Classified Ads


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Ads submitted prior to the closing dates, below, will appear in that issue. Any submitted after a closing date will appear in the following issue.

Issue Closing Date
Issue #183 (Jan/Feb/Mar, 2021) Nov. 15, 2020
Issue #184 (Apr/May/June, 2021) Feb. 15, 2021
Issue #185 (July/Aug/Sept, 2021) May 15, 2021
Issue #182 (Oct/Nov/Dec, 2020) Aug. 15, 2020

All classified ads must be prepaid.Note: Minimum charge is $20.

Type of Ad Cost per word
Regular classified ad $1.00 per word
Personal ad: Individuals seeking a mate will be charged half-price. $0.50 per word
We will print up to the first 4 words in BOLD CAPITAL letters free. Additional leading BOLD CAPITAL words: $1.00 extra per word


We do not accept advertising from or for anyone or anything that contains or promotes any type of pornography or any hate, bigotry or other stupidity. We reserve the right not to accept ads from or for anyone or anything we, in our sole judgement, feel to be inappropriate for Backwoods Home Magazine and/or the Backwoods Home Magazine website.


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