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Issue #175 (January/February/March 2019)

     My view: Joint replacement surgery is normally a good choice, except for one nightmare by Dave Duffy

     Ayoob on Firearms: Takedown guns by Massad Ayoob

     Making a successful move to your dream homestead by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     Find your country home by Don Lewis

     A young couple moves to the country by Jessie Denning

     Canning safety: Keep up on the latest recommendations by Michele Cooper

     Preserving herbs by Kristina Seleshanko

     Cozy, easy-to-knit moccasins by Gail Butler

     Roasting coffee on a wood stove by Lorinda McKinnon

     Electrical troubleshooting with confidence by Rick Brannan

     Living with cougars by Margaret Mills

     Sweet sandwich bread by Melissa Souza

     Tourtière: A versatile meat pie by Jenn Sprague

     Unique homemade jerky by Tim Murphy

     Hearty, healthy grain bowls by Linda Gabris

     Cooking with turnips by Habeeb Salloum

     The benefits of garden planning by Patrice Lewis

     Build a raised garden with concrete blocks by Dorothy Ainsworth

     Toads for the garden by Tom Kovach

     Build a top-bar bee hive by Jereme Zimmerman

     Raising your own beef by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     The Last Word: The Electoral College: Keep it or dump it? by John Silveira


Issue #174 (November/December 2018)

     My view: Our 29th Year Anthology is being printed by Dave Duffy

     Ayoob on Firearms: Firearm prices and consumer economics today by Massad Ayoob

     Building David’s cabin, part three by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     Make a quick and easy tipi by Bob Van Putten

     Urban homesteading by Michele Cooper

     Maintaining and troubleshooting refrigerators & freezers by Rick Brannan

     Teaching a 10-year-old to shoot by John Moody

     Foraging with kids by Kristina Seleshanko

     Freeze a holiday turkey to enjoy it all year long by Linda Gabris

     Freezing foods by Patrice Lewis

     Butcher a chicken in 10 easy steps by Granny Fisher

     Leftover turkey makes many meals by Linda Gabris

     Edible, medicinal roses by Kristina Seleshanko

     8 reasons to raise rabbits on the homestead by Kristina Seleshanko

     Fermenting chicken feed by Melissa Souza

     Tom the turkey by Andrea Gatov


Issue #173 (September/October 2018)

     My view: Preparedness planning as a game by Dave Duffy

     Ayoob on Firearms: Pinnacle of plinking: The pin shoot by Massad Ayoob

     Building David’s cabin, part two by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     How to build and use a wire minnow trap by Charles Sanders

     Introduction to pressure canning by Patrice Lewis

     Create a vernal pool by Dan Hilliard

     By hook or crook by R.E. Rawlinson

     How to can chopped garlic by Patrice Lewis

     Preserve fresh eggs for winter by Michele Cooper

     Butchering and cooking a pig by Linda Gabris

     Dehydrating food by Kristina Seleshanko

     Bob’s basic breads by Robert Van Putten

     Preserving berries by Kristina Seleshanko

     A seed selecting primer by Kristina Seleshanko

     Sew some simple “vintage” pillowcases by Marla Walters


Issue #172 (July/August 2018)

     My view: Everyday marvels of the internet by Dave Duffy

     Ayoob on Firearms: The classic bolt-action rifle by Massad Ayoob

     Building David’s cabin, part one by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     Introduction to water bath canning by Patrice Lewis

     Sticks and stakes: Rustic homestead fencing by Dan Hilliard

     Building a side business in the country by Karen House

     A mountain man’s guide: Boxwood stove cooking by Setanta O’Ceillaigh

     Preventing wood rot by R.E. Rawlinson

     Modify an E-Tool to make your own Combi-Tool by Dave Strom

     Growing sugar beets and making “sugar” by Michele Cooper

     Preserving food through fermentation by Kristina Seleshanko

     Delicious bean desserts by Linda Gabris

     Preserving apples by Kristina Seleshanko

     How to make kombucha by Kristina Seleshanko

     Cooking with beets by Habeeb Salloum


Issue #171 (May/June 2018)

     My view: Why we need the Second Amendment by Dave Duffy

     Ayoob on Firearms: Perspectives on spare guns by Massad Ayoob

     The gee-whiz! page: Coffee by O.E. MacDougal

     Fairy-tale homesteading by Patrice Lewis

     Dry-stack stone construction by Dan Hilliard

     The wonderful world of axes by R.E. Rawlinson

     How to line dry your clothes by Gail Butler

     Collecting forest products by Iris Chinook

     In defense of the outhouse by Robert Van Putten

     Finding, seasoning, and burning firewood by Charles Sanders

     Cold process goat milk soap by Michele Cooper

     Build your own hoop house by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     Growing and using chamomile by Kristina Seleshanko

     Preserving plums by Kristina Seleshanko

     Homemade milk products by Michele Cooper

     Black caps " the wild black raspberries of the backwoods by John Murray

     9 canning myths busted! by Kristina Seleshanko

     A tale of a real country kitchen by Millie Baker Ragosta


Issue #170 (March/April 2018)

     My view: Jury duty: The charge was rape by Dave Duffy

     Ayoob on Firearms: The timeless lever-action rifle by Massad Ayoob

     The gee-whiz! page: Cats by O. E. MacDougal

     Protect your homestead from black bear mischief by Kristina Seleshanko

     Installing a wood stove by Charles Sanders

     A free, non-toxic, no-scrub way to clean your wood stove windows by Michele Cooper

     Root cellaring — without the root cellar by Tanya Kelley

     Tire gardening: Planting an orchard by Patrice Lewis

     Successful backyard composting by John Murray

     Common chicken myths by Kristina Seleshanko

     Grow healthy pear trees by Sylvia Gist

     Grow healthy plum trees by Sylvia Gist

     Homemade nut and seed butters by Linda Gabris

     Make jerky from ground meat by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     Make tortillas from scratch Marla Walters

     Build a composter by Charles Sanders

     Making apple cider with a homemade press by Robert Van Putten

     The MTHFR mutation and why it may matter to you by John Silveira


Issue #169 (January/February 2018)  

     My view: Welcome to the other side! by Dave Duffy

     Ayoob on Firearms: Spring fatigue in firearms: Myth or menace by Massad Ayoob

     The gee-whiz! page by O. E. MacDougal

     Keeping homestead animals healthy by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     A beginner’s guide to pressure canning by Kristina Seleshanko

     Make elderberry syrup for flu season by Karen House

     How to maintain your chimney by Charles Sanders

     Homemade lotion bars by Paige Thompson

     Building a $3,000 barn by Robert Van Putten

     Build a split rail fence by R. E. Rawlinson

     Eating tree tips by Kristina Seleshanko

     Can we make a Tyrannosaurus rex from a chicken? by John Silveira

     Luxurious pumpkins by Lisa Nourse

     Getting the jump on spring in the garden by Charles Sanders

     Solutions for common cherry tree problems by Sylvia Gist

     Start a community seed swap by Pamela Gilsenan

     Grow healthy peach and apricot trees by Sylvia Gist


Issue #168 (November/December 2017)  

     My view: A personal word for BHM’s print issue subscribers by Dave Duffy

     Lenie in the kitchen: Creamy chicken and wild rice soup by Massad Ayoob

     Ayoob on Firearms: Guns and years: Going back thirty by Massad Ayoob

     Preparedness: walk the walk by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     The importance of a prepper community by Patrice Lewis

     Make deer antler buttons by Linda Zimnick

     Build a concrete root cellar by Dorothy Ainsworth

     Off-grid retreat — putting it all together, part 3 by Jeffrey R. Yago

     Fermenting salsa and hot sauce by Jereme Zimmerman

     Baking bread by Linda Gabris

     Think of it this way: Issues for 2018-2020 by John Silveira

     Sweet potato greens by Tim Scullen

     What can you do with a quince by Lisa Nourse


Issue #167 (September/October 2017)  

     My view: The obviousness of it all! by Dave Duffy

     Ayoob on Firearms: The Asoh defense by Massad Ayoob

     Your survival depends on water by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     My zero waste experiment by Patrice Lewis

     The truth about DIY laundry soap by Destiny Hagest

     Everyday carry: A “frontline” survival kit by Bob Grundman

     Off-grid retreat — putting it all together, part 2 by Jeffrey R. Yago

     Making apple pectin by Kristina Seleshanko

     Why the world needs capitalism by John Silveira

     Solutions for common apple tree problems by Sylvia Gist

     How to slaughter and butcher a goat by Jereme Zimmerman

     How to grow garlic by Melissa Souza

     Growing, harvesting, and storing potatoes by Charles Sanders


Issue #166 (July/August 2017)  

