Issue #139 of Backwoods Home Magazine. January/February, 2013


Issue #139 • January/February, 2013



6  Editor’s Note

7  Editorial:
      Preparing for a temporary catastrophe

36  Ayoob on Firearms:
      BHM hosts Appleseed marksmanship event

55  Ask Jackie:
      Canning legumes, making stock from bones, storing meat in fat, moving plants, etc.

64  Irreverent joke page

42  Making a Living: Jack Spirko: “The Survival Podcast”

45  Making a Living: Yvette Philipsen: Bookkeeper and tax preparer

72  Book Review:“Preparedness: The Basics and Beyond”

79  Letters

83  The last word:
      The coming ice age

84  Classified ads (pdf)

84  Classified advertising form

85   Advertiser Index

86-94   BHM anthologies & books

95-96  Order form/Subscription Info

Cover 139
This issue’s cover is by long-time artist for BHM, Don Childers. We asked him to add baby chicks under the mama hen since this issue has some informative articles about raising and housing chickens. There are also articles on canning chicken and scrumptious recipes using chicken meat and eggs.

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8  Chickens
   By Jackie Clay-Atkinson

46  Broody biddies make sense on the homestead
   By James Kash

68  Home air pistol range keeps shooting skills sharp
   By George Smith

69  Put a rope handle on your splitting maul
   By John Whight

70  Quick, easy, and cheap tire repairs
   By Steven Gregersen

73  Late winter whiteout: Fishing for white bass
   By Frank Knebel


22  Building your chicken coop
   By Jackie Clay-Atkinson

Farm and garden

60  Building and using wattle fences
   By Kathryn Wingrove

66  Plant a tree in the name of love
   By Susan Vetrone

Food and recipes

26  The chicken and the egg
   By Habeeb Salloum

30  Canning chicken — here’s how I do it
   By Linda Gabris

49  Food security 101, part 2
   By Rowena Aldridge

62  Roast your own coffee
   By Kyle Doty

76  Cajeta — a sweet goats’ milk treat
   By Donna Adams


52  Chicken can make you sick
   By Joe and Amy Alton

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