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etc. - a little of this, a little of that - by Oliver Del Signore

Banning circumcision and Adult baby sucks on the public teat

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Congratulations to this week’s Comment Contest winner – Karen.


You may have heard that activists or “intactivists” in San Francisco have gathered enough signatures to put to a vote this November a ban on all circumcisions of males under the age of 18.

I’m sure their hearts –  or some part – are in the right place, but to me, this is just another example of a special interest group attempting to use the guns of government to force everyone to live their way. These folks are no different from those who want to punish people for using unapproved recreational drugs, for exchanging sexual favors for cash instead of dinner and a movie, for drinking or eating stuff which contains more sugar or fat than they approve of, for not wearing a seat belt or a motorcycle helmet, and on and on and on.

If all such people would simply get a life that does not involve worrying about the lives of everyone else, we’d have a lot less laws and need one helluva lot less government to enforce them and control us.

Click Here to read the story.


You may also have heard about 30-year-old Stanley Thornton Jr. of Redding, California. He’s a grown man who lives like a baby. Seriously. Crib, diapers, bottle, baby toys, baby talk, the whole deal. You can see him in the video promo, below.

I had to laugh at the “psychologist” who concluded that people feel threatened by Stanley’s behavior. No, doc, we’re not threatened. We’re pissed off because Stanley and his pretend mommy, who share an apartment, are both collecting Social Security Disability payments.

Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma has asked the Social Security Administration to look into this scam. And Stanley has threatened to kill himself of they cut off his check says the Washington Post.

If Stanley wants to live like an infant, that’s his business. When I have to chip in my tax dollars to enable his little fantasy life, then it’s my business. I hope the SSA tells this infantile deadbeat and his “mommy” to go get jobs and darn quickly because the public teat just ran out of milk.

What do you think about it. Watch the video and let me know.

21 Responses to “Banning circumcision and Adult baby sucks on the public teat”

  1. Becky Holm Says:

    I think a weaning and a whoppin’ are in order. The phrase, “Just grow up,” takes on a whole new meaning!

  2. JeanneS Says:

    Banning circumcision is every bit as bad as the Chinese government enforcing their “one child” policy by forcing women who get pregnant a second time to undergo an abortion against their will.

    As for the “adult baby,” the only suitable comments I could make on that aren’t fit for a lady to say in public.

  3. Valerie Says:

    Let me see if I’ve got this right…..
    I can choose whether or not to kill my baby before he’s born, but I can’t choose to have him circumsized after? Hmmm……..

  4. Lee Says:

    On the banning of circumcision,I’d be curious as to why they want to ban it? What are the pros/cons of this?From my understanding,it reduces a lot of urinary and reproductive problems later in life if done as an infant.

    As for the adult baby,whoop his butt and his “momma’s” and tell them to get a life….if they choose to live like that,fine,but they need to fund it themselves with money they earn,period….

  5. A Ellis Says:

    What a bag full of crap. So what he threatens to kill himself. At this point he is a drain on society and is allowed to be so. Those idiots with SSI better wake up and see the lie.

  6. Melissa Says:

    So, they want to outlaw circumscision, but abortion is legal?!?

    As for the big baby. I’m speechless. Grow up!!!

  7. George G Says:

    What’s wrong with letting everyone decide for themselves to be circumcised or not? Just keep the government and everyone else out of it.

    Now when it comes to the adult baby and me having to pay for his fantasy…NO everyone must pay for their own fantasies.

  8. Drill Sgt K Says:

    I love how these “enlightened” people want to ban circumcision and won’t allow a religious exemption. But hey, a 12 year old can get her nipples pierced and have an abortion with out getting an adults consent.

  9. TheNumberSix Says:

    It is customary for Christian boys in Europe to remain intact. It was only after the atrocities of world war two that circumcision became normal for American boys. The Nazis, in their terror, would demand to know if a man was Jewish. If he did not comply with the expected answer he would be stripped to confirm their suspicion. Terrible. After WWII it became more common for American boys to be cut. This removed the difference between the wasp boys and their ritually circumcised Jewish and Arab friends.

    It is mutilation. Insurance doesn’t cover it. It is not medically necessary.

    Check out

    to see what really happens. This medical brutality can not be justified.

  10. Desiree Says:

    In regards to the circumcision law: People that choose to do illegal drugs and exchange sex for whatever are adults capable of making informed choices. Infants are not and once whacked, never replaced.

    Your argument is invalid by Faulty Analogy. You’re comparing one situation to another with disregard to significant differences that make the comparison invalid. Laws passed to prevent adults capable of making their own choices is different than laws passed to protect those incapable of making their own choices.

    In regards to Stanley Thornton Jr: umm, EWWWW. But, more power to him if he wants to wear a diaper. Great for that nurse if she wants to indulge it. Neither should be receiving tax dollars in order to supplement their proclivities. I personally like to stand on my left foot under every third full moon, arms upraised in adulation to nature, howling like a banshee while swaying to the beat of Mary Had a Little Lamb. It’s exhausting and requires multiple, expensive talismans, but I still get up and go to work in the morning. He should too.

  11. Crystal Beacham Says:

    Why is it that as a country we are all outraged when a girl gets circumcised (even for religious purposes) but think it is perfectly acceptably to do to our boys. I think the only person that should have a say in cosmetic surgery is a consenting adult of the body getting modified.

