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The Backwoods Home Magazine
& Self-Reliance Expozed
Radio Show

on the Preparedness Radio Network

The BHM Radio Show had been discontinued.
Please enjoy the podcasts of previous shows, below.

Podcasts of Previous Shows

Hold your cursor over bolded show dates to read about the guests.
Click on the date to download or play. (mp3 format).

March 22, 2013Marjory Wildcraft 1:15:46
March 16, 2013 Butch Tindell 1:00:43
March 9, 2013 Dan Adams of Earthineer / Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy of "The Dooms and Bloom Hour" 1:49:02
February 16, 2013Preppers Brian and Daron Payne / Former Navy SEAL Cade Courtley 1:06:17
February 9, 2013Jackie Clay 1:31:15
February 2, 2013Charles Sanders 1:37:19
January 26, 2013BHM author Marjory Wildcraft 1:30:16
January 19, 2013BHM author Habeeb Salloum / Author Mark A. Smith 2:08:04
January 5, 2013Marjory Wildcraft 1:40:35
December 29, 2012BHM author Jeff Yago. Also, Texas Ready 1:45:05
December 15, 2012James Kash / Jeri McFarlane 1:56:01
December 8, 2012BHM Publisher Dave Duffy
Also, Oliver Duffy of Aquaponics USA (No relation to Dave)
December 1, 2012Jared Winger / Al and Anne Boulley 1:46:57
November 17, 2012Jack Spirko 1:59:43
November 3, 2012Jackie Clay-Atkinson 1:42:13
October 20, 2012Silvia Gist 1:50:43
September 29, 2012BHM author Anita Evangelista 1:39:57
September 22, 2012Sequoya Cross from Backwoods Solar 1:30:37
September 8, 2012Matt Morehouse 1:54:15
September 1, 2012David Lee 1:58:30
August 25, 2012Jackie Clay-Atkinson 1:54:33
August 18, 2012Charles Sanders / Marjory Wildcraft 2:52:24
August 11, 2012David Lee 1:58:30
August 4, 2012Project Appleseed 2:49:58
July 28, 2012Ray Gano / Joe Alton 2:55:25
July 21, 2012Talking with friends at Project Appleseed 2:49:59
July 14, 2012Jason Akers / Marjory Wildcraft 2:58:37
July 7, 2012Ray Gano / Joe Alton, M.D. aka Dr. Bones 2:55:27
June 30, 2012Jackie Clay 2:23:36
June 23, 2012Jack Spirko / David Kobler 1:59:43
June 16, 2012Jeff Yago / Southernprepper1 2:59:40
June 9, 2012Frank Yong / Jarrod Winger 2:02:08
May 26, 2012Massad Ayoob / Lisa Bedford 2:59:59
May 19, 2012Live from the Denver self Reliance Expo 2:59:58
May 12, 2012Sammy Duffy / Toby Stanley Jr. 2:55:55
May 5, 2012David Lee, again! 3:00:00
April 28, 2012David Lee 2:54:47
April 21, 2012Massad Ayoob / Lisa Bedford 3:00:02
April 14, 2012Jason Akers / Kellene Bishop 2:58:04
April 7, 2012Charles Sanders / Nurse Amy 2:58:27
March 31, 2012Patrice Lewis / Jim Heath 2:58:45
March 24, 2012Jackie Clay / Mad Mike 2:59:33
March 17, 2012Jeff Yago / Jim Little 2:59:44
March 10, 2012Linda Morehouse / Scott Williams 2:59:27
February 25, 2012Jason Akers 0:58:54
February 4, 2012Patrice Lewis 0:58:21
January 21, 2012Jackie Clay / Massad Ayoob 0:5825

RealAudio Recordings

Listen to BHM Senior Editor John Silveira's appearance on the Tom Valentine show on January 20, 2002. John and Tom discuss John's The coming American dictatorship series and much more.

Click Here to listen in MP3 format

1 hour 30 minutes    —    File Size - 15833K

Back in the '90s, the Backwoods Home Radio Show aired every Saturday on the American Freedom Network. We've taken some of the best interviews, conducted by veteran host Henry Feinberg, converted them to RealAudio files and posted them here for anyone who missed them or who wants to hear them again.
To listen to the recordings of past Backwoods Home Radio Shows you will need the free RealAudio player installed on your computer. (Version 5 or higher) If you do not already have this, Click here or on the icon to the right to go to the Real Media Player download page. Download RealPlayer – a free media player from RealNetworks
We have available six sensational interviews. As you will notice, some are split into two parts.  


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