Backwoods Home Magazine is once again a print magazine

Backwoods Home Magazine is now a print magazine after a one-year hiatus as a digital-only publication. The person who is making this possible is my son, Sam Duffy, who will assume the role of publisher, a job I have had since founding BHM 29 years ago. The magazine’s content will remain unchanged.

Sam is 23, compared to my 74 years, so is more in touch with the new technologies that have so dramatically altered the publishing landscape. He is also about to take a business degree from Oregon State University, and his primary project for the last year has been running his own print magazine, Self-Reliance, and restarting Backwoods Home Magazine as a print publication.

Both Backwoods Home Magazine and Self-Reliance will now be jointly owned by Sam and my daughter, Annie Tuttle, who own the umbrella company, Self-Reliance Publications. Annie is the current managing editor of Self-Reliance, the former managing editor of BHM, and someone who longtime subscribers have seen grow up in the pages of BHM. Like Self-Reliance, BHM will be published four times a year.

I am delighted that my children will carry on my legacy. I will continue writing the “My View” column at the front of the magazine. All of our key writers will remain, from Jackie Clay-Atkinson, John Silveira, and Massad Ayoob to Jeff Yago, Patrice Lewis, and Linda Gabris. Jessie Denning, BHM’s managing editor, will stay at the editorial helm, and I will continue to guide the overall editorial content.

Three cheers for the rebirth of Backwoods Home Magazine as a print magazine! May it enjoy another 29 years. I hope you will subscribe. — Dave Duffy



Backwoods Home Magazine is once again a print magazine — 10 Comments

  1. I’m excited! I had subscribed to get the print, then it went to digital. I really prefer print version, and will subscribe again soon. I never even bothered to use the digital editions, I work on a computer all day and much of the evening, so it’s nice to have a break from screen time.

  2. Thank goodness it’s back! Always my favorite. Just re-upped 😊. Looking forward to the magazine again.

  3. Very glad to hear your back in print, I just subscribed. You have wonderful children for continuing this legacy, great job. THANKS!!

  4. Was hoping y’all would been at mother earth news fair but anyway so glad to hear back in PRint

  5. Wonderful I love reading it and going back to articles that help me in what I am doing now. Love the advertising also much more of the things I am interested in.

  6. YAY! BRAVO!! I will subscribe again on my next payday. Blessings on ALL! Sharon Betzold

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