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Cover 4

Building a home

  • Building a roof can be a big challenge
  • Building freedom at Shelter Institute in Maine
  • Making a sunny home in the California wilderness
  • In pursuit of independence

Alternate Energy

  • A solar-powered house makes sense, both for you and the environment
  • Jack Stewart knows solar
  • Here is one way to use the sun to heat your water
  • How to wire your home for solar electricity
  • Water pump blues? Consider the trusty ram pump


  • Global warming: the causes an solutions
  • The bout with drought…two ecologically responsible alternatives!
  • Some healthy advice about canning and botulism
  • Some poisonous advice about scorpions, snakes and spiders
  • The Spotted Owl and the great Orego timber war


  • Tips on controlling your garden pests naturally
  • The Invisible Gardener
  • Just for kids — Plant a spring garden
  • Oklahomans help pave the way for small-scale catfish farmers

Country living/Crafts/Cooking

  • A tale from Mother Goose, II
  • Design some nifty tee shirts with tie-dying
  • How to can peaches and tomatoes
  • Backwoods Home Recipes
  • Grandma, Grandpa and the exploding outhouse
  • Pro and anti-gunners square off with songs