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Cover 156
This cover is by long-time BHM artist, Don Childers. Since he is a grandpa, he can easily imagine his own grandkids visiting for the holidays and running into the house for their pumpkin pie dessert. It looks like the littlest granddaughter will be first in line for her piece of pie. “Whipped cream on top?” “Yes, please!”


8  The off-grid cabin project, part 2
By Charles Sanders

56  Cut it, pile it, burn it
By Justin Thaxton

65  Emergency lighting
By Rich Goss


23  Build your own fire pit
By Joe Mooney

29  Turning a $10,000 house into a home, part 2
By Claire Wolfe

41  Build a dock in winter
By Matt McEachran

46  Our barn-style bedroom
By Kimberly Hansen

48  Build a wood crib with free materials
By Mark R. Roach

78  Build a stone boat
By R.E. Rawlinson

Food and recipes

14  Dehydrating eggs at home
By Patrice Lewis

27  Easy, no-knead bread
By Melissa Souza

36  Tea takes the chill out of winter
By Linda Gabris

39  Warming holiday tea
By Melissa Souza

40  Make a reusable tea bag
By Angeline Hawkes

52  Make your own milk kefir
By Jereme Zimmerman

60  Home coffee roasting
By A.J. Reissig

Farm and garden

18  Redeeming the sale barn goat
By Karen M. House