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A Backwoods Home Anthology — The Eighteenth Year
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The parasitic nature of bureaucracy

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Cover 106
What’s the color of that little dog?” asked cover artist, Don Childers. That detail, along with the structural elements of the treehouse pictured on the cover, can be seen in this summery setting. You can read about the real treehouse by Dorothy Ainsworth on page 8. In the article, she gives information about the materials used to make it safe and long-lasting. She talks about maintaining the health of the tree during the building process. Kids, dogs, a great treehouse to climb in…what more could one hope for.


Building and tools

8  Build a treehouse and give life to a good tree   By Dorothy Ainsworth

Follow along with Dorothy while she and her son build a treehouse for her grandson—and herself. Dorothy shows us the materials needed to make it safe and long-lasting.

29  Renovating old walls   By David Lee

36  Build a lightweight wire cage   By Pat Barden

You can save money by building your own portable cage for small animals.


20  10 ways to make money on your land   By Anita Evangelista

Anita gives us ideas for starting our own potential small business at home.

27  Raising rabbits for profit   By Carrie Peterson

66  Killer hurricanes   By John Silveira

What creates hurricane disasters is a lack of information and preparation. John Silveira explains everything there is to know about hurricanes and how to meet them head on.

79  Starting over, part 13   By Jackie Clay

Jackie gives us an update on what she had been doing at her homestead. She includes an extensive list of her favorite seed varieties and the companies she orders from.

Country living

42  The barnyard scramble   By Michelle Hampton

62  Footloose and fancy-free in the country   By Claire Wolfe


45  Cornucopia   By Linda Gabris

From corn on the cob to corn silk tea, from chowder to Johnnycakes, Linda gives us some great ways to use this old favorite.

51  The healthy kitchen: collard greens, kale, mustard greens   By Richard Blunt

Eat your greens! This article tells you why, and how to prepare them so that they taste great.

58  Apricots, the golden seeds of the sun   By Habeeb Salloum