Issue #131 of Backwoods Home Magazine. September/October, 2011

Issue #131

September/October, 2011

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6  Publisher’s Note

7  Editorial:
      Reinterpreting the Constitution

31  Irreverent joke page

32  Making a living:
      John Rose: Organic farmer

34  Massad Ayoob:
       Tailoring guns to females

46  Lenie in the kitchen

62  Ask Jackie:
      Nest boxes, small-batch canning, dried bread, potatoes, harvesting rhubarb, etc.

78  Letters

83  The Last Word:
      The Un-PATRIOT Act renewal

85  Classified ads (pdf)

85  Classified advertising form

87   Advertiser Index

88-94   BHM anthologies & books

95-96  Order form/Subscription Info

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Cover 131
Don Childers, Backwoods Home Magazine’s artist for more than 20 years, painted this quiet country scene. It looks like the perfect fall day. It’s warm enough to enjoy an afternoon on the lake with the hopes of providing a nice batch of fish for supper.


8  Stashing junk silver for bad times
   By John Silveira

14  Journey to the backwoods, part 1
   By David Lee

22  Homemade electric power
   By Jim Van Sant

39  A small-scale sawmill business for the homestead
   By A.J. Reissig

42  Preparing to battle the winter blahs
   By Claire Wolfe

54  Anatomy of an edge
   By Len McDougall

59  Earthineer
   By Claire Wolfe

66  Raising kids simply
   By Patrice Lewis

76  Love, sweat, and determination
   By Mary Marvin

Farm and Garden

24  Extend your growing season
   By Jackie Clay

75  A small space yields a big crop of garlic
   By Howard Tuckey

Food and Recipes

48  Millet: An economical and healthy food
   By Habeeb Salloum

52  Buckboard bacon
   By Tanya Kelley

57  Beefsteak tomato sauce
   By Robin Nessel

58  A couple of nice fall recipes
   By Jim Van Camp

70  Adventures of a 9-pound cabbage
   By Katie Martin

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