     My view: We ain’t dead yet! by Dave Duffy

     Ayoob on Firearms: Gun cleaning — what some folks miss by Massad Ayoob

     A simple, easy rocket stove by Kai Moessle

     Small-scale skidding by Setanta O’Ceillaigh

     Three easy quilts to make by Sylvia Gist

     Sharpen a chainsaw like a pro by Setanta O’Ceillaigh

     Replace broken tool handles by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     Make a new handle for an old five-gallon bucket by Carol Hill

     Build an off-grid root cellar, garage, and bunkhouse by Robert Van Putten

     Construct some fly-through bird feeders by Dorothy Ainsworth

     Off-grid retreat — putting it all together by Jeffrey R. Yago

     Canning game meat by Linda Gabris

     Make cheese like a Viking by Jereme Zimmerman

     Syrian cuisine spreads across the world by Habeeb Salloum

     Grow open-pollinated tomatoes by Jackie Clay-Atkinson


Issue #165 (May/June 2017)  

     Fake News and the growing irrelevancy of the mass media by Dave Duffy

     Ayoob on Firearms: Economy guns from blue chip makers by Massad Ayoob

     Lenie in the kitchen: Lemon scones, pound cake, and pie by Ilene Duffy

     The economics of homesteading by Patrice Lewis

     Digging a shallow well by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     There’s no such thing as free land by Setanta O’Ceillaigh

     Communications during a grid-down event by Jeffrey R. Yago

     Make vegetable noodles by Linda Gabris

     Growing produce in Zone 0 by Johanna Melchiore

     A good rooster by Renee Peek

     Home-grown eggs by Allen Easterly


Issue #164 (March/April 2017)  

     15 preparedness expos and why you should attend one by Dave Duffy

     Ayoob on Firearms: the “daily gun” by Massad Ayoob

     Make coiled rag rugs from scrap material by Robert Van Putten

     You can’t prepare for everything by Patrice Lewis

     Prospecting for morels by Gail Butler

     Homemade pest traps by Patrice Lewis

     Building a sunken greenhouse by Joe Mooney

     Don’t throw out that old wagon! by Setanta O’Ceillaigh

     Build birdhouses by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     Plan ahead for a gourmet wild feast by Linda Gabris

     Growing and using peppers by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     Make seed starter pots from toilet paper tubes by Patrice Lewis

     Glass Gem corn by Melissa Souza

     Attract useful birds to your homestead by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     Insects in the garden by Sylvia Gist


Issue #163 (January/February 2017)

     Putting it all on the Amtrak line for Self-Reliance Magazine by Dave Duffy

     Understanding the gun debate, part 3 by Massad Ayoob

     Bugging out in place by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     Prioritizing preparedness when money is tight by Patrice Lewis

     10 foods to forage in winter by Ellen Zachos

     How to make a straw mattress by Destiny Hagest

     Make a custom-sized board by R.E. Rawlinson

     Build a stove pipe wood stove by Robert Van Putten

     Build a wood-fired water heater by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     Grid-down battery devices by Jeff Yago

     Comparing heating fuel costs by Truck Johnson

     Arab soups and stews for cold winter days by Habeeb Salloum

     Processing chicken for farmers’ markets by Allen Easterly

     Prune your apple tree by Tim Scullen


Issue #162 (November/December 2016)

     Hunting, processing, and serving black bear by Linda Gabris

     Building a ferro-cement shed by Robert Van Putten

     Acorn extravaganza by Ellen Zachos

     Growing strawberries by Patrice Lewis

     Build a heated kindle box by Tim Johanns

     Plan ahead to jump-start next year’s garden by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     Pumpkin dishes with international flair by Habeeb Salloum

     Understanding the gun debate, Part 2 by Massad Ayoob

     Harvesting and using rose hips by Devon McMillen-Young

     The election of 1800 was far more important than the current one by John Silveira

     Protected salt block holder by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     Make natural soda by Jereme Zimmerman

     Stumped by a stump? by Dan Reeves

     Constructing a tiny house by Sarah McKean


Issue #161 (September/October 2016)

     Preparing for winter by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     Hearty, one-pot, bush camp suppers by Linda Gabris

     Gardening with a chicken tractor by Brianna Stone

     Make your own hoe by Al Starner

     Start a fire in any weather by Charles Sanders

     Growing and using bamboo on the homestead by Jereme Zimmerman

     Canning thick tomato sauce by Joselle Germano-Presby

     Will’s Workshop: Finishing projects on the homestead by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     How to split posts by David Williams

     Going off-grid off-the-shelf by Philip Aiello

     Understanding the gun debate, Part 1 by Massad Ayoob

     Grow yacon by Tim Scullen

     Must-have battery-powered devices by Jeffrey R. Yago

     The gee-whiz! page: oddities of the moon by O.E. MacDougal

     Refrigerator pickles by Tammie Painter


Issue #160 (July/August 2016)

     Make your own pressed cheese by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     Make your own cheese press by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     Goats: The homesteader’s Swiss army knife by Jereme & Jan Zimmerman

     Attract bees to your garden by Gail Butler

     Power your bug-out bag by Jeffrey Yago

     Adventures of a first-time homesteader by Jessie Denning

     Simple pectin-free blueberry jam by Melissa Souza

     Old-fashioned corn recipes by Linda Gabris

     Fully utilize your corn by Jennifer Poindexter

     Make simplified country wine by Robert Van Putten

     Splitting wood the right way by David Williams

     Chicken egg anomalies by Patrice Lewis

     Processing freshwater fish by John Murray

     Ayoob on Firearms: Defending against terroristic mass murder by Massad Ayoob

     Build a makeshift compost commode by Setanta O’Ceillaigh

     Woodchuck-proof the garden by Setanta O’Ceillaigh

     Cooking with coconut by Habeeb Salloum

     The gee-whiz! page: Time by O.E.MacDougal

     Bed bugs and fleas by Joe Alton

     The Last Word: Donald Trump and the return of the Contract with America by John Silveira


Issue #159 (May/June 2016)

     Awesome alliums by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     A predator-proof chicken coop by Mary Whalen

     How to install a steel roof by Morgan Barker

     Remove rust with electrolysis: It’s easier than you think by Randy Young

     Using the whole chicken by Linda Gabris

     “Log cabin” garden beds by Robert Van Putten

     An easier way to cut firewood by Larry LaVan

     Improving a rural economy with legalized marijuana by Claire Wolfe

     Will’s workshop:Two good projects for excess rock by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     A kid-friendly chicken coop by Melissa Souza

     Ayoob on Firearms: Handun-caliber carbines by Massad Ayoob

     Keeping clean on a pig farm in the 1940s by J.E. Kuyper

     An $89 backup generator by Jeffrey R. Yago

     Build ceiling boxes to save space by David Williams

     the gee-whiz! page: Ancient sports by O.E. MacDougal

     The Last Word: Things kids should learn before leaving high school " but don’t by John Silveira


Issue #158 (March/April 2016)

     My view: Analyzing Obama on guns by Massad Ayoob

     Prevent foodborne illness with safe gardening methods by Donna Insco

     Testing hay, straw, and compost for toxic herbicides by Sylvia Gist

     Pump water for free by Kai Moessle

     The off-grid cabin project, Part 4 by Charles A. Sanders

     Growing beans by Jackie Clay Atkinson

     Wooden posts that last by Robert Van Putten

     Texas Fireballs by Randy Young

     Turning a $10,000 house into a home by Claire Wolfe

     Grow gourmet mushrooms by Jereme Zimmerman

     Keeping records for livestock by Donna Insco

     Make cheese in a crockpot by Robyn Dolan

     Ayoob on Firearms: Learning to shoot by Massad Ayoob

     Cole crops by Sylvia Gist

     Cut your electric bill in half by Kathryn Wingrove

     The Orphan Trains by John Dinan

     the gee-whiz! page: Rainbows by O.E. MacDougal

     Starting a roadside farm stand by John Murray

     Hearty, humble potatoes by Linda Gabris


Issue #157 (January/February 2016)

     Emergency planning beyond the bug-out bag by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     Turning a $10,000 house into a home Part 3 by Claire Wolfe

