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A Backwoods Home Anthology — The Seventeenth Year
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Government spending

82  Ask Jackie:
Making corn chips, canning chicken, canning venison, storage of canned goods, preserving bell peppers, protecting chickens from weasels, etc.

73  Ayoob on Firearms:
How big a gun do you need?

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Cover 99
This issue’s cover was painted by Don Childers. It shows an idyllic setting of a little remote cabin by a lake. We asked Don to paint a cover that would go hand-in-hand with Jeff Yago’s Walden Pond article on page 8 of this issue. In his article, he addresses our readers’ request for information about building a small weekend cabin in which only a few basic appliances and lights would need power. You might want lights, food refrigeration, water, and perhaps a computer to have your best fish dinner recipes handy.


Building and tools

47  Carved hinges, part 2   By David Lee

Here’s the second part of beautifying your home with more of David Lee’s unusual hinges.

Alternative energy

8  Walden Pond, the solar version   By Jeffrey R. Yago, P.E., CEM

How to power your weekend cabin or getaway without spending a lot of money.


16  Water development; springs and seeps   By Roy Martin

Roy Martin explains how to find and develop a water source

20  Buying a used mobile home   By Daniel Motz

55  Starting over: part 9   By Jackie Clay

Because of frozen water lines, Jackie and her family move into the new house sooner than planned.


8  Heart healthy recipes   By Ilene Duffy


32  Summer’s silent heat waves   By John Silveira

The deadliest natural phenomena is a heat wave. John tells us how our body reacts to heat, what we can do to protect ourselves, how to cool off, and what to do in order to rehydrate our body.

Farm and garden

22  Gardening tips and tricks   By Charles Sanders

Even if you’re new to gardening or an old veteran, you’ll probably learn some tricks to make gardening chores simpler.

26  Once a day milking   By Patrice Lewis

A common misconception about milking is that you have to do it twice a day. Guess what? You don’t. Patrice explains how milking just once a day can work for you and your cow.

41  Summer vegetables   By Alice B. Yeager

Summer time gardening varies from zone to zone. Learn how soil and temperature determines which veggies will be successful in your area.

62  Cold-hardy grapevines   By Gail Butler

From growing the vines to making the wine, Gail tells us how it’s done. A wealth of information on what types of grapevines grow in a colder climate. You will also learn how to take care of your grapevines, and how to utilize the grapes you are sure to harvest.