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A Backwoods Home Anthology — The Sixteenth Year
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6    Publisher’s Note

7  Editorial:
Practicing what we preach

25  Ask Jackie:
Preserving bacon, feed for chickens, diseases from mice, dehydrated tomatoes,”real” bacon, cleaning cast iron, homemade concrete, canners that won’t seal, etc.

74  Irreverent joke page

76  Ayoob on Firearms:
Choose your ammo…police style

68  Claire goes to the movies:
Old-fashioned heroes

87  Letters

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75, 86  Book Reviews: Armed Response, The Black Arrow

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One good reason or tax reform

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Cover 93
This issue’s cover was rendered by our artist, Don Childers, on illustration board using gouache, a type of opaque watercolor. He said the painting was inspired by typical scenes that abound where he lives in Rush, Colorado, on prairie that was once the land where the Cheyenne used to hunt buffalo. Don has been Backwoods Home Magazine’s cover artist and article illustrator for sixteen years, beginning with our first issue.


Building and tools

51  Solar window panels   By David Lee

David Lee shows us how to make windows that are not only beautiful but solar efficient.

62  Rebuilding the homestead greenhouse    By Charles Sanders

Alternative energy

31  Paring down for off-grid living   By Steven Gregersen

37  Add solar power to your truck camper   By By Jeffrey R. Yago, P.E., CEM

Farm and garden

21  Raising rabbits on the home place   By Charles A. Sanders

One of the most efficient and nutritious animals that can be raised on the small place is the rabbit. Charles Sanders discusses their watering, feeding, breeding, housing, slaughtering, and butchering. He even supplies us with a recipe for cooking them.

58  Gardening for treasure   By Alice Brantley Yeager


8  Finding your own freedom   By Claire Wolfe

Claire Wolfe makes the argument that freedom isn’t so much about where you live as it is “how” you live and your state of mind

14  Harvesting the wild blueberries   By Jackie Clay

44  Starting over again: Part 4   By Jackie Clay

The Clays are in the midst of reestablishing themselves as they “start over” in the woods of northern Minnesota. A well has gone in, son David, 14, is becoming a man and has gotten his first deer but, now, the family has suddenly suffered a tragedy.

65  Fiddelhead ferns: great fun, healthful eating   By Linda Gabris

Food and recipes

56  Salmon candy and pickles: two unique ways to enjoy your next catch   By Linda Gabris

70  Vegetarian soups from the Middle East and North Africa   By Habeeb Salloum

Country living

81  The coyote   By Jack Lintelmann