Backwoods Home Magazine

Issue #18 of Backwoods Home Magazine. November/December, 1992

Issue #18

November/December, 1992

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Note from the publisher


   Rewriting the Bill of Rights

   My best winter meals
   Healthy holiday baking

Original poems:
   John Silveira
   Jim Watters
   Kyle Jarrard

Book Reviews
   The Best Medical Care
   One Potato, Two Potato
   Tomatoes! 365 Healthy Recipes
   Uncommon Fruits
   Common-sense Pest Control
   Breads of New England
   Hydroponic Hot House
   Cookin’ with Home Storage

   One woman’s self-sustaining grassland livestock farm

Just for kids:
   A short possum tail (tale?)



  • How to build an inexpensive cellar that works
  • Moving houses — good bargains for backwoods living
  • Rope as a tool — as versatile as ever
  • The case against modular housing

Country life

  • Life of the “prairie tenor”
  • The Australian shepard — a dog with brains and loyalty
  • Making a great rug from the rag bag
  • Here’s a handy chart to help predict your local weather

Alternative energy

Self sufficiency/Money/Jobs

  • Medical transcription — a recession proof career
  • Moonlight and newspapers
  • Selling chickens to an ethnic market


  • Want the kids to learn shooting? Try Whittington!


  • Self sufficiency and non-hybrid seeds


  • Remembering the magic of mother’s kitchen
  • Riving shingles for your roof the old fashioned way
  • The Electoral College — how we elect the President


  • Wyoming Classics shows how to bead sweats and T’s