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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Claire Wolfe

Weekend links

Saturday, April 26th, 2014

Finally, have a dog video:

(H/T Jeff Soyer at

7 Responses to “Weekend links”

  1. Bear Says:

    RE: LaPierre- As parody, that’s a fail. Or it’s subtle on a level beyond my crippled comprehension. On the face of it Exurban Kevin doesn’t really understand LaPierre and the NRA (you know, the guys who _wrote_ a Columbus “assault weapon” ban, and sabotaged NH constitutional carry because if they didn’t someone might write a worse law). More likely NRA members are already seeing little orange postcards in the mail declaring that if everyone doesn’t donate more millions to buy Wayne a new limo on top of the NRA’s current income, Mom, apple pie, S&W, and Western Civilization will fall to Bloomies’ fifty million bucks and his handful of Stepford Barbies.

  2. Bear Says:

    RE: Trustworthiness- “Members of the upper-class—the better off among us—are self-serving. […] Higher social class often equals lower trustworthiness. That seems to suggest that untrustworthiness is a birthright of the upper class.”

    This opinion piece doesn’t mention if they found some way to control for those born to wealth and privilege vs. those who made their money themselves (and having read the paper, I see they didn’t address that at all). I see no way to control in the driver/pedestrian portion (heck, as described, they can’t distinguish between a wealthy Beemer driver and parking attendant fetching the vehicle for some rich asshole). So I think DeSteno is missing something. Are these people “untrustworthy” because they have money, or did they obtain their money by being untrustworthy to begin with? Hint: look at the dice game.

    The “interview” portion was particularly troublesome. They based social rank on the participants’ declared ethnicity (white Euro-American vs. various minorities) on an Amazon survey. At least that might separate out “born to” from “achieved”.

  3. LarryA Says:

    Wonder why that’s not getting more attention in the MSM?

    Uh, [scratches head] gosh…

    On “trustworthy,” I note that the researchers judged by appearance. Around here there are welfare folks who pick up donations in Cadillacs and new SUVs, and folks declaring bankruptcy but keeping their Beemers. There are also some very well-off ranchers who drive ten-year-old pickups. Of course this is Texas, not San Francisco. It would be interesting to know where he got his subjects, and if he controlled for city v country people.

    On how effective FB is, I suspect there’s a difference between cops who work for sheriffs instead of police chiefs and agency heads.

    The Ohio case began in 2010 when an anti-abortion group, the Susan B. Anthony List, sought to post billboards accusing then-Rep. Steve Driehaus of supporting taxpayer-funded abortions because he voted for President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. After Mr. Driehaus formally accused the group of violating Ohio’s false-statements law, the billboard company refused to take the ad.

    So what was the “false statement?” I believe the ACA does require policies to cover “free” birth control and at least some abortions. (Of course in 2010 most of those who passed it hadn’t read it yet.)

    We just can’t win against the dozens of people who have joined Michael Bloomberg on his new crusade.


  4. Borepatch Says:

    Am I missing something, or do none of the news articles (e.g. Fox) state the name of the deputy that shot the dog? They say he was fired, but not who he is.

  5. Claire Says:

    Good catch, Borepatch. And yeah … as usual Our Betters get protected from We the Peasants. According to Cole Middleton’s FB page the coward who shot his dog was Jerred Dooley of the Rains County sheriff’s department.

  6. Shel Says:

    I’m not sure about more or less trustworthy, but my experience has been that lower socioeconomic people in general are often more courteous than the upper crust. In the Central Florida retirement community known as The Villages, many of the residents are moneyed and come from the northeast, bringing their manners and abilities to spread STD’s with them. In the unfortunate times I have to drive into The Villages (it all looks alike to me), I adopt northeast driving manners – I cut off almost every vehicle I can, to avoid being taken for a sucker. When outside that paradise, I revert to to type and allow others to go first when it’s reasonable, expecting and usually getting a thank you wave instead of a smirk.

    In my neighborhood there are a couple of places where the residential roads narrow. It seems pretty consistent that the less expensive the vehicles, the more likely it is that the drivers will thank me for allowing them to go first.

  7. Paul Bonneau Says:

    I don’t put a lot of store by studies dealing with human nature. Self-serving bullshit abounds…

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