is a man-made, urgent problem is a fiction.”

4. They unilaterally proclaim their science to be settled. In other words, we’re not supposed to question it. This is where it begins to take on the trappings of a religion because, in any other science, when your predictions fail the science is not settled because there’s something wrong with your theory. It’s that simple.

By the way, belief in global warming doesn’t cut across national borders. In Russia, where the Russian government isn’t trying to take over the economy with global warming scares, climatologists are predicting not global warming but another mini-ice age, based on observing natural phenomena, activity on the sun, Antarctica ice cores, etc. If they’re correct, while western politicians are using politically-motivated science to control the economies of various western nations, we may actually be heading for a natural disaster of bitter cold and ice.

Then what is climate change?

Climate change no more resembles a mainstream science than creationism does. If you examine it, it sounds like religion. Instead of Genesis, their Bible is a computer. Although they say fallible men wrote the Bible, they won’t admit that fallible men also write their software and plug data into their computer gods. So when their predictions fail, they claim it’s because climate, like God, behaves in mysterious ways.

It’s even an apocalyptic religion with its future of flooding, hurricanes, crop failures, and other catastrophes that are going to occur if mankind doesn’t mend its ways.

And nonbelievers? They have a name for them: “climate deniers.” Those words have a ring to them and roll right off the tongue like “heretic,” “infidel,” or “apostate.” Skeptics, such as I, are included among the heretics because we ask questions. The priests will have no doubting Thomases. In the meantime, the true believers blindly believe and ask no questions and take all climate change claims, even the failed ones, as a matter of faith.

Of course some of the climate deniers are accused of worse than denial. Like heretics who are in league with Satan, some are accused of being in league with those temporal devils, big oil, and other corporations, because, otherwise, how could they honestly question climate change?

It’s telling that, when speaking at the South by Southwest Festival in March 2015, Al Gore said climate deniers should be punished politically and economically. I guess stoning and burning at the stake have become passé.

I’ve read articles by climate change theorists describing how global warming will heat the earth, melt all the glaciers, and create global flooding when sea levels rises, but I have read other articles by climate change theorists that claim global warming could interfere with the Gulf Stream and trigger another ice age. True climate change believers have got it covered no matter what happens. Anything and everything that occurs proves their theory, something no other real science does. Only a religion does that.


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