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Grandma will love this personal ‘Helping Hands’ wall hanging

Grandma will love this personal
‘Helping Hands’ wall hanging

By Sally Boulding


Issue #46 • July/August, 1997

Here’s a relatively easy gift that you and your child can make together. The instructions here are to make a wall hanging or a lap blanket, but consider the idea also for an apron, throw-pillow, or vest. If it was made by her grandchildren, Grandma will certainly treasure it forever.

Grandma Kathy Myers shows off her wall hanging with the help of her grandchildren, from left, Robby, Sammy, and Jacob Duffy.


One yard light colored cotton fabric (We used muslin.)

Fabric paints in squeeze tubes in a variety of colors (We used Tulip brand, which can be purchased at most fabric or craft stores.)

Scissors, pencil, newspaper or paper towels


Cover work table with paper towels or newspaper to prevent paint from damaging the work surface.

Lay a half yard of fabric out on the table. Save the remainder as backing for wall hanging.

Fabric-paint the title “Grandma’s Helping Hands” on the top portion. Have children place their hands on the fabric and draw around each hand lightly with a pencil. Leave at least a half inch on all edges for finishing.

Author and son, Joshua, age 10, paint grandma’s wall hanging.

Use your imagination to color in and outline the hands. Remember to label each hand with the child’s name.

If you include birth dates or a special message to Grandma, they should be added at this time.


Simple finish: Fold under 1/4″ twice and sew. Add a lace or ribbon trim if desired.

Quilted finish: Lay out remaining half yard of fabric. Cover wrong side with a single layer of quilt batting. Baste. Turn over and pin right side of design to right side of lining fabric (not the batting side). Sew around three sides, turn. Press edges smooth. Turn in unfinished side and pin. Top-stitch around all four sides. Hand- or machine-quilt around the hands. Add loops for hanging.