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Letters To The Editor

From Issue #71

American Survival Guide readers respond

Just got my first issue of BWH, thanks…for coming to the rescue. I couldn’t figure out just what had happened at ASG. I was beginning to wonder if they had lost their collective minds. After a couple of issues of SRJ, I was ready to puke. The last issue sat collecting dust before I round filed it. To read it would have just reminded me how good they were as ASG and how out of touch they had become as SRJ.

I was in the process of looking for another publication to subscribe to when the July/August issue of BHM came in the mail. Read it from cover to cover and loved it.

Keep your powder dry.

Judy Cisney

First off, I would like to thank the powers that be for the events that took place which led my former SRJ subscription to your fine magazine. Although I certainly do not agree with all you say, I find the clear opinions and ideas most enlightening and helpful. As we plummet into the chasm of the “me generation” and its ultimate anarchical society, it is good to hear that not everyone agrees with what’s happening, and some have the b*lls to say so.

Thank you for taking over the ASG subscriber’s list. I wasn’t going to renew it anyway. The reason I was still subscribed to it is that I am an OTR truck driver and my wife takes care of the subscriptions so when the notice came she automatically sent a check. I told her after the fact that I didn’t want it but it was too late.

After they switched to the PC emasculated SRJ I wanted nothing to do with them. I’m 100% sure that’s why they went down the drain. I missed Mr. Kastler and Benson’s articles and gun/freedom related issues. Believe me I know what I’m taking about when I mention “freedom.”

I was born and lived the first 28 years of my life behind the Iron Curtain and I’ve been watching deja-vou here for the last almost 20 years. Yeah, I’m familiar with your magazine and I was going to subscribe to it anyway. I’m also familiar with Mr. Ayoob’s articles and stand on the “GUN” issue and have a deep admiration for the man. I wish more and more cops would share his views but this “new breed” looks at it as a paycheck and are ready to do everything to defend the “system”, not the constitution. . .

Dave, I totally agree with your last editorial, word by word. Simply you wrote what I thought.

Keep up the good work and as my subscription will get closer to expiration, you have my guarantee for the renewal of BHM.

Paul Csurka, Lakeside, AZ

I was surprised when the latest edition of your magazine arrived at my home. At first I thought it was one of the many unsolicited items that come to anyone on a mailing list, but as I read the first pages I learned the connection with ASG. I am glad that you are supporting former ASG subscribers with your magazine and think it’s a great marketing strategy. Frankly, I had decided not to renew my subscription to ASG because I no longer felt the magazine had anything to offer me. I would like to share with you the reason why I believe ASG failed in hopes that it will prevent similar problems with other organizations.

A couple of years ago, right after the name switch to Self Reliance Journal, I spoke with Jim Benson the former editor of ASG, at the Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Sports Trade show (SHOT). I approached his booth and asked what was the deal with ASG, and why were they publishing articles about fruit smoothies and knitting. Jim explained that the owner of the company had recently died and his widow had taken over the company. Furthermore, he went on to tell me that, “she didn’t like the militant tone of the magazine and since she was a Clinton supporter, she didn’t care for the anti-Clinton articles.” Benson said he was sorry that I was unhappy with the magazine and hoped things would get better.

Month after month I found myself let down by SRJ/ASG and finally I said, “enough is enough,” and decided I would not renew my nearly ten year old subscription. What happened to SRJ/ASG is what is happening to many organizations in America today, especially in politics. I see the Republican party portraying itself as the party of self reliance and conservatism. I guess that’s true if you compare them to the Democrats, but it seems everyone in that party is so afraid to make waves that they pervert their values just to fit in. Just as SRJ/ASG abandoned its support base, so are the Republicans, and no organization can survive by doing this.