     Homemade fence puller by Patrice Lewis

     Cajun and Creole cooking by Richard Blunt

     This deadly toxin can kill your garden by David Goodman

     Collecting and processing maple syrup by John Murray

     The pond in winter by John Dinan

     Make your own survival seed bank by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     A crock of sauerkraut by Linda Gabris

     The off-grid cabin project, Part 3 by Charles A. Sanders

     Build a simple, inexpensive greenhouse by Jennifer Poindexter

     Generators alone are not enough by Jeffrey R. Yago

     Homemade baking extracts by Linda Zimnick

     One-dish meals by Habeeb Salloum

     The gee-whiz! page by John Silveira

     Ayoob on Firearms: Spare ammo by Massad Ayoob

     My peppermint tin survival kit by Kim Robertson

     A homemade bike trailer on the cheap by Setanta O’Ceillaigh


Issue #156 (November/December 2015)

     The off-grid cabin project; part 2 by Charles A. Sanders

     Dehydrating eggs at home by Patrice Lewis

     Redeeming the sale barn goat by Karen M. House

     Build your own fire pit by Joe Mooney

     Easy, no-knead bread by Melissa Souza

     Turning a $10,000 house into a home; Part 2: Lemonade and serendipity by Claire Wolfe

     Tea takes the chill out of winter by Linda Gabris 

     Warming holiday tea by Melissa Souza

     Make a reusable teabag by Angeline Hawkes

     Build a dock in winter by Matt McEachran

     Lenie in the kitchen: Pumpkin soup and Mom’s pumpkin muffins by Ilene Duffy

     Our barn-style bedroom by Kimberly Hansen

     Build a wood crib with free materials by Mark R. Roach

     Make your own milk kefir by Jereme Zimmerman

     Cut it, pile it, burn it: Tips for safely burning brush piles around the homestead by Justin Thaxton

     Home coffee roasting by A.J. Reissig

     Emergency lighting by Rich Goss 

     Ayoob on Firearms: Everything you need and nothing you don’t by Massad Ayoob

     the gee-whiz! page: Insects by O.E. MacDougal

     Build a stone boat to haul heavy materials around the homestead by R.E. Rawlinson


Issue #155 (Sept/Oct 2015)

     My view: How America can be saved from stupid people by Dave Duffy

     Turning a $10,000 house into a home by Claire Wolfe

     Building feed boxes for cattle by Patrice Lewis

     Harvesting and cooking giant puffball mushrooms by Donna Adams

     Indispensable homestead kitchen tools by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     Currants & gooseberries by Sylvia Gist

     Be a Viking: Brew wild-crafted mead by Jereme Zimmerman

     Three MORE ways the world can end by John Silveira

     Bowhunting: The instinct and the arrow by Gary Lewis

     Ayoob on Firearms: Getting ready for deer season … now by Massad Ayoob

     Spicy organic salsa by Melissa Souza

     Oatmeal sausage: A treat from days gone by by Gloria Griepenstroh

     the gee-whiz! page: trees by O.E. MacDougal

     A decorative garden from an old stump by Setanta O’Ceillaigh

     Build a vertical storage rack for cans by Monika Williams

     A tale of two wasp traps by Ted Kobara


Issue #154 (July/Aug 2015)

     My view: Thank you, Home Depot, for giving me a 10% veteran’s discount by Dave Duffy

     Build a lean-to greenhouse by Dorothy Ainsworth

     Cooking with wild berries by Linda Gabris

     Save your own tomato seeds by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     An introduction to small-scale home hydroponics by Benjamin Richards

     The off-grid cabin project by Charles A. Sanders

     Preserve the harvest naturally through wild fermentation by Jereme Zimmerman

     How to power your house from your car by Steven Harris

     Dehydrate fruits, vegetables, and meats by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     Dealing with heat stress by Joe Alton

     Solar system codes " build it right! by Jeffrey R. Yago

     The gee-whiz! page: Animals, humans, extraterrestrials, and tools by O.E. MacDougal

     Ayoob on Firearms: Of centuries and guns by Massad Ayoob

     Lenie in the chicken coop: A new coop for our flock of hens by Ilene Duffy

     Planting a windswept site by Tom R. Kovach


Issue #153 (May/June 2015)

     How to grow great carrots by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     Shed antlers for fun and profit by Gary Lewis

     Gabion walls for form and function by Joe Mooney

     Burdock candy by Setanta O’Ceillaigh

     Creative casserole cuisine by Linda Gabris

     Will’s Workshop: Building Will’s “Tornado Clucker Plucker” by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     The great American BB gun by John Dinan

     Make tomato supports with branches by Setanta O’Ceillaigh

     Insect bites by Joe Alton

     Solar charge controllers " myths, hype, and facts by Jeffrey R. Yago

     Perennial flowers by Alice Brantley Yeager

     Ayoob on Firearms: Guns, suicide prevention, and backwoods lifestyles by Massad Ayoob

     Cultivating soil for beginners by Tom R. Kovach

     Growing corn on a rubble pile by Setanta O’Ceillaigh

     Product Review " Haywire Klamper by Patrice Lewis

     Easy-to-make reusable cloth coffee filters by Angeline Hawkes

     the gee-whiz! page " reptiles by O.E. MacDougal

     Lenie in the kitchen: Beet borscht and butternut squash soup with chicken by Ilene Duffy

     Make your own maple sugar by Rheanna Leckie

     The Last Word: Climate Change Theory " science or religion? by John Silveira


Issue #152 (March/April 2015)

     My view: Defending against terrorists by Dave Duffy

     Same garden – more food by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     Growing hops for profit by John Murray

     International dishes by Linda Gabris

     Will’s Workshop: A recycled dresser makes a useful bathroom vanity by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     Tire gardening by Patrice Lewis

     Mom’s Allegheny bread by Richard Blunt

     Grow cold-hardy grapes by Samantha Biggers

     Easy-to-make farmer’s cheese by Leah Leach

     Ayoob on Firearms: The break-open breech-loader by Massad Ayoob

     Build a keyhole garden by Katelynn Bond

     How to start an online information-based business by Patrice Lewis

     Rogue Photographer by John Silveira

     Build a community assistance recharging station by Jeffrey R. Yago

     The simple jackknife by John Dinan

     Goat emergency: Splinting a broken leg by Donna Insco

     Surviving black flies by John Murray

     The Last Word: Why oil and other fossil fuels are good by John Silveira


Issue #151 (Jan/Feb 2015)

     10 traits for better living by Claire Wolfe

     Everfree Farm’s new coop by Annie Tuttle

     Raise pigs on pasture by Samantha Biggers

     Emergency food storage by Daniel Furtney

     Build a compost tumbler by Joe Mooney

     Growing your own hay by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     The homesteader’s toolbox by R.E. Rawlinson

     The big, wonderful world of rice by Linda Gabris

     Air power superiority by Gary Lewis

     Economizing on laundry by David Olsen

     Rogue Photographer by John Silveira

     Ayoob on Firearms: Of guns and snakes by Massad Ayoob

     Tanning snakeskins by Frank Knebel

     Make sourdough with wild yeast by Leah Leach

     Will’s Workshop: Make your own froe and split your own shakes by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     Barns: The centerpieces of farm life by Tom R. Kovach

     Ebola: Should we be worried? by John Silveira

     Survival infection control by Joe Alton

     Lenie in the kitchen: Creamy squash soup is great on a cold winter night by Ilene Duffy

     The gee-whiz page: Big fish, small fish, bad fish by O.E. MacDougal

     Solar power on a low budget by Joel Simon


Issue #150 (Nov/Dec 2014)

     Turn your passion into a business by Patrice Lewis

     Earthineer: Your local farmer’s market is now online by Claire Wolfe 

     Raise blackbelly sheep by Carol Elkins

     Three raised bed designs by Joe Mooney

     An overview of chestnuts by John Silveira

     Making lip balm at home by Carly Egger

     Berries & grapes on your homestead by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     Ayoob on Firearms – Terrorism in America: The armed citizen’s view by Massad Ayoob

     Gluten-free pizza crust & pie crust by Richard Blunt

     Solar suitcase by Jeffrey R. Yago

     Rogue photographer by John Silveira

     Lenie in the kitchen: Winter squash for soup, a side dish, and sweet bread by Ilene Duffy

     The gun that saved Kenton, Ohio by John Dinan

     How to use an abundance of winter squash by Jackie Clay-Atkinson


Issue #149 (Sept/Oct 2014)

