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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Claire Wolfe

Holder on assassination; ACLU on Holder

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Attorney General Eric Holder tells Northwestern law students that assassinating U.S. citizens is constitutional.

The ACLU responds.

My mind recoils from grasping that we now live in a country that not only does such things, but then drags poor Orwell out of his grave to justify them.

8 Responses to “Holder on assassination; ACLU on Holder”

  1. Woody Says:

    It is an indication of just how low our government has sunk that we even entertain the concept of lawful assassinations. More than any other issue this indicates that we are beyond the point of redemption. All we can do now is watch as the empire collapses.

  2. EN Says:

    Amazing how none of the Republican candidates (except the usual suspect) see anything wrong with this. I’m sick to death of hearing Republican friends say that Bush wasn’t as bad as Obama on civil rights issues. True… except Bush cleared every obstacle imaginable to make it OK for the final solution. Ask your Republican friends who they think Obama is more concerned with? Them, or some former American citizen living in a third world shiite hole? They’ll tell you straight faced that he’s out to get them and that he’s likely a Muzzie sympathizer… Yet this stuff barely registers on their radar. I’m an old guy who suspects there will be no easy end for me… and lots of others. We’ve handed the less than astute Obama a big hammer and the only thing that might save us is his laziness… Helluva thing to count on. To make it even better the Statists are lined up to the far horizon wanting to take his place.

  3. bumperwack Says:

    Yeah…were all gonna hang separately ….cuz nobody wants to hang together…

  4. Mic Says:

    It is interesting if not morbid to note that we actually have a law on the books, since the 70s that we cannot target foreign leaders for assassination, but apparently American citizens aren’t afforded the same protections from their own damn government. Go figure.

  5. Joel Says:

    I tried to read the speech. I really did.

    I’m weak.

  6. Claire Says:

    Joel — I admit it. I couldn’t finish it, either. Here’s the summary: The Constitution doesn’t specify judicial process or even open, public process. Merely “due” process. And due process means whatever process your All-Wise Rulers DO.

    (I borrowed that “due” “do” comparison from a wag whose name I can’t recall at the moment. Will post it if I re-find it.)

    Ah. Of course. Stephen Colbert:—due-or-die

  7. Amaterasu Solar Says:

    We do have a choice, but it requires a lot of effort to spread awareness to the tipping point.

    Money is merely accounting for meaningful energy expended in an energy-scarce society. Human energy in all necessary jobs no One wants to do can now be done by robots; external energy through overunity (“free energy”) has been available on this planet for over 50 years. The power elite have it hidden because it would remove the need for money – and the power over Others it affords.

    Electrogravitics was being studied openly at all major aerospace companies in the 1950’s. In 1959 or early 1960, electrogravitics became highly classified because of its negentropic, non-polluting overunity. Our mission now is to raise awareness of this to the tipping point such that We demand this technology.

    For more, please read the information and consider signing the petition here:

    And having done that, consider sending this on to everyOne You know. If We can get rid of the need for money (in all its forms – barter, trade, work exchange, cion, bills, electronic funds…), We will end poverty, hunger, wage-slavery, war, and the control over Us by the power elite.

  8. JoJo Says:

    Ameratsu, I think the small global elite probably DOES intend for humanity to have “free energy,” but only after they have reduced our numbers by somewhere between 90 and 98%.

    One of the most maddening hypocrisies about the NWO is how they are now relying so heavily on environmental scare tactics to put global government in place, along with economically ruinous “carbon taxes” and totalitarian enforcement, but these are the same people who have gone to great lengths to ensure that we can’t have access to cleaner power, cars, technologies, etc, and that we remain dependent on the fossil fuels which they CLAIM are the cause of “global warming.” Many so-called “conspiracy theorists” also believe the NWO is geo-engineering the planet to try to ensure that the predicted global warming DOES happen, so they can then impose their draconian fake “solution.” (Think about it…. Whenever they need a crisis, when have they EVER left it to chance, or to nature, for the crisis to occur? They are far too arrogant and obsessed with control for that. They always CREATE the crisis they need.)

    Anyway, this moronic, illogical and offensive Holder speech at Northwestern is just one more thread in the tapestry of Orwellian propaganda and brainwashing of our society, aimed at the students of one of our more elite brainwashing academies (where I was once, as it happens, a student myself). I am relieved to have slipped out of the mind-control matrix myself, but dismayed to see how well it has worked with over 90% of the American population, even including many of those who consider themselves to be “the opposition.”

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