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Letters To The Editor

From Issue #142

Jackie Clay for President

After many, many years, the city of Westminster, Colorado, (15 miles from Denver) FINALLY voted to let us have chickens. We are allowed 6 hens — no rooster. I am happy to finally get to buy Jackie’s book so we can feel confident with the new chicks.
Jackie Clay for President!!

Michael and Susan Smith
Westminster, Colorado

Not a bunch of wackos

We are returning to BHM after a few years’ absence because (sorry!) your doom-and-gloom was a bit overwhelming. Well, it looks like you’re just a couple years ahead of your time, not a bunch of wackos. Thanks for your persistence, we’ve enjoyed your website even when we didn’t have a subscription, and find value in it each time.

Tiffany Wilcox
Kingston, Michigan

Took over the family farm

Found BHM a long time ago and kept up on my subscription. I have taken over my family’s farm and homeplace and have been very busy and monetarily challenged. Can’t wait to be back on the mailing list. Also, I would love to write a few articles for you guys if I could get some info on that!

Jeremy Rhoades
Fort Valley, Virginia

Glad to have you back. We’ll send you a copy of our writers’ guidelines. — Annie

Keeping prices low

You all are doing a great job. Thank you. Looking forward to another year and Jackie’s Pressure canning book. Also thank you for keeping your prices low in these tuff times.

Charles Lundin
Leavenworth, Washington

April Fool!

Cancel my subscription immediately! I’m sick of the way Habeeb puts cilantro in everything! And it’s disgusting how Massad stays so gorgeous year after year while the rest of us just get older. It’s unfair. And Silveira? I bet he wouldn’t know anything if it weren’t for that Scottish fellow! April Fool! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Of course I’m gonna renew. I’ve given my kids fair notice. I’ll pick up cans and bottles in the road ditches to keep this magazine. That’s a spectacle they’ll want to avoid.

Well, I raked it up this time. I’m five behind on my anthologies but I can keep the magazine another year! Good thing, too. I don’t see too many cans and bottles in the ditches this spring. Must be the economy. Oh, wait. That’s recovering. Right? Somewhere, maybe.

You guys are the greatest, and you just keep getting better. Don’t ever change.

Kate Patrick
Baker City, Oregon

A home for $1500

I have a piece of property in western North Carolina (1.25 acre). The local hardware store went out of business and they had a big sale. They had a guard shack at the lumber yard that I got for $1500. It’s 12×8-feet. It’s cedar on the outside, shingle roof, double-paned storm windows, wired for electricity (inside & outside light) and a wall mounted A/C. The inside is partially finished with pine planks. Since this building was built on the site of the hardware store I had to build a sled to put the building it was built on in order to move it. I spent $125 in pressure treated 6×6 lumber to make the sled. I had it moved from the hardware store to my property. I had it put down by my creek. I added stairs, blinds on all the windows, refrigerator, microwave, toaster oven, space heater, double sized futon, a hutch, and a flat screen TV w/DVD player. I still need to put a better floor in. I have rubber mats that I picked up at the flea market on the floor. I also need to finish off the inside with pine planks and frame out the windows. I have also pumped water from the creek to a 275 gallon tank and am in the process of building an outside shower and kitchen area.

Brian Watters
Tamarac, Florida

What a score! — Annie

Found BHM on Amazon

Amazon was right when they recommended your magazine for me on my Kindle! I am on my 3rd issue and I love it, thank you.

I would like to say a little something about Mr. Ayoob’s articles in the last 2 issues. I find them to be not only very informative and well written, but very thoughtful as well. The fact that he never uses the nut jobs’ names, when talking about the tragedies that have occurred, speaks volumes. He is a professional and truly understands what is happening in the US today. I look forward to reading more of his work as well as the rest of your publication.

Sheila Palotnick
Peyton, Colorado

I’m from South Africa. In December I bought a kindle and started browsing and ended up subscribing to Backwoods after reading a free issue. I can’t wait to receive it and read it until finished.

I have a garden and try growing my own veggies, not always successful, and try being less reliant on services such as electricity due to cuts in winter without warning. So I love all the ideas and help in the pages of Backwoods.

I’m enthralled reading about how people manage on their own (can skip the part on spiders though).

I am envious of the lifestyle and wish I had more time to try things but I work full time. One day I may have the time and hope I still have the energy.

I will remain a subscriber as difficult as it must be it is freedom and space and I love reading about it. I’m happy when I see a butterfly or a lizard and don’t use any chemicals in the garden. I had nine hadedas (large noisy birds) in my tree today and I consider myself privileged that they come to my tree. I love the outdoors and the freedom and for a short while reading your magazine I can be part of it.

Debbie McMurray
South Africa

Investment that pays off

It has been a long time since we have ordered a magazine subscription. We usually pick up an assortment of mags at our local library. But we always hate returning their issues of Backwoods. So we are signing up for the five-year special. We feel it will be an investment that will pay off for many years to come.

Blessings to you all in your work and in your families. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, talents, and experiences.

Michael & Pam Knott
Evansville, Indiana

We read it together

My husband Jon and I have always looked forward to our copy of the mag. coming in the mail. We have all the anthologies. Jon had an accident here at our rural Coos Bay home on Jan. 30th. He was terribly burned and he fought hard to survive in the Legacy Emmanuel Burn Center in Portland. God gave us 7 weeks there and then Jon went home to be with the Lord on March 23. I want to let you know this because Jon so appreciated your magazine. We read it together and I will continue to subscribe. Our little homestead is not the same without my Jon but it is home. Thank you for all your hard work in putting this magazine together each issue.

Catherine Biasca
Coos Bay, Oregon

Catherine, we are so sorry for your loss. — Annie and the entire BHM staff

Steam generators

In response to the last two month’s letters [to the editor] concerning back yard steam-electric generating plants; it is a good idea, possible, and well thought out. However, it is not easily done and because no one is making a good steam engine and boiler of a good design using mass production manufacturing so the price is reasonable. Things are further complicated because most of the steam information on the internet is at best misguided and usually bad information.

Modern steam power uses mono-tube steam generators instead of pressure vessel boilers and the steam engines are high speed and high pressure for efficiency using either poppet or bump valves and not the old-fashioned slide valves. This information is contained in the Steam Automobile Club of America an unlikely place to look for this information. This club has that information left over from develop work in the 1960’s on clean air vehicles.

Until there is modern mass production manufacturing steam power plants will be handmade. Steam power is the best way to turn bio-mass and solar heat into electricity.

Tom Kimmel, President
Steam Automobile Club of America
Berrien Springs, Michigan

Keep up the good work

Thank you for the good — excellent — magazine. I live at 8,700 feet at the western base of the Continental Divide and find every issue informative and interesting. Keep up the good work and cheers.

Jack Poppe
Ohio City, Colorado

This is a gift subscription for my grandson. He did 2 tours of Iraq and is now in college. He is a very wonderful person. He is getting married in May and I know he and his bride to be will love your magazine as much as I do.

I told him I got him a subscription because I just couldn’t loan out my issues. They are so important to me. Thank you for all you do and you all are a blessing in my life.

Deanna Shipley
Kaufman, Texas

I was researching information on hydronic in-floor heating with heat generated from a wood boiler. One of the results was an article from your magazine. I will be building my own house in the country this summer and perhaps finishing next year, and it is clear to me that your magazine will be quite useful to us.

Andre Vachon
Calgary, Alberta

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