     Annie on Everfree Farm by Annie Tuttle 

     Venison " from the field to the fork by Linda Gabris

     A free-standing greenhouse built the economical way by Daniel Furtney 

     The state of freedom in America by Claire Wolfe

     the gee-whiz! page: Mammals by John Silveira

     Homestead medical supplies: Part 2 by Joe & Amy Alton 

     Nut trees on your homestead by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     Grow citrus trees in tubs by Jackie Clay-Atkinson 

     What not to can by Patrice Lewis 

     Fall and winter greens by Sylvia Gist

     Ayoob on Firearms: the bolt-action rifle by Massad Ayoob 

     Easy awnings by Dorothy Ainsworth 

     Why you need to add solar to your emergency power backup plans by Jeffrey R. Yago


Issue #148 (July/Aug 2014)

     Saving money on the homestead by Jackie Clay-Atkinson 

     Build a cold smoker so you can make delicious squaw candy by Jane Duquette 

     Gluten-free flours by Linda Gabris 

     Homestead medical supplies: Part 1 by Joe & Amy Alton 

     the gee-whiz! page by John Silveira 

     Small camp security by Gary Lewis 

     Solar-powered clothes dryer by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     Gluten-free sandwich bread; Gluten-free baking: Part 1 by Richard Blunt 

     Reusables: effective, inexpensive, and you won’t run out! by Patrice Lewis 

     Lenie in the kitchen: Chicken in wine sauce by Ilene Duffy 

     Can your own tomato products by James Kash 

     Ayoob on Firearms: Reflections on the murder of Kitty Genovese by Massad Ayoob 

     Uncommon fruit trees that are really worth growing by Jackie Clay-Atkinson 

     Homemade yogurt by Sharon Cassano-Lochman 


Issue #147 (May/June 2014)

     Annie on Everfree Farm by Annie Tuttle 

     Balancing your high- and low-tech preparedness needs by Patrice Lewis 

     Green beans " a garden staple by Charles A. Sanders 

     Pears on your homestead by Jackie Clay-Atkinson 

     Treating ear mites in rabbits by Karen Marshall 

     Gardening in the desert using only rainwater by Joe Mooney 

     Finding compost in nature by Tincia Seginski

     Gleaning: An old tradition made new by Daniel Furtney 

     Build an automatic poultry watering system by Jackie Clay-Atkinson 

     Ayoob on Firearms: Getting the most from your support hand by Massad Ayoob 

     Solar-powered electric fencing by Jeffrey R. Yago 


Issue #146 (March/April 2014)

     Peaches on your homestead by Jackie Clay-Atkinson 

     Annie on Everfree Farm by Annie Tuttle 

     Solar-powered water purifiers by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     Build a cistern out of corrugated road culvert by Joe Mooney 

     Operating a still-air incubator by Benjamin Richards 

     Ayoob on Firearms " Classic backwoods home firearms: The lever action rifle by Massad Ayoob 

     The humble kerosene lamp by Patrice Lewis 

     Deck out your RV by Dorothy Ainsworth 

     Ancona ducks by Amanda Kemp 

     Beware of herbicides in mulch, fertilizer, and compost by Sylvia Gist 

     The Coming American Dictatorship Part XII: The militarization of America’s police forces by John Silveira 


Issue #145 (Jan/Feb 2014)

     Annie on Everfree Farm by Annie Tuttle 

     Ayoob on Firearms – The pump shotgun: a traditional backwoods home weapon by Massad Ayoob

     Plums on your homestead by Jackie Clay-Atkinson 

     Bees according to Uncle Bob by James Kash 

     Secure and economical livestock feed by Sherry Willis 

     The convenience of a bread bucket by Karen Marshall 

     Winter health care by Joe Alton 

     Delightfully delicious dumplings by Linda Gabris 

     Creative home projects by David Lee 

     Homemade skin care products by Carly Egger 

     Wanted dead or alive: shad baits by Frank Knebel 


Issue #144 (Nov/Dec 2013)

     My view: How to fix your aching back using the McKenzie Method by Dave Duffy 

     ***Cherries on your homestead by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     Job site solar power by Jeffrey R. Yago

     Homestead water by Patrice Lewis 

     Build your own solar-powered burglar alarm by Ronnie Ashmore 

     Security motion lights by Karen Marshall

     Leaving Yuppieford by Brenda Stickney

     ***Rats! Controlling rodent infestation and rodent-caused diseases by Joe Alton

     Eye-catching signs with mirrors by David Lee

     ***Lenie in the kitchen: Turkey lentil soup by Ilene Duffy

     Survival/utility vest by David Eddings

     Ayoob on Firearms: Just because by Massad Ayoob

     ***Tips for older homesteaders by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     Wasted hay means wasted money by Stan Opal


Issue #143 (Sept/Oct 2013)

     My view: Perspectives on Zimmerman/Martin shooting by Massad Ayoob

     ***Apples on your homestead by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     Making hard cider by Matt Purkeypile

     ***Soups from the garden by Sylvia Gist

     Homestead security for women by Donna Insco

     ***Ayoob on Firearms " Testing your guns by Massad Ayoob

     ***Reel in a sucker: Fishing for carp by Frank Knebel

     Build a passive-solar food dehydrator by Jeffrey R. Yago

     ***Build a balcony deck by Dorothy Ainsworth

     Making a living: Lynette McPherson — knitter by Lynette McPherson

     Build a pizza oven by Mike Lorenzen

     ***Vegetarian chili by Richard Blunt

     ***Homemade fruit vinegar by Patrice Lewis

     Pear overload! by Dani Payne

     Picking your pressure canner: All American or Presto? by James Kash

     The Last Word: Concealed carry laws reduce crime by John Silveira


Issue #142 (July/Aug 2013)

     My view: The Government intimidation factor and its effect on the health of society by Dave Duffy

     ***The home dairy by Patrice Lewis

     ***Consider sheep dairying by Patrice Lewis

     Avoiding common canning mistakes by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     ***Preparing for an Appleseed event by Massad Ayoob

     Build your own battery charging station by Jeffrey R. Yago

     Slug zapper by Joel Winters

     Homeschooling your dyslexic kid by John Silveira

     Making a living: A country business for K9s and their people by Claire Wolfe

     Drop out by Larry Cuthbert

     ***Keep your vittles cool with a modern spring box by Kai Moessle

     ***Organic pest control by Amy & Joseph Alton

     Hog butchering – using everything but the squeal by Charles A. Sanders 

     Ayoob on Firearms: The current “Gun control” push: A cop’s eye view by Massad Ayoob

     The Last Word: The false argument about defending our freedom by John Silveira


Issue #141 (May/June 2013)

     ***Tomatoes " Queen of the garden by Jackie Clay-Atkinson 

     Use solar landscape lights for emergencies by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     Rotten luck: The skinny on composting by Patrice Lewis 

     ***An interview with a worm composter by Patrice Lewis 

     ***Make manure tea for great fertilizer by James Kash 

     Demystifying real rye bread by Richard Blunt 

     ***Making turo " Hungarian curd cheese by Linda Gabris 

     Ayoob on Firearms: Gun control for dummies by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Drought tolerant landscaping by Dorothy Ainsworth 

     Book review: The Encyclopedia of Country Living by Jackie Clay-Atkinson 

     Garden injuries, part 2 by Joe Alton 

     ***Delicious bison by Habeeb Salloum 

     ***Reviving heat-stressed plants by Tom Kovach 

     The Last Word: A reason for the 2nd Amendment by John Silveira 


Issue #140 (March/April 2013)

     My view " The Newtown atrocity and “gun control” by Massad Ayoob 

     Plant once " harvest for years by Jackie Clay-Atkinson 

     Hiding a gun: The rules of three by Claire Wolfe 

     Grid-tied, grid-connected, off-grid: What’s the difference? by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     Low-cost raised beds by Lucas Crouch 

     ***From waterbed to hotbed by David Zaugg 

     ***Herbs that I cherish by Habeeb Salloum 

     ***Old-fashioned homemade cakes by Linda Gabris 

     ***Ayoob on Firearms: Why you should try competition shooting by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Drinking problems by Len McDougall 

     ***Sterno and the Blue Hill Stove by Amaury Murgado 

     Making a living: Hans and Kimberly Hummel by Claire Wolfe 

     Garden injuries by Joe Alton 

     Food security 101; Why I love my vacuum sealer by Rowena Aldridge 

     Lenie in the kitchen: Leftover hamburger and potato casserole by Ilene Duffy 

     ***Of sawbucks and Charlie by F.J. Johan 

     ***Growing peach trees by Tom R. Kovach 

     ***Make your own permanent copper tags by Jackie Clay-Atkinson 


Issue #139 (Jan/Feb 2013)