When we turn our backs on our values and beliefs in order to sneak in the shadows and avoid the arrows of our critics, we debase ourselves, our credibility, and eventually lose our moral compass. I challenge anyone to name a pioneer or great leader who was not ridiculed, attacked or jailed by his or her peers. Think about it; Gandhi, Lincoln, Galileo, Columbus, Jesus Christ, the list is endless. It is impossible to stand for something without receiving persecution. This is as much a law of nature as is gravity. If we try to ignore the law of gravity we will die, so it is when we try to please everyone all the time. Once you deny your beliefs and abandon your morals you die spiritually and soon your hollow frame will follow. I’m sure that ASG felt they would find solace and acceptance among the shadow dwelling moderates and that somehow they would come to their aid and save their magazine, but ask yourself, “When have moderates ever come to the aid of anyone in a crisis?”

One of my mottos is, “Be Bold, and mighty forces will come to your aid!” People support the Bold because seeing a leader stand-up and say “follow me” inspires others to greatness. Visionaries see beyond the political correctness of their time and confidently stride towards that undiscovered country where they’ll be acknowledged for their wisdom. I encourage you to Be Bold in all you do, ignore the Naysayers and find joy in the attacks of your enemies. After all, it’s usually a good sign when your enemies hate and fear you.

I wish you the best of luck and hope in BHM I’ll find the backbone ASG abandoned.

John J. Carpenter

Yesterday I got my first issue (#70) of BHM, resulting from the defunked ASG/SRJ. While ASG/SRJ had become a disappointment, it was still somewhat informative. BHM’s ads (in ASG) never lured me to subscribe, but I’m truly impressed and pleased immensely with BHM now that I’ve begun to read it.

John Smith, Hallsville, MO

I am one of the Self Reliance Journal subscribers that you recently acquired for $1.00 on the first day and $60,000 over the next six months in operational costs. The July/August issue of Backwoods Home Magazine that you sent was wonderful! It was just what I had been looking for when I originally subscribed to the old American Survival Guide.

I am enclosing a check to cover a three year subscription to BHM plus an extra $3.00 to cover the operational costs when you picked up with my ASG subscription.

John Hollis, Williamsburg, VA

When my subscription to American Survival Guide was terminated, your magazine was shipped to me as a substitute. I really enjoyed reading BHM (much more than American Survival Guide).

John Thomas

I find your magazine to be a tell it like it is publication. More interesting than the survival magazine you replaced. I assume you will send me a renewal notice at the appropriate time. Meanwhile I am sending a check for your offer of 15 back issues for $29.95. Thanks for a great read.

Bernard Borofka, Brill, WI

Thank you for taking my ASG subscription over. I didn’t know what happened, but wasn’t getting my magazine. I’ve never heard of yours, but like this one (#70).

Gary Smith, Hesperia, CA

I am one of the new subscribers from American Survival Guide. Thank you so much for sending me your magazine. It’s great. I ordered the selected issues special, which arrived this past week, and I can’t stop reading.

Rick Murphy, Boise, ID

The “15 Selected Issues” special (page 65) is probably one of the best ways for former ASG subscribers to find out what BHM is all about. It’s inexpensive and covers the broad range of topics we tackle. — Dave

My subscription to ASG/SRJ expired shortly before BHM took over. I had decided to not renew even though I did generally like the magazine. Simply put BHM does it better. The one area I do sorely miss is the question and answer section in the beginning of each SRJ….I would also like to thank you for taking over the ASG/SRJ subscriptions. Although I did not benefit, so many have and I believe the work you are publishing needs to be read by as many people as possible.

I received my last copy of the new style ASG (or Self Reliance Journal) in May of 2001…I was not informed of the fact that they ceased to publish by SRJ/ASG, even though I have been a subscriber for over 10 plus years. Not until I received my first copy of Backwoods Home Magazine was I able to learn what exactly happened. I felt let down, as a loyal subscriber. I feel that I should have been made more aware of what was going on by the staff of ASG (or at least some small notice in the May issue.)

I will likely extend my subscription to BHM, as I find that the values expressed are similar to my own (aside from the fact that I live in a rather rural area of Virginia).

E.C. MacFarland, King William, VA

McVeigh commentary

I have recently discovered the Backwoods Home Magazine, and have read some of your letters and the Timothy McVeigh letter. . . .Although I don’t condone the bombing, and believe it was wrong, it did change the direction the government was taking (or maybe just a change in speed instead of a change in direction) in relation to using military or military-style forces against the civilian population on American soil. I believe this change was necessary, due to the fact that no one has yet been punished for what happened at Waco or Ruby Ridge. . .

