Issue #7 of Backwoods Home Magazine. January/February, 1991

Issue #7

January/February, 1991

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Cover 7

  • Note from the Publisher
  • Commentary — Independence

Alternative energy

  • Solar cells on the doorstep of mass production
  • Using a woodstove to heat your hot water
  • Jack Stewart knows solar
  • An electric car as a “second” vehicle
  • Wind generator questions and answers
  • The solar composting toilet


  • Small-scale crayfish farming is a profitable business
  • Canning stews and veggie soup
  • Making your own compost is better than buying fertilizer
  • Goats are great — I kid you not

Country living/Cooking

  • Taxes — a good reason for you to start your own small business
  • Ski fever — an alternative to cabin fever
  • The miracles of peppermint
  • Backwoods Home Recipes
  • Carrot recipe tips
  • Making a double one-seam skirt without a pattern
  • There’s a shark in the refirigerator
  • Just for kids – Candle making
  • Just for parents – Homemade teaching toys


  • Remove toxics from your home by switching to “natural” household cleaners
  • Some tips on first aid readiness for remote areas
  • How to deal with hypothermia
  • How to invest your money in the environment and other good things
  • Remembering Wisconsin’s Peshtigo Fire — the greatest natural disaster

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