     My View: Preparing for a temporary catastrophe by Dave Duffy 

     ***Chickens by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     Building your chicken coop by Jackie Clay-Atkinson 

     The chicken and the egg by Habeeb Salloum 

     ***Canning chicken " here’s how I do it by Linda Gabris 

     BHM hosts Appleseed marksmanship event by Massad Ayoob 

     Making a living: Jack Spirko “The Survival Podcast” by Claire Wolfe 

     Making a living: Yvette Philipsen- Bookkeeper and tax preparer by Sylvia Gist 

     Broody biddies make sense on the homestead by James Kash 

     Food security 101:Convenience mixes make life easier by Rowena Aldridge 

     ***Chicken can make you sick: how to prevent and treat food-borne illness by Amy & Joseph Alton 

     Building and using wattle fences by Kathryn Wingrove 

     ***Roast your own coffee by Kyle Doty 

     ***Plant a tree in the name of love by Susan Vetrone 

     ***Home air pistol range keeps shooting skills sharp by George Smith 

     ***Put a rope handle on your splitting maul by John Whight 

     ***Quick, easy, and cheap tire repairs by Steven Gregersen 

     Book review: Preparedness: The Basics and Beyond by Claire Wolfe 

     ***Late winter whiteout: fishing for white bass by Frank Knebel 

     ***Cajeta " a sweet goats’ milk treat by Donna Adams 

     The Last Word: The coming ice age by John Silveira 


Issue #138 (Nov/Dec 2012)

     My view: Lessons for My Children, Chapter 3 by Dave Duffy 

     ***The underground economy by Claire Wolfe 

     Bartering for bad times by John Silveira 

     Deconstructing a bowl of red by Richard Blunt 

     Swedish log candle by Nick Weston 

     Build a wood-fired stock tank heater by Jackie Clay-Atkinson 

     Build a ski sled by Kai Moessle 

     ***Building Eric’s house, Part 8 by Dorothy Ainsworth 

     ***Build a better doghouse by John Barr 

     ***How to suture skin by Amy & Joseph Alton 

     ***Tips on setting tile with Tony Jakacky by Tony Jakacky 

     ***Ayoob on Firearms, Taking a look at sights by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Spin wool with a drop spindle by Hazel Cory 

     Making a living: Jeri McFarlane: JarBOX by Claire Wolfe

     Food security 101 by Rowena Aldridge 

     ***Tasty dishes from the curry world by Habeeb Salloum 

     The Last Word: Why I vote Libertarian by John Silveira 


Issue #137 (Sept/Oct 2012)

     My View: Lessons for My Children, Chapter 2 by Dave Duffy 

     Meat for the homestead by Jackie Clay 

     The potato hole by Sylvia Gist 

     Easy homemade dairy products by Maggie Howe 

     Animal disease traceability: Son of NAIS, A solution in search of a problem by Patrice Lewis 

     Making a living: Wilson and Chaya Foedus: Pantry Paratus by Staff 

     Prepper power! Part 2 by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     ***Journey to the backwoods, part 5 by David Lee 

     Review: The Hunger Games by Claire Wolfe 

     Why you should read Survival Mom … even if you aren’t a mom by Claire Wolfe 

     Ayoob on Firearms: The time for modern; the time for traditional by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Closing wounds in a remote setting by Amy & Joseph Alton 

     ***Build a simple DIY hoop house and you’ll have fresh greens all year by Vern Harris 

     ***Pickling, it’s not just for cucumbers by Jackie Clay 

     Making a living: The Featherman: Chicken processing equipment by Claire Wolfe 

     How public-employee unions torpedo a state’s economy by John Silveira 

     The Last Word: Turn the poor into capitalists by John Silveira 


Issue #136 (July/Aug 2012)

     My View: Lessons for My Children, Chapter by Dave Duffy

     ***Building Eric’s house, part 7 by Dorothy Ainsworth

     ***Incredible corn, Easy to raise and a great pantry filller by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     Snapping turtles by Jason Akers

     ***How to skin a snapping turtle by N.V. Zahradnicek

     Prepper power by Jeffrey R. Yago

     Huckleberries: purple gold by Laura Roady

     Tim & Christine Dick: Huckleberry Tent & Breakfast by Doug Fluckiger

     Lenie in the kitchen: Banana, blueberry, and peach scones by Ilene Duffy

     Getting started with oxen by Anna Knapp-Peck

     Ayoob on Firearms: How long should your gun’s barrel length be? by Massad Ayoob

     Build a chicken house in a day by Anita Evangelista

     ***Journey to the backwoods, part 4 by David Lee

     Wrap and roll foods your family will love by Linda Gabris

     ***Control weeds with hoeing by Tom R. Kovach

     Horses drew better pay by Tom R. Kovach

     ***Build an outdoor mud oven by Leah Larson

     The Last Word: A conspiracy of silence and misinformation by John Silveira


Issue #135 (May/June 2012)

     My view: Slowing down to enjoy life by Dave Duffy

     ***Frugal beekeeping with top bar hives by Jennifer Herron

     ***Squash " Good eating, easy to grow by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     ***Expanding an outbuilding with Tony Jakacky by Tony Jakacky

     Canning chickens for the pantry by Samantha Biggers

     Build a poultry killling cone by Allen Easterly

     Essential oils by Amy & Joseph Alton

     Rosemary, a zesty herb by Tom R. Kovach

     Time to forget about snail and slug bait by Lyle Dykes

     ***Ayoob on Firearms: More on avoiding legal traps by Massad Ayoob

     Shooting the vintage rifle by Ted Kobara

     ***Journey to the backwoods, part 3 by David Lee

     ***Nature’s compasses by Len McDougall

     Grape leaves: a hidden vegetable by Lynne Sanford

     Frog gigging by Jason Akers

     Middle Eastern breads by Habeeb Salloum

     A contrary guide to feeding animals by Beth Greenwood

     ***Tips for successful softwood cuttings by Tom R. Kovach

     The Last Word: Should we scrap our “old” Constitution by John Silveira


Issue #134 (March/April 2012)

     My view: Tackling the real problems that face us by Dave Duffy

     ***A brief history of the end of the world by Claire Wolfe

     Zombie apocalypse by John Silveira

     ***The gourmet trinity: garlic, shallots, and leeks by Gail Butler

     ***Potatoes " the workhorse of the garden by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     Portable solar power by Jeffrey R. Yago

     Medicinal uses of garlic by Joe & Amy Alton

     Mother Nature’s pottery by Bernadette Fox

     Ayoob on Firearms: Affordable firearms by Massad Ayoob

     Keep your family comfortable and safe on the go by Annie Schap

     ***Homestead burnout: What it is and how to avoid it by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     ***Build a small cabin by Dorothy Ainsworth

     The Last Word: When “good” laws are bad by John Silveira


Issue #133 (Jan/Feb 2012)

     My view: The invisible presidential candidate by John Silveira

     Raising rabbits by Linda Gabris

     The 7 core areas of preparedness by Patrice Lewis

     Build a barrel stove by Nick Weston

     Cast iron loaf pans from breakfast to dessert by Matt & Linda Morehouse

     Build your own car wash by Jeffrey R. Yago

     Making a Living: Glenn Jakins: Humless Silent Generator by Randy Robbins

     ***On the road during troubled times by Massad Ayoob

     ***Apocalypse, when? by Claire Wolfe

     ***Build a greenhouse with Tony Jakacky by Tony Jakacky

     ***Journey to the backwoods, Part 2 by David Lee

     ***Split your own cedar shakes by John Whight

     ***Prepping with children by Annie Schap

     ***Making maple syrup by Donna Insco

     ***Homemade pasta by Linda Gabris

     ***Lenie in the kitchen: Kale soup & acorn squash bread by Ilene Duffy

     ***A homesteader’s journal, Part 2 by Dani Payne

     ***Swap and barter by Leila Bolster

     The Last Word: Libertarian and Conservative by John Silveira


Issue #132 (Nov/Dec 2011)