Even though I don’t trust and even fear the government, my views about the Oklahoma City bombing took many years to develop. Personally, I wish McVeigh had used some peaceful means to change the direction of the government instead of exacting revenge, but I believe that it definitely had a desired effect in telling the government that if they start a war against the citizens of this country, they will pay a fearful price and ultimately will collapse from the lack of legitimacy.

Don Wilson,

I read your article and I must say I was stunned. Not by your topic but the fact that you were willing to address it. It takes a lot of courage to speak out on such a sensitive subject.

The reason most people will not speak out is because they fear being labeled. I try to teach my children to study history with an open mind because so much of our history is told by the victors. My favorite is telling them what is the difference between a campaign and a massacre. In our history books if our military did it we call it a campaign against the Indians. If the Indians did it we called it a massacre . . .

Martin Shaffer

Couldn’t agree more with your view regarding Tim McVeigh in #70. Keep telling it like it is.

Jim Phillips, Immorkalee, FL

. . . You said it perfectly and I agree 100%. One bright spot in a related case is that I understand that the court has cleared the way for the gestapo agent who murdered Vicki Weaver. . .

Roy Denney, San Martin, CA

Since that court decision, Utah authorities said they will not prosecute Lon Horiuchi, the FBI agent who killed Vicki Weaver. — Dave

Thanks again for a great read, although a lot in this last issue was disturbing.

I wish with all my heart Tim McVeigh did not do what he did. For the people in the federal building, for McVeigh’s family and for McVeigh himself. I don’t promote violence, however, have you heard the saying one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter? As an example I would like to use Menachem Begin who, if I have my history straight, was instrumental in blowing up the King David Hotel during the British occupation of Palestine. To me Begin, Moshe Dayan, David Ben Gurion and the rest were heroic freedom fighters the likes of which we will probably never see again. There are, however, many people who do not agree with me on this.

My personal dilemma with McVeigh was I understood why he acted on his beliefs and I didn’t feel he was evil incarnate which is how the news media portrayed him. But I felt I had to be careful who knew I felt this way.

Reading JFK’s executive orders sent chills through me especially the part of relocating the population. The government will not find it easy to round up people living scattered in the mountains as I and my few neighbors do. These people are the remnants of what used to be in stubborn self-reliant Vermont. My beloved Vermont is going down the tube with the rest of the liberal East. . .

Thank you for letting me know I am not alone in my independent thinking—that it is not me who is crazy but the rest of them.

Kathryn Venable
Montgomery Center, VT

Solar commentary

My view issue #69 was right on the mark. I don’t envy you being in that den of true believers & useful idiots. But there are ways to have fun.

I’m also a Libertarian. In fact I must be a real one—nobody I’ve ever voted for has ever been elected. Though in the spirit of full disclosure I’ve contributed money to Ron Paul’s campaign.

Whenever I talk to the useful idiots and work them into a frenzy by challenging most of what they say, here’s some personal information I like to hit them with.

I built my own house. It’s a geodesic dome. They use about ½ less material than a square house. Saving trees is nice, but I built it because I always liked them. My house is also stand alone solar powered. It wasn’t the cheapest way to go, but when I move there permanently I’ll never have another utility bill.

I have a 30 acre farm in Kentucky that I converted to organic. It only has 5 tillable acres so it makes more economic sense to grow for the high end of the market. Yes, including organic tobacco.

I also do my own reloading, so I recycle a lot of brass and plastic hulls. This is when the idiots’ eyes stop focusing.

The conversations almost always end when I ask which of us is more earth friendly. Most of the idiots have never done anything but talk too much, sign petitions, recycle a few beer cans and vote Democratic.

So if it makes you feel any better I’ve managed to give a lot of them migraines over the last few years. I might have even made a few think.

Good magazine.

