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A Backwoods Home Anthology — The Sixth Year
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Note from the publisher


A flat tax makes sense


Think of it this way:
Term limits — the logic behind it

Where I live:
Guy Smith — he fills the dance floor

Ayoob on firearms:
Create your own shooting range

Showing Sheep

Saurkraut the easy way
Try making your own granola dirt cheap
Garlic lovers’ delight
This is one way to make applejack…
…and this is Reverend Dr. Hooker’s applejack
Make your own string cheese
It’s damned hot & it’s damned good

Just for kids:
Visit the great prairies

Original poems:
Annie Duffy
John Earl Silveira

A country moment:




Self Sufficiency

  • The backwoods back: the right and wrong ways to do lifting around the homestead
  • Get a new life for those old dead battery-powered tools by converting them to 12.volts
  • Want to save fuel and money? Try square-split firewood

Country living

  • Backwoods love and divorce — don’t take the first for granted
  • This St. Bernard backwoods hero saved old Grandma’s life(a true dog story)
  • Raising my calf Max
  • Having “ESCAPED FROM CULTIVATION,” hoenysuckle and kudzu pose a real threat
  • Wolf-dog hybrids; smart, loyal, but they’re not for everyone


  • Here are five ways for gardeners to enjoy summer all year long
  • Saving open-pollinated seeds is one step to self sufficiency
  • Try these fresh ideas in your home dairy

Independent energy

  • Self-reliant couple create a solar homestead
  • A little planning makes living with solar easier than you think


  • Prepare for hunting season and have some great fun by making your own accessories
  • You can make realistic canvas decoys that work as well as the store-bought kind

Making a living

  • Be a clow — it’s fun and it pays well, too


  • Make a matchbox car roadway