     My View: How we battle the effects of a recession by Dave Duffy

     Solar-powered chicken coop by Jeffrey R. Yago

     Build a holz hausen to dry firewood by Doug Fluckiger

     The other camping season by Len McDougall

     Savory supper pies by Linda Gabris

     The best apple pie you’ll ever bake by Richard Blunt

     ***Mushing by Len McDougall

     ***Building Eric’s house, Part 6 by Dorothy Ainsworth

     ***Midwinter madness by Claire Wolfe

     New yarn from old sweaters by Margaret Mills

     ***Reduce your property taxes by Carolyn Evans-Dean

     Lenie in the kitchen: Muffins, bread, pie by Ilene Duffy

     ***Persimmons " the backwoods sugarplum by Tom R. Kovach

     ***Processing and cooking with persimmons by Charles A. Sanders

     Making yogurt by Patrice Lewis

     Making a living: Rachel Carlyle " Gluten Free Mama by Sylvia Gist

     ***Unplanned homebirth by Rose Peck

     ***Horse labor and putting up firewood by Tom R. Kovach

     ***Living with wolves by Len McDougall

     Reload your own brass by Dale Petry

     ***Recycled saw blade knives by Winston Foster

     The Last Word: The threat of electromagnetic pulse by John Silveira


Issue #131 (Sept/Oct 2011)

     ***My view: Reinterpreting the Constitution by John Silveira

     Stashing junk silver for bad times by John Silveira

     ***Journey to the backwoods by David Lee

     Homemade electric power by Jim Van Sant

     ***Extend your growing season by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     Making a living: John Rose: Organic farmer by Randy Robbins

     Ayoob on Firearms: Tailoring guns to females by Massad Ayoob

     ***A small-scale sawmill business for the homestead by A.J. Reissig

     ***Preparing to battle the winter blahs by Claire Wolfe

     ***Lenie in the kitchen: Bean, rice, and chicken soup by Ilene Duffy

     ***Millet: An economical and healthy food by Habeeb Salloum

     Buckboard bacon by Tanya Kelley

     ***Anatomy of an edge by Len McDougall

     ***Beefsteak tomato sauce by Robin Nessel

     A couple of nice fall recipes by Jim Van Camp

     Earthineer (Facebook for farmers, but way more useful) by Claire Wolfe

     Raising kids simply by Patrice Lewis

     Adventures of a 9-pound cabbage by Katie Martin

     A small space yields a big crop of garlic by Howard Tuckey

     ***Love, sweat, and determination by Mary Marvin

     ***The Last Word: The Un-Patriot Act renewal by Claire Wolfe


Issue #130 (July/Aug 2011)

     My view: A government with not enough to do, but lots of hungry mouths to feed by Dave Duffy

     Wash day by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

     Survival storeroom by David Eddings

     Wheat by Charles A. Sanders

     ***Buying a backhoe by Ian McCollum

     Making a living: Karen Duty by Sylvia Gist

     ***These dogs can hunt by Michael D. Faw

     ***Kebabs – fancy-free summer fare by Linda Gabris

     ***The low cost of beef by Jared Bedke

     Fly it proudly and properly by Roger Meyer

     Ayoob on Firearms: Use the right ammunition! by Massad Ayoob

     Brew your own root beer by Tim Murphy

     Bell peppers – bright color, good food by Tom R. Kovach

     Solomon Slick by Mel Tharp

     ***Grandma’s soup from your garden by Joyce O’Keefe

     Conquer hornworms by Marc Burdiss

     Brown rice – the staff of life for half of mankind by Habeeb Salloum

     Blueberry cash crop by Ed Mashburn

     Lenie in the kitchen: quick cooking for a crowd by Ilene Duffy


Issue #129 (May/June 2011)

     My view: An American dollar worth two cents by John Silveira

     Saving seeds by Jackie Clay

     Family dinner at Backwoods Home Magazine by Richard Blunt

     ***Building Eric’s house – Part 5 by Dorothy Ainsworth

     ***The gee-whiz! page by O.E. MacDougal

     ***Medicating your cattle by Melissa Nelson

     Is that a good pig? by Kim Dieter

     ***A homesteader’s journal, Part 1 by Dani Payne

     Making a living: Daniel Le Grow by Silvia Gist

     LED lighting, Part 3 by Tim Thorstenson

     ***Cabbage for good health and great eating by Linda Gabris

     Make your own firestarters by Claire Wolfe

     Atlas Shrugged comes to theaters by Claire Wolfe

     ***The under-appreciated sweet potato by Vernon Lewis

     ***Lenie in the kitchen: Dutch oven stew by Ilene Duffy


Issue #128 (March/April 2011)

     My view: Defunding government is a sensible voter solution to reining in local government by Dave Duffy

     Propagating plants by Jackie Clay

     ***Morels for beginners by Leon Shernoff

     Drive your own freshwater well by Len McDougall

     Switch your family to goat’s milk by Tanya Kelley

     ***Make a better bucket butter churn by Connie Rabun

     ***The stupid ladder incident by Jim Van Camp

     Ayoob on Firearms: The light at the end of the gun by Massad Ayoob

     Guns and weed: The Road to Freedom by Claire Wolfe

     ***Delicious, dependable potatoes by Linda Gabris

     ***Dehorning calves with dehorning paste by Patrice Lewis

     ***Grow gourmet salad greens by Raymond Nones

     Advantages of a wool felt hat by Rick Brannon

     ***Seniors, downsize your gardens! by Alice Yeager

     ***Controlling cutworms by Tom Kovach

     ***A really cheap compost toilet by Kai Moessle

     LED lighting: Part 2: LED-based products by Tim Thorstenson

     The Last Word: Justice Breyer is wrong about the 2nd Amendment by John Silveira


Issue #127 (Jan/Feb 2011)

     My view: California conservatives missed a chance to speak up for “all” constitutional rights by Dave Duffy

     ***Sitting pretty as the economy tanks by Jackie Clay

     Making a living: Mike & Margaret Fultz: Entrepreneurs by Mike Fultz

     Canned bacon — roll your own! by Enola Gay

     Woodstove cooking by Cindi Myers

     ***The gee-whiz! page by O.E. MacDougal

     ***Building Eric’s house, part 4 by Dorothy Ainsworth

     ***Healthy, hearty, meatless meals by Linda Gabris

     ***Cooking with a cast iron stove by Cynthia Hummel

     Build a chicken tractor by Connie Rabun

     ***Do you remember when…Office on the mountain by John Silveira

     ***Growing onions by Sylvia Gist

     Lenie in the kitchen: Cheesy fish chowder by Ilene Duffy

     LED lighting: Part 1 LED technology essentials by Tim Thorstenson

     ***Ayoob on firearms: Gun semantics by Massad Ayoob

     ***Wee skillet treats by Linda Morehouse

     The last word: Getting the state out of marriage by John Silveira


Issue #126 (Nov/Dec 2010)

     My view: While the nation languishes in a recession…Traffic tickets are BIG business by James J. Baxter

     ***Basic cheese making by Patrice Lewis

     A guide to buying silver and gold by Thomas M. Buckley

     Finding wealth you can wear at yard sales by Thomas M. Buckley

     ***Seven tips for choosing the right home safe by Kentin F. Waits

     Cold weather shooting considerations by Massad Ayoob

     Life-saving snowshoes by Len McDougall

     ***The gee-whiz! page by O.E. MacDougal

     How deep can this recession get? How do we escape from it? by John Silveira

     Installing a steel roof by Norman Bennett

     Fried Foods by Richard Blunt

     Sleep tight — a hand-built rope bed by Kai Moessle

     Khaki Campbell ducks–the other egg layer by Amanda J. Kemp

     ***Cutting hair at home by Doug Fluckiger

     ***A simple way to catch a mouse by Tomas Gato

     ***Remember when…Y2K and the end of the world by John Silveira

     ***Homemade gift baskets by Linda Gabris

     Making a Living: Darrel Stone: Computer programmer by Sylvia Gist

     The last word: Don’t let crooked politicians hijack the Tea Party movement by Sylvia Gist


Issue #125 (Sept/Oct 2010)