Jo Le Blanc, Philadelphia, PA

My husband and I have been reading your magazine for ten years. Thank you for the informative homesteading articles and lively political commentaries. You have a knack for stirring up people and making them think. Unfortunately, I think you were off-track in your May/June 2001 editorial on environmentalism. You confuse environmentalism the philosophy with environmentalism the political ideology.

Fifteen years ago I became a liberal and environmentalist. Gradually, I have shed some of my earlier liberalism, tempering compassion with common sense. I tend to vote Libertarian, support the 2nd Amendment, and oppose big government. However, I remain an unapologetic tree-hugger. Environmentalism is simply the belief that the Earth matters, and that, as the dominant species, we humans have a duty to protect and honor our planet.

Faith Geisel, Conklin, MI

We all—conservatives, libertarians, and liberals—believe the earth matters, but only environmental zealots have turned the subject into a cloak behind which they can hide their big government, socialist ideology. The earth matters to us, but socialism matters to them. — Dave

We really do appreciate your magazine and format and views. We don’t have a computer so we couldn’t keep up with your trek to the big solar energy fairs. Thank you for confirming our feelings that it is nauseating dealing with “greenies” when you need solar hardware. We know—we are all solar and wind driven.

Bob & Debi Walker, Canon City, CO

Thank you for the story on environmental ideology hurting the solar industry. I couldn’t agree more. I have been interested in solar power ever since I was a young boy reading Popular Mechanics and Popular Science.

I have been fortunate enough to marry a woman who feels the same way I do. We are conservative people who want the independence of solar. In the end, our salaries today are paid by large corporations. We are saving the money paid to us by the corporations now to move and build an off grid home in the future.

The large power companies are essential to the United States. There is no way our country could have prospered so quickly without them. If any nation can create more power and pump and refine more oil safely and cleanly, it is the United States.

I try to spend time every week talking to friends about efficient building systems, better appliances, and alternative energy. I always try to avoid the environmentalist angle because I do not believe it. If my friends comment that I am an environmentalist, I always define exactly what that term means to me. I explain the difference between environmentally conscious, and radical environmentalism.

Again, thank you for the article. It reflects our views perfectly,

Dean A. Bakkum

I just purchased your magazine (May/June) and read my first article. It was My View by Dave Duffy. I can only say thank you!

I was beginning to believe that I was the only conservative who also believes in solar energy. Your article was a good dose of common sense. You are correct. The solar energy folks could sell their product a lot easier if they would dump their ideology in the nearest trash can and simply tell me how their product could enhance my life and pocketbook. Keep up the good work and add my name to your subscription list.

Donald Knicely

Solar industry commentary/American Survival Guide/Best places to live

The editorial on page 7 of issue #69 was great! I agree 100%…I’ve been interested in alternative sources of energy since my teen years when I helped my dad and grandfathers bust up dead trees for firewood. I was fond of the Mother Earth News, but became disillusioned with them as they seemed to go “left,” while I went “right.” The final straw was a full page ad by the Sierra Club.

Sorry to hear of the demise of American Survival Guide/Self Reliance Journal. Interesting publication. In fact, they turned me on to BHM!

I would like to see an article or preferably a series of articles on the “best places to live an independent, self-reliant, less hectic lifestyle.” Which states would be most hospitable to traditional minded folks who believe in common law, the Constitution and their biblical foundations?

What states have the least amount of zoning restrictions that would interfere with alternative energy, innovative construction types etc.?…Which states have the lowest property taxes? Which states have low or no income tax etc.? What about climate conditions, temperature averages and extremes, humidity, precipitation amounts, growing seasons in different areas of a state etc.?…Which states have the least restrictive firearms laws and carry policies? Hunting & fishing license costs? Vehicle registration fees? (Outrageous in Pennsylvania)

Such information would be of great interest to many of your readers.

Thanks for the excellent magazine.

D. Baublitz, Spring Grove, PA

My family just returned from a 5-week, 25-state tour of America, and we found many good places to live. We’re thinking of instituting a series in BHM called “Small town America” and report on the very things you are interested in, plus more. — Dave

Dictatorship series

I must congratulate you and your cohorts on speaking out concerning the Presidential Executive Orders and the direction of our country. It is refreshing to know there are still people who will print the truth of what is actually going on in this country without fear of losing advertising.

