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etc. - a little of this, a little of that - by Oliver Del Signore

Global Warming…not!

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Sometimes, it’s a little thing that casts doubt on a supposed truth.

I don’t know how it’s been these past months with the climate zealots you know, but the ones around here have been wallowing in self-righteous certainty lately thanks to the unusually warm winter we had here in North America. Even pointing out the unusually cold winter experienced in Europe isn’t enough to penetrate their mindless certainty that in a few decades, we’ll all need SPF 1000 sun block as we flee the rising oceans.

I used to enjoy arguing with them, but of late, it’s grown tiresome. These days, I may toss out an inconvenient truth — a real one, not the kind climate-pimp and energy-equivocator Al Gore tries to pass off — but it doesn’t even cause them to stop and wonder. They are true believers and nothing can shake their faith. No matter what happens, to them, it is clear and convincing evidence of climate change.

And they’re right!

The climate is changing. It’s been changing since the Earth first had climate. And it will continue to change until the Earth is no more.

Today’s newspaper has a short news brief that further demonstrates how climate changes.

April was second warmest recorded

Forecasters are predicting rain for the first day of May after one of the warmest Aprils on record. Through Saturday, this April was the second warmest on record with an average temperature of 53.5 degrees, according to the National Weather Service in Taunton. The record was set in April 1976, which had an average temperature of 55.1 degrees. April also brought 3 inches of rain to Boston, just shy of the 3.6-inch monthly average. Total precipitation for the year remains far below the norm.

Imagine that! Way back in the ’70s, when climate activists were bleating about us heading into a new ice age by the turn of the century, we had an unusually warm April, a record setter. And now, thirty-six years later, we had another! Who could have imagined it?

I’m still waiting for the incontrovertible proof — not computer simulations, mind you — that mankind is causing the Earth to warm, or cool, beyond what it has been doing naturally and cyclically, since before life appeared on it.

Comments, anyone?

15 Responses to “Global Warming…not!”

  1. Rita Says:

    I’ve also always believed that the so called “Global Warming” is the natural cycle of the Earth. I live in central Wisconsin and the glaciers carved a path through the state a long time ago…and guess what?!?! They melted!! Maybe it was God’s plan all along……

  2. Cindy Booth Says:

    I am so tired of hearing about global warming. The earth’s climate is always changing. We were taught in school that we were on the verge of an ice age, now they are teaching the kids about global warming. Hmmm…. what will they be preaching when the world starts getting colder and we do enter into an ice age??? I believe it is all propaganda to get more control over our lives and businesses. The government needs to get out of science and try lower their spending.

  3. KDW, PhD Says:

    Global climate change….. There will be more wild swings in the weather: more and stronger storms, longer droughts, more severe heat waves, more and bigger floods, heavier snowstorms, etc. Has anyone noticed any wild swings in the weather? Two unheard of heat waves in the Adirondacks this past March. Hurricane Irene wiping out covered bridges in Vermont that have stood for 150 years. A wildly fluctuating jet stream. Massive and numerous tornadoes. The world population is exploding. China and India are just getting started with their unregulated pollution spilling into the environment. People can either continue to live in denial or wake up!

  4. Kentucky Kid Says:

    Follow the money . . .


  5. Guy Says:

    I always say “It wouldn’t be climate if it didn’t change” and then I try to stick to the simplest points. The amount of CO2 change is miniscule, never anything like a full percent, even over the next 50 years of full-steam-ahead burning of every carbon source only leads to a .1% rise in CO2.

  6. Brian Says:

    I agree with Cindy and Kentucky Kid. It was also very entertaining to read about the carbon footprint of AL Gore (with all his noise about global warming) and that of George W. Bush (who never said a word). Gore’s house used more energy than our entire neighborhood combined, and George W. had a modest little home that used wood and solar to heat. Now THAT was/is an inconvenient truth.

  7. Marlene Says:

    “They are true believers and nothing can shake their faith”

    The same can be said for both sides of the argument … so why is it bad on their side, but not on yours?

  8. Oliver Says:

    “They are true believers and nothing can shake their faith”

    The same can be said for both sides of the argument … so why is it bad on their side, but not on yours?

