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A Backwoods Home Anthology — The Seventh Year
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Note from the publisher


Born of desperation


Where I live:

Working for a dad who works at home

Homesteading on the electronic frontier:
Cybrarian — a great Internet job

Ayoob on firearms:
The price of machismo

Think of it this way:
Want proof of luck, ESP and psychic powers

Perfect whole wheat breads…some troubleshooting ideas

Book Reviews:
The Natural Soap Book
How to Run Your Own Home Business
Spare Time Cash
Cheesemaking Made Easy
The All-American Cowboy Cookbook
The Budget Gardener

Original Poems:
John Earl Silveira



Making a living

  • If you have some solid how-to knowledge to sell, writing and publishing a book is not that hard
  • Delicious, wholesome and just enough “crunch” , these special soybeans sell for $2 a pound
  • Here are two country couples who diversified to make a living
  • The “night crawler condo” is a great way to make money
  • Got some weekend residents in your area? Then your home business is waiting to open
  • Raising rabbits — for meat and making money, it’s hard to beat this creature on the homestead
  • This family started a used bookstore for under $2,000
  • You can have a good career as a nurse practicioner no matter where you live
  • Consider small-scale hog production for delicious food and reliable income
  • Simplify, save and grow food and trade and you,too, can afford to work for yourself
  • You can make extra money as a tringer
  • A guaranteed-catch, U-catch trout pond is a fun and profitable business
  • Money doesn;t grow on trees, but you can grow it in your garden


  • You can make this effective gray water disposal system

Self sufficiency

  • For headache, fever or even rheumatism, relief is as near as the familiar willow plant
  • Felting is an ancient art that’s still useful today
  • Forage for wood lettuce and ground coral and you can spice up your outdoor eating
  • Using trot lines, set lines and jug fishing will increase your fish catch substantially