Rick Kepple, Buckhorn, MO

I am most grateful to have stumbled upon your website a little over a year ago. I immediately requested a subscription to your magazine. I have been reading John Silveira’s series and I have become more and more dumbfounded by the way our federal government is trampling rough-shod over our Constitution and Bill of Rights. With the exception of exercising one’s right to vote, what can the average Joe/Joanne Citizen do to tighten the reign on our government? How do “we the people” get back our Constitution and Bill of Rights?

I’ve paid enough taxes and the government has told me what I can and cannot do for far too long.

Thank you and consider me to be a lifelong subscriber to Backwoods Home Magazine.

Richard Gallant, North Attleboro, MA

You have changed my position on government, politics, and guns. And that wasn’t easy. I love the series “The coming American dictatorship.” Thanks for helping to keep my dream alive.

Mary Ruth Dilling

I recently joined the American Civil Liberties Union, my decision to join was deeply influenced by the articles I’ve been reading on “The coming American dictatorship.” The very day that I sent in my membership check, I watched the evening news on our rural satellite TV station (privately and publicly funded.) A lead story was about a group of peaceful protesters (mostly from religious groups) demonstrating on the steps of a federal (i.e., public) building. They were singing, waving signs, chanting and generally exercising their right of freedom of speech. They were not causing a disturbance (unless they were singing off-key), or blocking the entrance to the building. They were ordered to disperse and when they refused, they were arrested. I was appalled. At no time during the newscast did the reporters state that these protesters were being denied their rights.

I am a member of the National Rifle Association, National Organization for Women, The League of Conservation Voters, The Wildlife Society and The Audobon Society (among others). Let me tell you that this bird watching gun-toting feminist environmentalist hunter is going to continue to exercise her rights and her vote from the top of her lungs! (I wonder how the government catalogs me on their lists?)

Mrs. Katherine McLaughlin
Chenega Bay, AK

I very much enjoyed your excellent article in the March/April issue concerning the evils of the American bureaucracy. However, though several remedies were presented, there was little discussion as to how they are to be implemented. Realistically, I have no reason to anticipate a major turnaround in my lifetime.

Our Constitution was a very unique event in human history, where a group of self-reliant, hard working and freedom loving individuals were able to set out with a clean sheet of paper to form a government. Though this spirit is still alive within many of us, politically speaking we are but a “voice in the wilderness.” The last election campaign seemed, more than anything, to be a contest as to who could offer the biggest government pork barrel. And demographic trends are not on our side.

Though I have and will continue to support libertarian causes, my personal strategy is to live a simple, close to nature lifestyle, and avoid government in every way possible.

Gustav Dreier, Jefferson, NY


The current issue of Backwoods Home Magazine, (Issue #70) page 16, column 2, last paragraph states “In 2003, the “Crime Law” that banned ownership of certain semiautomatic firearms and of magazines that held more than 10 cartridges will “sunset.” Could you please explain this law and what it entails as I am unfamiliar with it. Is the law going to be repealed or does it expire in 2003? What semiautomatic weapons fall under this category? Thank you so much.

Ted Crawford, Andrews, NC

As I understand it, the Brady Bill had a 10 year shelf-life. It “sunsets” in 2003. If it is not “revived,” the ban on manufacture of new magazines of greater than 10 round capacity ends.
— Mas Ayoob

I’ve been buying BHM at a bookstore for years, finally subscribed about two years ago. Thanks for the great publication. I hope you keep it coming for years! I appreciate the fact you haven’t bowed down to the “god of political correctness.” You know, the one that keeps the whole left wing in the dark.

I’m really writing to blow off a little steam. I had borrowed a vehicle for the weekend, which had a hopeless array of buttons on the dashboard. I took off without looking at what station the radio was tuned to. Turned out, it was (yuk) public radio. Unable to change stations while driving, I was stuck listening to a “family program” bashing the NRA, and gun owners in general. They basically were trying to say that any family with children and guns in the house will eventually have a tragic result.