    Adequate pain relief is usually not provided to infants. Circumcision started as a way to stop boys from pleasuring themselves. It is not cleaner. You clean an intact penis the way you clean a finger. No one should retract the foreskin except the child (not even your dr). Please research this procedure and watch videos of it before deciding to have it done. Also look into what complications can occur. I feel bad for all the boys that experience complications. They have to live their life severely disfigured from a surgery that they did not consent to.

  12. Leonard Barnes Says:

    Some of the “stuff” going on in our world is so outrageous that it can’t even be made up! SSI for adult babies is almost unbelievable. Yet we get to pay for his overindulgent bullS@@t. I want to know if banning a religious practice is constitutional. I wonder what a Rabbi would say.

  13. Desiree Says:

    @Leonard Barnes: According to the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act (, government can’t “substantially burden religious exercise” unless doing so promotes a “compelling government interest” (and there isn’t a less burdensome alternative). The scope of the terms “substantial burden” and “compelling interest” is, of course, up to interpretation. You also can’t target specific religions. For instance, you can’t ban ringing of church bells, but you can ban ringing of bells.

    @Lee: There have been a lot of arguments both for and against it, none of which have proven their positions conclusively. Neither the American Medical Association nor the Centers for Disease Control explicitly recommends against circumcision (but they don’t recommend it either). The American Academy of Pediatrics’ policy statement says that in most cases, “parents should determine what is in the best interest of the child.

  14. Jackie Chivleatto Says:

    In regards to the circumcision issue, I don’t see how involving the government is the right thing to do, either by requiring it or banning it. Just what we need, the government monitoring our children’s genitals.

    As far as me paying for the guy to drink bottles and wear a diaper, I like pretty lingerie. Maybe SSI can pay for my Victoria’s Secret bill. As long as there have been venues to help people, there have been people sitting around taking advantage.

  15. Amy J Says:

    Ok, that is twisted. I wonder if she breastfeeds him. Who changes his diapers? And he claims it’s not sexual. Yeah right!

  16. Stephanie Says:

    This big baby thing is crazy, he is on SSI and then says the video wasn’t accurate? He loaded the lumber, there are jobs he can do, argh.

  17. Mike Says:

    When it came time to decide whether to circumcise my son or not I did some soul searching and asked my friends who were fathers of sons. My close friend was adamant about getting my son circumcised. When I questioned him on it he explained that the “secret” surgery he had in his early 30’s was actually a circumcision. He said it was something he wished he had his entire life and was mad at his parents for leaving him “un-cut.” I really respect this man and felt that his having gone in for a surgery that is much worse as an adult was good enough for me as he really put his money where his mouth is, so to say.

    As for the adult baby…Call his bluff and stop sending the checks, NOW!!!

  18. MLA Says:

    Regardless of one’s personal opinion on circumcision, it’s important to consider it along side other irrevocable decisions that parents might make for a child.

    Shall we outlaw ear piercing for infants too? How about vaccines? Anxiety or anti-depression medications? Again, we’ll all have different opinions on these subjects, just as with circumcision.

    Last I remembered, we are supposed to live in a free society based on self-reliance and personal responsibility. Part of that responsibility means taking care of our own children in the best way we know how. There is no one “right” way to raise all children, so how can any Government legislate as if there were?

    As for the adult baby topic… c’mon, really? The Government seriously allowed this? I’ve known people who have legitimately qualified for Social Security disability, and yet have not been able to get it. Those who have gotten SS disability have had to go through years and years of medical substantiation and legal proceedings. How did this guy get approved?

  19. Bethany Says:

    Regarding the circumcision debate, I think a lot of people tend to forget that while male and female circumcision have similar NAMES, they are not each other’s equivalent.

    Male circumcision removes the foreskin but the penis is still there, still fully functional, and still able to feel sexual pleasure and orgasm normally.

    Female circumcision removes all of the sexual organs for the purpose of rendering the girl completely unable to orgasm or feel any sexual pleasure at all.

    Let’s not compare apples to oranges. If we were to compare the two, we’d be more realistic if we compared female circumcision with castration, or male circumcision with the modern practice of labiaplasty.

    Personally I think male circumcision is unnecessary, though I do respect those who choose to do so for religious purposes. Don’t believe the hype – years ago it was done with no anesthetic but there are ways that are commonly practiced that are painless for the baby. Using a scalpel is only one of many ways to do it. See for more information.

  20. jay c Says:

    As a Torah-keeping believer in Yeshua, I believe that God’s command to circumcise my sons applies to me. (Your opinion on the subject–though you are welcome to it–is irrelevant.) The government and all the busybody statists in the world can claim to own my children all they want, but in the end I will obey God rather than man.

  21. Jewish Intactivist Says:

    I am a Jewish man, and I think that circumcision should be against the law.

    ………There is a movement of Jews who are questioning circumcision, and working to end this abuse of children. The movement ranges from the Orthodox to the secular, and includes mothers, fathers, scholars, historians, medical professionals, activists, and intellectuals.

    Jewish Groups for Genital Integrity

    * Jews Against Circumcision

    * Brit Shalom Celebrants by Mark D. Reiss, M.D.

    * Questioning Circumcision: A Jewish Perspective by Ron Goldman, Ph.D.

    * The Current Judaic Movement to End Circumcision: Part 1

    The Kindest Un-Cut Feminism, Judaism, and My Son’s Foreskin by Professor Michael S. Kimmel

    Jewish Intactivist Miriam Pollack has some great commentary on Foreskin Man in this recent interview.

    Jews Speak Out in Favor of Banning Circumcision on Minors



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