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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Claire Wolfe

Amazing mindreader reveals his “gift”

Friday, January 25th, 2013

You probably won’t be surprised. Most folks might be.

(H/T H.)

10 Responses to “Amazing mindreader reveals his “gift””

  1. Water Lily Says:

    Cool vid, gotta post it – on Facebook! ;-)

  2. Matt, another Says:

    Wow, how did they know?

  3. Ellendra Says:

    This is why I always use a fake name when online.

  4. Karen Says:

    I’m not surprised that our lives are online, but the depth of it did take me a bit by surprise.

  5. naturegirl Says:

    Me too, Ellendra…plus any online transactions involving money are thru a prepaid card, with outdated info, and that’s about the only thing online in my own name…..I have also noticed that old addresses show up now and then, but those are at least a decade plus outdated…..

    Helps to have a rather common name, also…can always say it’s not me, hehehe….

  6. Claire Says:

    Yeah, I would really like to know how much information the people gave about themselves when they signed up for the “mind reading.” They had to have volunteered quite a lot.

    Even so, how the “mind reading” team got credit card or bank account numbers, I would really like to know. That sounds like either real black-hat stuff (unlikely with it being filmed) or that the subjects volunteered something beyond what you’d imagine.

  7. Ellendra Says:

    Putting on my investigator hat here, but with some people, it’s not as hard as it should be….. They give their first and last name, maybe their birthdate. With that you can look them up on a lot of websites. Got a facebook account? From that it’s dead easy to deduce your mother’s maiden name. Do you realize how many websites use that for security verificatiion? Or, some security questions have very common answers. I had to reprimand one of my call center trainees once, she had a caller who couldn’t remember his secret answer, so she “helpfully” guessed it for him, and was right. Tip: if your secret question is “what’s your favorite food” never, ever say “pizza”, because 90% of people are saying the same thing!

    I could go on, but I’m typing in the dark right now. Suffice to say, I’ve collected some stories from my call center jobs over the years!

  8. Woody Says:

    My mother’s maiden name is a66hga9LB

    My first pet’s name was jru#)*KhrL

    My favorite food is keJ^?JY16

    Not easy to remember but they are pretty much unguessable. I keep them in an encrypted file and look them up as needed. It’s a pain sometimes but TANSTAAFL.

  9. Tom Blanton Says:

    If this damn video goes viral, it could put a big dent in my gig as a psychic reader. Every clown with a computer will get into the racket and dilute my customer base. I’ll probably have to add extras like crystal ball gazing and tarot cards just to keep the cash flow going. Hell, I might end up having to resort to investment advising to pay the rent.

  10. Claire Says:

    “Hell, I might end up having to resort to investment advising to pay the rent.”

    Tom! No! Become a male escort. A pimp. Anything but that!!!

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