Excuse me?! We had over 40 guns in the house (my dad was a collector) and 9 kids when I was young. We all were taught at a young age how to use them, but most of all, to RESPECT them. (We’re all still alive!) We never touched them when the folks weren’t home. Because our parents took the time to teach us.

Seems to me that kids these days don’t have much of a respect for anything, guns included, because the parents don’t take the time to sit with them and teach them. Lots of folks have no idea what is even going on in their kids lives, let alone “heads.”. . .

Cheryl Schultz, Bowler, WI

I have recently purchased a Taurus PT140 for home defense and for carry when Michigan’s new law goes into effect. I would like to know if you have any knowledge or experience with the gun as far as features, shootability, reliability, etc.

Paul Ferguson, Jackson, MI

Personally, the PT-99 style guns are my preference in the Taurus auto line. — Mas Ayoob

Claire Wolfe

In the “great” city of New York it is illegal for anyone to talk to another person or look anywhere other than at the door while riding on an elevator. How many criminals there must be in New York, heck, there are movies and TV shows that depict this type of scurrilous, criminal behavior. Good website; it’s nice to see Claire Wolfe back.

Robert Sala,


Beautiful magazine. This is my roots and at heart, my way of life. It’s sad that so many people can’t see what’s going on around them. Your magazine gives them a chance to do something about their own situation. You can do no more.

Keep your powder and lighter dry and continue your way of publishing.

Tim Howard, Crestview, FL

Just a note to let you know you all are doing a great job at BHM. Dave’s McVeigh editorial is right on. I always look forward to what Ayoob and Jackie have to say. Those two have really got it together. Claire Wolfe, you keep writing and I’ll keep reading.

Reggie Kirby, Atlanta, IL

. . . your magazine always ends up in the “reading room” where it really gets read…when I discovered your web page address you probably mentioned it before…but I didn’t catch it …well you should post this address in large red letters ( somewhere in the magazine…for it is really good…you will be part of my every morning “catch up” along with the Drudge Report, Sierra News Ranch and World Net Daily.

Kent Cartwright

Thank you for the great articles and columns on subjects like Waco, Ruby Ridge, and Timothy McVeigh. The truth is not often popular with the masses, but it still needs to be told and heard.

I am many things; a decorated Viet Nam Vet and Combat Tracker, a 50 year old factory worker, and in my own small way, a freedom fighter. I am one of the many Libertarian activists that promote individual freedom. Because of your reference to C.A.T.O. institute, I am sure you are well aware of my beliefs. I will promote your magazine to my Libertarian friends. Libertarians are well aware of the abuses of our immoral, corrupt and hypocritical leaders. Of ten thousand random people on the street, few if any would have much real knowledge about the Weaver family murders, or the Waco murders, or the hundreds of murders and thousands of lives destroyed by our government each year. Yet, if by chance you talked to twenty Libertarians, you would be surprised how much they knew about these events, and how outraged they were at the low regard our politicians have for human life, or individual liberty.

Thank you again Mr. Duffy!

Kenneth L. Proctor

Your magazine is defective. The back cover is entirely too close to the front cover. Keep up the good work.

Jerry Boyd

Thanks for putting out the best magazine of its kind this 73 year old has ever read. About time some one started to talk American.

Ole Grandpappy

I feel compelled to tell you and the staff that you do a great job. After having received many issues I can still say that I wait with anticipation for each new issue. You’ve no doubt heard this many times, but to me BHM stands out even though you are low key. I subscribe to several magazines per month trying to stay on top of my field (techno geek). BHM I subscribe to for myself and it’s the only magazine that I receive that is fresh and meaningful. I laugh at most new trends because I know that they won’t be around very long. You and the crew give useful info and I agree with your sometimes “outspoken” philosophies.

Keep up the good work and tell everyone thanks for me.