     My view: Reaching for the stars during a recession by Dave Duffy

     ***Butchering a hog by Tanya Kelley

     ***Hungarian liver and rice sausages … a delicious Old World way of stretching a little meat a long way by Linda Gabris

     Build an attached solar greenhouse by David Lee

     ***How we use our solar greenhouse by Jennifer Lee

     ***Chainsaw sharpening by Steven Gregersen

     ***Small game fills a large pot by Michael D. Faw

     Ayoob on Firearms: Big boomer guns by Massad Ayoob

     Honey – Nature’s sweetener by Sylvia Gist

     Pistachios: historic and healthy nuts by Habeeb Salloum

     Building and stocking your pantry by Jackie Clay

     ***An afternoon with Jackie by Ilene Duffy

     Making a living: Naturally Cozy, a cottage industry by Tiffani McKinney

     Do you remember when…The time-travel ad by John Silveira

     ***Emergency and backwoods water treatment, Part 3 – “Taking it to the field” by Tim Thorstenson

     ***The gee-whiz! page by O.E. MacDougal

     Raising JayDee’s house by Claire Wolfe

     The Last Word: Magnesium and the International Criminal Court by John Silveira


Issue #124 (July/Aug 2010)

     My view – Who was Joe Stack? Why does he matter? by Dave Duffy

     ***Build a goat cottage by Jackie Clay

     A worthwhile journey by Kim Scheimreif

     Vermicomposting – Raise worms to consume waste, amend soil, and earn income by Rebekah L. Cowell

     Elderberries – Hospitality, health, and beauty by Gail Butler

     ***Ethiopian food by Richard Blunt

     ***Three efficient fish-harvesting techniques – Jug lines, limb lines, trot lines by Jason Akers

     ***Emergency and backwoods water treatment, Part 2 – “The practice” by Tim Thorstenson

     The poor man’s ultra-light dual-fuel backpacking stove by Rick Brannon

     ***Ayoob on Firearms: Long gun & short gun shooting similarities by Massad Ayoob

     Breaking in a sodbuster by Mel Tharp

     Our job by Claire Wolfe

     Making a living: James Harrod: Small engine repairman by Sylvia Gist

     A peek into the life of Pekin ducks by Abby Walowe

     ***Lenie in the kitchen: Pecan coated rock fish by Ilene Duffy

     The Last Word: California’s marijuana initiative: A step in the right direction by John Silveira


Issue #123 (May/June 2010)

     My view: The Second Revolution is on the way! by Dave Duffy

     The Appleseed Project – A weekend course in American Revolutionary War history and rifle marksmanship by Massad Ayoob

     ***An Appleseed reunion by Susan Hogue

     Wild edibles in delectable dishes by Rebekah L. Cowell

     ***Building Eric’s house part 3 by Dorothy Ainsworth

     Tomatoes – The essential garden crop by Charles Sanders

     ***Tub gardening by Kim Dieter

     ***The sweet side of sourdough by Linda Gabris

     ***Our search for the perfect goat by Jackie Clay

     Pasteurizing milk by Patrice Lewis

     ***Aprons of memories by Bobbie Shafer

     Making a living: Debbra Thompson: Fabric retailer by Sylvia Gist

     ***Fear, freedom, adventure, and the backwoods by Claire Wolfe

     The Tea Party Movement! by John Silveira

     ***Lenie in the kitchen: Curried lentil soup by Ilene Duffy

     ***The Last Word: The Supreme Court was correct to overturn the Campaign Reform Act by John Silveira


Issue #122 (Mar/Apr 2010)

     My view – An assessment of America from Russia by Dave Duffy 

     ***Emergency and backwoods water treatment, Part 1 – “The theory” by Tim Torstenson  

     The $1 garden by Jonathan Nunan 

     ***Gardening is good for you by Alice Yaeger 

     ***Grow potatoes in hay by Dianna Simms 

     ***Six thoughts about werk! when building at Last Chance Gulch by Claire Wolfe 

     Vegetarian & Semi-vegetarian – Healthy meals that satisfy the omnivore by Richard Blunt 

     Bovine basics for beginners by Patrice Lewis 

     Your kitchen pharmacy: How common culinary herbs and spices can help you feel better by Rebekah L. Cowell

     ***Beat supermarket psychology and save by Karen Zlattner

     Making a living – Nicole Jarvis: Vegetable gardener by Sylvia Gist   

     ***Ayoob on Firearms – Spare firearms by Massad Ayoob 

     Review: Ed Brown’s Massad Ayoob Signature Model .45 Pistol by Dave Duffy 

     A quick tour of hyperinflation and the possible consequences for America by John Silveira 


Issue #121 (January/February 2010)

     Building Eric’s house, part 2 by Dorothy Ainsworth 

     ***Rhubarb, the pioneer “pie plant” by Jackie Clay 

     ***The “good” old days by Tom R. Kovach 

     Ayoob on Firearms – Women and guns by Massad Ayoob 

     Graft your own designer fruit trees by Jackie Clay 

     Call me plumber by Emily Chadwick 

     ***Healthy, hearty soup…start the New Year off in the right direction by Linda Gabris 

     ***Our super insulated home: a 25-year report by Fred Aydelotte 

     Making a living – Jamie Fuchs: Producer of green cleaners by Sylvia Gist 

     Understanding the music: Winter in the High Desert by Claire Wolfe 

     ***Root cellars by Charles A. Sanders 

     ***An easy root cellar from a surprising source by Doug Fluckiger 

     ***Pouring concrete by Tony Jakacky 

     Lenie in the kitchen – Sunday night dinner by Ilene Duffy 

     Abandoning the Constitution! Who’s to blame for our loss of rights? by John Silveira 


Issue #120 (November/December 2009)

     My view – How to achieve affordable health care by John Silveira 

     Looking back on 20 years of BHM – It all began when I built that cabin by Dave Duffy 

     The All-American 1911 Pistol by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Extending the harvest by A.J. Reissig 

     Cash in on your household junk by Linda Gabris

     Making a living: Sara Bauer: Chocolatier by Sylvia Gist 

     Take the chill out of winter with a hot meal from India by Linda Gabris 

     Bottle-raise a calf – The economical road to a milk cow or beef steer by Jackie Clay 

     ***An adventure in hypothermia by Len McDougall 

     ***Before you build in snow country, think about your roof by Sandra Coates 

     Sew a safety vest for your dog by Fred Aydelotte

     Ayoob on Firearms: Consider the 20-gauge shotgun by Massad Ayoob 

     Learning to love the high desert by Claire Wolfe 

     Replacing windows with Tony Jakacky by Tony Jakacky 

     ***Building an addition onto our log cabin by Jackie Clay 

     ***Lenie in the kitchen: All the trimmings by Ilene Duffy 

     ***Chainsaw basics by Steven Gregersen 

     Intake and exhaust upgrades for better mileage and performance by Len Torney 

     How to begin taking wildlife photographs by H. Bumper Bauer 

     Build this simple feeder to attract a photo opportunity by H. Bumper Bauer 

     The Last Word: Who are the libertarians? Can they save the Constitution? by John Silveira 


Issue #119 (September/October 2009)

     My view – The destruction of the mass print media will help save freedom in America by Dave Duffy 

     Preparing for hunting season by Massad Ayoob 

     Lenie in the kitchen: Salads from the garden by Ilene Duffy 

     ***You can still live the good life by Jackie Clay 

     Testing soil by Tom R. Kovach 

     ***Pooling resources at Last Chance Gulch: one way to live well in hard times by Claire Wolfe 

     Small skillet treats by Linda Morehouse 

     Building basics with Tony Jakacky by Tony Jakacky 

     How to organize an outdoor canning party by Jennifer Grahovac 

     ***Homemade butter by John Baker 

     The joy of autumn pumpkins by Linda Gabris 

     ***The art of squirrel hunting by Matthew Kemp 

     ***Cooking squirrel by Amanda Kemp 

     The real”Q” – Barbecue the way it’s supposed to be by John DePresca 

     Choosing a chain saw by Steven Gregersen 

     Hen house takes off on wheels by J.E. Kuyper 

     Build a chicken feeder on the cheep by Linda Slate 

     Making a living: Marret and Ina Christiansen: Canine clothiers by Sylvia Gist 

     The Coming American Dictatorship Part XI – The Tenth Amendment by John Silveira 

     The Last Word: Was the first government gun confiscation attempt foiled by an unsung colonial heroine? by John Silveira 


Issue #118 (July/August 2009)

     My view – Golf’s critical life lessons are under threat by Dave Duffy 

     ***Saving money in the garden by Gail Butler 

     ***Grasshopper control by Tom R. Kovach 

     Preparing for civil unrest by Claire Wolfe 

     Cast iron by Jackie Clay 

     ***Ayoob on Firearms: The ammo shortage and what to do about it by Massad Ayoob 

     Appleseed Boot Camp by Susan Hogue 

     Making a living: Jamie Seegers: Buffalo soap maker by Sylvia Gist 

     Making a living: Keith Kirkpatrick: Gymnastics Coach by Mackenna Marstall

     Lenie in the kitchen: Apple and berry pies by Ilene Duffy 

     Building basics with Tony Jakacky by Tony Jakacky 

     Solar hot water systems by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     ***Wonderful wilderness teas by Linda Gabris 