    I have to disagree, Marlene. I’m not trying to convince anyone to live the way I think best. They are and they’re willing to use the power, and guns, of government to force everyone to do it.

  9. Leonard Barnes Says:

    Earth has been and will continue to change, some for the good of mankind and some not so good. Good luck to the person or persons who think they can change what happens on earth. We are incapable of managing the consequences under which we are living when it comes to what ever Earth decides to do. It is not worth it to me to get too excited over warming, freezing, asteroid strikes or any other Earth Ending calamity. If the actions of earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, dust bowls, forest fires or floods can’t get you, something else eventually will. Live with it while you can and try not to make things worse. In the mean time, let me have my opinion and I will let you have yours.

  10. candace Says:

    There is no way that we can dry up lakes, cut down forests, increase air and water pollutants, change landscapes, and say we have NO effect on the globe. and all change effects all things. Impossible to prove that mankind is specifically contributing to globalwarming; it is probable that we are. it may mean that a cycle that would take 100 years without us, will take 90 or 110 years with us. Have lived in this house for 10 years and do see changes in the flora indicative of an overall warming trend in that time. Regadless of our impact on the environment, we are foolish if we don’t make an effort to adapt and prepare.

  11. Heather Says:

    It isn’t about this year’s warmth vs 1970s warmth. It’s about an overall trend that is causing huge swings in our atmosphere. The number of natural disasters has increased exponentially. We were taught that we were headed into an ice age, because that is where we should be heading, but now we’re not. We’re headed the other way and in a faster pattern than has ever been seen.
    Candace is right, we can’t expect to continue to trash the earth without consequence. Whether you believe in global warming or not, we need to agree that treating the earth with respect is first and foremost. We don’t want to live in a dump, nor should we expect our children and grandchildren to want to live like this as well. In our country, we don’t always see the consequences of our bad behavior. It’s the small countries that are feeding our massive appetites while their world is being destroyed. It’s the small countries that we ship our trash off to. This is not political. I don’t know of any environmentalists that will hold a gun to your head.
    I’m in New England, and yes we’re pretty liberal. We are however experiencing major climate change. Our once thriving maple industry is now threatened. We used to start tapping trees in March, now it has to be February, or the season is over before it starts.
    I know that I won’t change anyone’s mind. When you don’t want to believe something, your mind will do jumping jacks trying to discredit anything that you don’t want to hear. My only hope is that with time, you might see what you’re doing to us all. Ice ages happened over millions of years. This is happening over decades. Big, HUGE difference. Respect the earth. She’ll kick us out if we don’t.

  12. Hanza Says:

    Heather says: “This is not political. I don’t know of any environmentalists that will hold a gun to your head.”

    It is entirely political. The Environmental Protection Agency with all the power of government including guns comes immediately to mind.

    “Ice ages happened over millions of years. This is happening over decades. Big, HUGE difference.”

    There was a mini Ice Age in Europe that went into effect in only a few years and lasted several hundred. Here is a link that leads to many links related to it.

    Global warming zealots are acting as if warming is a religious crusade where the Earth (Gaia) is a goddess to be worshiped.

  13. Hanza Says:

    Here is an article related to ‘global warming’ and the environmentalist utopian agenda.

    The inanity of gov’t green schemes.

  14. Kathy Says:

    I’m not sure that I 100% agree with either side, but I do believe that we humans waste way too much stuff. Humans have got to start paying attention to more than just our wants. We think that just because we have plenty of something now, that we’ll always have it. I live in a pretty rural area, and I remember huge areas that were once forest are now just weed filled lots because the owners simply just let the land sit after it’s been stripped. People are having HUGE yards that suit no purpose other than just grass to mow. People are building 3000+ sq ft. McMansions for 2 people to live in. That uses a lot of wood and materials. Some people are just so wasteful now days.

  15. Kary Herbel Says:

    I undertand what Guy, Leonard, Candace, Oliver,Kathy, Rita, Cindy, KDW Kid, Marlene, and Hanza, (sorry if I left anyone out) are saying. Why is there any question that we all should be stewards of the earth, whether it is warming, cooling, or remainaing the same?



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