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Issue #41

September/October, 1996

This issue is Sold Out.
Most articles are included in our print anthology
A Backwoods Home Anthology — The Seventh Year
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Cover 41

Note from the publisher


   The "Leave Us Alone" coalition


What if there's no doctor?
   Surviving a heart attack in the backwoods

Where I live:
   Walking and riding in the woods

Ayoob on Firearms:
   The backwoods hunter

Homesteading on the electronic frontier:
   Harvesting information from the Internet

   Make delicious meals all winter with stored vegetables and spices
   Venison deserves gourmet treatment
   Southern cooking that doesn't just whisle Dixie

Book Reviews:
   How to FInd Your Ideal Country Home
   Build Your Ark!
   In a Dark Wood
   River of Life, Channel of Death
   Guide to Wild Foods

Original Poems:
   John Earl Silveira
   Diane M. Calabrese



  • Those leftover fall tomatoes are a delicious bounty that should be put aside for the future
  • It's easy to build your own milking stanchion
  • Here are some tips on how to store apples for a long, long time
  • Careful planning will make harvesting and preserving food a year-long process
  • Make "recycled wine" from leftover fruit pulp
  • Improve your poultry with selective breeding
  • Here are some cucumber pickles to make at home
  • Enrich your soil with cover crops
  • Here are some tasty ways to use those end-of-the-season green tomatoes
  • Make grape juice the easy way
  • Keep fresh greens in your garden — even in the snow — by using row cover
  • Cracking black walnuts can be "almost fun"
  • Keep onions fresh...with panty hose
  • Traditional ways of keeping your corn crop and seed corn are still very effective
  • Use plastic to get a head start on corn in the fall
  • Sheet composting is a work saver
  • Squash seeds are a delicious, nutritious snack
  • Leaf mold is another way to build your soil


  • Solve chinking woes with a morter-sawdust mix

Self Sufficiency

Country living

  • Pressing cider and memories
  • Orphaned kittens need special care
  • A few strings attached


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