Issue #170 cover


In this cover by longtime BHM artist Don Childers, a mother black bear and her cub lumber across a meadow. From his distant cabin, a man watches this beautiful scene, knowing that there’s no danger from this mother bear. Still, he’s not going to get anywhere near her and her cub!

6  Editor’s Note

7  Editorial:
Jury duty: The charge was rape

45 Ayoob on Firearms:
The timeless lever-action rifle

66 The gee-whiz page!

70  Ask Jackie:
Building up a pantry, greenhouse covers, grain mills, teaching dogs commands, etc.

73  The Irreverent Joke Page

74 Letters

76  Classified ads

77-82  BHM anthologies & books

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19  Protect your homestead from black bear mischief
By Kristina Seleshanko

30  Installing a wood stove
By Charles Sanders

35  A free, non-toxic, no-scrub way to clean your wood stove windows
By Michele Cooper

62  Root cellaring — without the root cellar
By Tanya Kelley


Farm and garden

8  Tire gardening: Planting an orchard
By Patrice Lewis

13  Successful backyard composting
By John Murray

59  Common chicken myths
By Kristina Seleshanko

68  Grow healthy pear trees
By Sylvia Gist

75  Grow healthy plum trees
By Sylvia Gist


Food and recipes

24  Homemade nut and seed butters
By Linda Gabris

36  Make jerky from ground meat
By Jackie Clay-Atkinson

52  Make tortillas from scratch
By Marla Walters



16  Build a composter
By Charles Sanders

40  Making apple cider with a homemade press
By Robert Van Putten



34  The MTHFR mutation and why it may matter to you
By John Silveira

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