Martin Moninger

Recently, I came across a copy of your magazine and immediately felt as if I belonged to your family of readers. I had always thought there were other folk “out there” who shared the thoughts and feelings I’ve had, but were unable to connect with them. Your BHM did that for me. As a builder-designer, writer, and holder of a Federal Firearms license, I sensed with the turning of each page a kindred relationship with those folk who embalmed their thoughts on your pages with their words. I particularly like the “CAD,” (The coming American dictatorship) article by John Silveira, and the Ayoob on guns. These gentlemen are truly versed on their subjects and impart their knowledge in an easy to understand manner. No headaches with their writing. It’s as clear as a “country creek!”

R.C. Gentry, Port Charlotte, FL

This is the magazine that I’ve been looking for. The political slant of my former self-reliance magazine chased me away. I am pleased to patronize you and your advertisers. I am just thrilled to find others with ideas similar to mine. Good job.

Ruth Cowden, Ogilvie, MN

We were shopping for the latest issue of Mother Earth News when we came across Backwoods Home Magazine. After flipping through Backwoods Home we dropped MEN like a hot potato. We are so happy to have found a self-reliant living mag that supports our political views.

Bill & Wendy Fairfull, Charleston, SC

I have been talking to my daughter about your magazine. She has three children. One is 16 yrs and need to know about Mac & Duffy’s civic lessons. I hope you are going to print the series in a special packet. I have other grandchildren who need to know the truth also. The 12 yr old is into camping & this is just what he needs. The 10 yr old can learn so much from Jackie’s writings. The daughter would like Jackie’s articles. She is into canning & growing a garden. What a wonderful magazine! Something for everyone.

Beatrice Madden, Kingston, WA

I applaud Dave & staff on their unwavering commitment to the principals & ideals that started the magazine on their road to success. I have no fear that Dave would ever go “PC.” He’s too Irish stubborn for that. I hope your marketing strategy of acquiring American Survival works out. I’m sure it will. Good luck.

Mark Broshar, Plainfield, WI

Your joke page alone is worth the renewal. We love it.

James Mundy, Jr., Tillamook, OR

I really enjoy your magazine very much. It really gets to the basics on quite a lot of know how. The recipes are great. My grandkids get quite a chuckle from the jokes. I catch my wife sneaking a few minutes reading on the baking and cooking articles.

Gerald Willis, Sr., Dryden, NY

Your magazine is the “ray of hope” so many of us need! Thank you. May God guide you and protect you all the days of your lives.

Elizabeth Gallant, Catonsville, MD

I often (usually) disagree with your politics, but I usually read your magazine anyways, for two reasons. First, there’s a lot of good information and I appreciate the opportunity to learn. Second, in reading your political views I find that I often take time to reevaluate my own views and determine whether they are heartfelt beliefs or surface attitudes. You do keep me on my toes!

Aileen Fitzgerald

Excellent magazine! I truly look forward to the refreshing veiwpoint that your unique publication has. Thank you for being a point of light in an otherwise dark sea of periodical crap.

R.E. Armour, Luck, WI

We did it! After years of dreaming, we finally made our move off the grid! We sold our house and had just enough proceeds to pay cash for 35 acres in Colorado. We plan to build an earthship and use solar and wind power. Since that will take us a few years to complete, our summer goal is to set up a straw bale cabin we can live in for a few years while working on the earthship, and after that the cabin can become a guest house or barn. We built a straw bale studio last summer as an experiment, and were excited with how quickly it went up.

Thanks to your magazine for providing the inspiration, information, and how-to’s. I don’t usually like reading political editorials, but David Duffy & John Silveira really do their homework and present their cases in a clear logical manner without the ranting that has turned me off to other political writing. I didn’t know I was a Libertarian until I subscribed! I especially like your articles on gardening and alternative building. And the letter and articles by other people who have “made the move” are very inspiring.

Sybil Gaylord, Boulder, CO

Just a short note to say thanks. You and the staff and writers have a truly wonderful magazine. Magazine just doesn’t do it justice. It is better than that. Shouldn’t even be lumped in the same category! I enjoy the articles greatly. But the editorials, and the pieces on our government really make me think. Hard. About who we are, where we are, and sadly, where we are headed. But we all need to think more about these things. Maybe then we wouldn’t be so complacent. Thanks again for an outstanding job.

Bob Gresham

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