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Issue #177 • July/Aug/Sept, 2019



In this cover painted by longtime artist Don Childers, a rugged mountain man takes a break from harvesting wild apples he found in an old, abandoned orchard. With his  loyal dog at his side, and a belly full of sweet apples, it’s easy to drift off to sleep on this warm day. 


6  Publisher’s Note

6 Editor’s Note

7  Editorial:
Call me Miracle Man!

70  Ask Jackie:
Milling wheat for bread, leather britches, poor potato harvest, cow artificial insemination, etc.

48 Ayoob on Firearms:
Understanding opposition to “Gun Control”

56  The Irreverent Joke Page

75  Advertiser index

93  Classified ads

97-98  BHM anthologies & books

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26  Installing a propane heater
By Watt Jones

44  Tarp shelters
By Robert Van Putten

54  Carry an emergency “get down” bag
By Pete Cecil

63  The Kitchen Queen cookstove: Some tips and tricks
By Kai Moessle

77  Using less electricity
By Rick Brannan

84  Make a simple alcohol stove
By Robert Van Putten

Alternative energy

15  Our journey to modern off-grid living
By Jackie Clay-Atkinson


8 Build a trapper’s tilt
By Robert Van Puttten

67 How we built a storm shelter
By Eliza Bilby

Food and recipes

21  Dry-rubbed and marinated jerky
By Linda Gabris

30  Canning steelhead and tuna
By Lisa Nourse

88  Understanding pectin
By Kristina Seleshanko

Farm and garden

36  Cheaper than store-bought eggs
By Kristina Seleshanko

40  Hatch chicks this fall for springtime eggs
By James Kash

58  Conserving water in the garden
By Kristina Seleshanko

61  Plastic bottles in the garden to save money and increase yield
By Dana Benner

74  Raising Red Wattle hogs for meat
By Donna O’Shaughnessy

91 Container gardening
By Everett Lindsey

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