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A Backwoods Home Anthology — The Ninth Year
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Note from the publisher


Do we really need more Democracy?


Ayoob on firearms:
Home handgun defense: simplicity suffices

Think of it this way:
Would the United States be better off if it was a Christian nation

Original poems:
John Silveira

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Making a living/saving money

  • There’s money in wild mushrooms — if you know what you’re doing


  • Victory Gardens
  • Enjoy cheap, delicious lettuce all through the winter months

Country living

  • Get a jump start on homesteading with a recreation vehicle


  • Canning your meats and vegetables at home — it’s not only easy, it’s safe and inexpensive
  • Use common herbs to treat the common cold
  • Long-term food storage
  • Build a backwoods cat-boat— it’s super-simple, inexpensive
  • Buy your country place from the government
  • WebTV: Economy transportation for the information highway
  • Preserve mushroom harvests


  • Dreaming of a Civil War Christmas dinner
  • Dad’s incredible (secret ingredient) holiday ham
  • Can you boil water?
  • Try these tasty solutions to those pesky problem critters around the homestead
  • This year brew your own holiday beer