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Cover 9


Beyond Iraq
Cops too powerful

Backwoods Home recipes
Country Breakfasts
Making Bread

Original Poems and songs
Doc Hall
Cathleen Thomsen
John Silveira
J.C. Watson

Original drawings:
Cindy Meyers

Magazine and book Reviews
Photovolaic News
American Survival Guide
Backyard Livestock
Grandma’s Recipes
Home School Source Book
Home Chiropractic Book




  • Build a log house from scratch
  • Sawmills: a firm foundation to homesteading
  • Semi-underground, solar house has ideas worth crowing about
  • Sound construction advice for the most important part of earth-set dwelling
  • How to design and build a water system for your backwoods home

Alternative Energy

  • New fluorescent bulbs last 13 times longer, use ¼ the electricity
  • How to build a safe, effective wood-fired hot water heater
  • Copper Cricket — no bugs in this solar hot water heater
  • Wind generator questions and answers
  • New Fuel cell may make hydrogen a practical fuel for electric vehicles
  • Aluminum-air battery gives electric vehicles 750-mile range

Country living/Cooking/Family

  • Home-made bread…it’s good even when it turns out bad
  • Kids “Funny Drawing” Contest
  • Just for kids — a musical houseguest
  • Homeschooling children — a former teacher’s view of how well it works
  • A practical survival strategy in the event of catastrophe
  • A horse named Lady
  • Protecting your home against the Wildfire Dragon


  • The basics of backyard beekeeping
  • It’s not to late to start your garden
  • The magic of mulch
  • Overlooked garden delicacies
  • How to harvest and dry herbs
  • How to raise the best pork you have ever tasted


  • How to make homemade yogurt
  • Aloe Vera — the magic plant


  • Matching sneakers and tee’s