     Our energy crisis: Part 3 – Alternative energy resources for the nation and for the self-reliant by John Silveira 

     The last word: The “risks” with Swine Flu by John Silveira 


Issue #117 (May/June 2009)

     My view – Paying for social security with worthless $ by Dave Duffy 

     ***Survive the crunch through self-reliance by Jackie Clay 

     ***Homemade pre-mixed foods – they’re economical and easy to make by Linda Gabris 

     Simplifying simplicity by Claire Wolfe 

     ***The Coming American Dictatorship Part X – How special interests are writing our laws and destroying America by John Silveira 

     Making a living: Mike Neil: Craftsman, remodeler by Jay Stoler 

     Making a living: Roger Clark: Cane syrup maker by Massad Ayoob 

     Making a living: Heather Adams: Custom engraver by Rhoda Denning 

     Making a living: Oliver Del Signore: Webmaster by John Silveira 

     Making a living: Jim Van Camp: Coffee roaster, painter by Jim Van Camp 

     Making a living: Tony Jakacky: Contractor, board member by Jay Stoler 

     Making a living: Eric Ragsdale: Computer geek by Mackenna Marstall 

     Making a living: Jan Stoler: Multi-media maverick by Jay Stoler 

     Making a living: Jason Clark: Custom knifemaker by Massad Ayoob 

     Making a living: Dave Anderson: Fishing guide by Dave Duffy 

     Making a living: Sabrina Anderson: Child care provider by John Silveira 

     Making a living: Wayne Adams: Boat builder, fabricator by John Silveira 

     Whole wheat for the whole week by Jay Stoler

     A survival key ring – your everyday tool for emergency preparedness by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     Life-long siding with fiber cement board by Jay Stoler 

     The good life by Katie Martin 

     Two legume soups with a garlic topper by Ilene Duffy 

     Please, Just wear hearing protection! by Tom and Joanne O’Toole 

     Ayoob on firearms: Same caliber rifles and handguns by Massad Ayoob 

     ***A few tips to stretch your food budget by Sylvia Gist 

     Jackie’s garden primer by Jackie Clay 

     The last word: The path to another Depression by John Silveira 


Issue #116 (March/April 2009)

     My view – How do you save freedom in America? by Dave Duffy 

     Garden spaces for small places by Dorothy Ainsworth 

     Feeding large families without breaking the bank by Jackie Clay 

     ***Try these “old tyme” woodworking tools by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     ***Simplify your gardening chores with these ideas by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker  

     Scroll saw portraits by Eric Vanaman 

     Installing your own small, remote off-grid solar system by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     Asparagus: recipes for the king of spring by Linda Gabris 

     Ten real inspirations by Claire Wolfe 

     ***Delicious lentil soup by Ilene Duffy 

     Get the most out of your vehicle and your maintenance dollar by Len Torney 

     ***Raising quail in the suburbs by Ben Richards 

     Ayoob on firearms – Military surplus and military “clone’ rifles by Massad Ayoob 

     Stay healthy with probiotics by Joe Knight 

     The last word – Because they failed to take away our guns, they’re coming after our ammo by John Silveira


Issue #115 (January/February 2009)

     My view – From gun control to socialism, it begins with the Fairness Doctrine by Dave Duffy 

     ***Eating well on a lean budget by Dorothy Ainsworth 

     ***Putting game meat on the table by Linda Gabris 

     Get a PhD in homebuilding: Build your own home in two years by David Lee 

     The Great Depression – a reminiscence by Alice Brantley Yaeger and James Otto Yaeger 

     Survival strategies people used in the last economic depression by John Silveira 

     Solar and wind energy credits: new tax credits could make it easier to afford alternative energy systems by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     The wisdom of my parents by Kentin F. Waits 

     Gourmet nutrition with rice and beans by Richard Blunt 

     ***Ayoob on firearms – Gun collecting: Hobby or investment plan? by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Three books, three Greek recipes by Ilene Duffy 

     Bury a gun and ammo for 15 years (and be assured everything still works when you dig it up) by Charles Wood 

     Breastfeeding – babies love it, and for good reason by Rebekah L. Cowell 

     ***Don’t get stranded in winter – inexpensive vehicle maintenance you can do now by Len Torney 

     ***City girl–Country life – 13 simple (and cheap pleasures) by Claire Wolfe 

     Caring for livestock in winter by Charles A. Sanders 

     The last word – The meltdown and the bailout: why, how, and what they mean by John Silveira 


Issue #114 (November/December 2008)

     My view – A momentous event that puts the Presidential race in perspective by Dave Duffy 

     ***Whole grain breads baked at home – part 2 by Richard Blunt 

     Our energy crisis: Part 2 of 3: nuclear energy is sensible and safe by John Silveira 

     ***Cash in on autumn’s bounty of crabapples by Linda Gabris 

     The fire wick fire starter by Len McDougall 

     ***Great home-cooked meals from your storage pantry by Jackie Clay 

     The community treasure chest by Sandy Coates 

     Random weave greenbrier – an easy way to make a nice basket by Pamela Zimmerman 

     Never too busy to make bread by Ilene Duffy 

     Ayoob on firearms – an economical battery of guns for the backwoods home by Massad Ayoob 

     ***City girl–Country life – Community supported agriculture: Where town meets country by Claire Wolfe 

     ***Making bouillon cubes by Selina Rifkin 

     The last word – The world is coming to an end…and this time , I’m not kidding by John Silveira 


Issue #113 (September/October 2008)

     My view – A vast cultural divide exists between environmentalists and gun owners by Dave Duffy 

     ***Alternative food preservation – dehydrate, smoke, pickle by Jackie Clay 

     Energy class: part 3 by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     ***Ayoob on Firearms – Reflections on age and guns by Massad Ayoob 

     City girl–Country life – Homemade bread – a metaphor for life by Claire Wolfe 

     ***Grow your own grain by Jackie Clay 

     Sewing and using cloth diapers is easier than you think by Annie Tuttle 

     Teach your kids to use tools by Dorothy Ainsworth 

     Brining pickles by the quart or gallon by Vicky Rose 

     ***Grape juice, jam, and jelly by Sylvia Gist 

     Plums – preserving a plentiful crop by Sylvia Gist 

     Our energy crisis: Part 1 of 3: It’s our own creation, but we can fix it by John Silveira 

     ***Garlic in the garden by Linda Gabris 

     The many benefits of garlic by Joe Knight 

     The last word – The real good news in the recent 2nd Amendment decision by John Silveira 


Issue #112 (July/August 2008)

     My view – Maybe food shortages and hunger will do what intellectual debate can’t by Dave Duffy 

     Building Eric’s house, Learn as you go, pay as you go by Dorothy Ainsworth 

     Goat birthing and raising kids by Jackie Clay 

     ***City girl–Country life – Learning to receive by Claire Wolfe 

     The rising cost of food & fuel by John Silveira 

     Energy class: Part 2 – understanding your electric bill by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     Whole grain breads baked at home by Richard Blunt 

     ***Five-gallon drip irrigation by Randy Erskine 

     Summer squash – How good it is! by Alice B. Yaeger 

     Gardening with hog panels by Mark Cobbeldick 

     Redworm farming by Charles A. Sanders 

     ***Ayoob on Firearms – Heirloom guns by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Catfish by the bucketful by Paul Miller 

     The last word – Thomas Jefferson couldn’t get elected today by John Silveira  


Issue #111 (May/June 2008)

     My view – What’s driving prices up? What can you do about it? by John Silveira 

     ***The art of scrounging building materials at bargain prices by Dorothy Ainsworth  

     ***Can you survive out of your pantry for a whole year? by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     Protein – the cornerstone of a survival diet by Jackie Clay 

     City girl–Country life – Circle of friends: The importance of other people in our preparedness plans by Claire Wolfe 

     Ayoob on Firearms – Preparing gun owners for the short- term future by Massad Ayoob 

     ***The all-purpose family medical kit by Jackie Clay 

     Energy class – Part 1 by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     ***Get serious about gardening by Jackie Clay 

     Whole grains – A healthy choice by Sylvia Gist 

     Fast and easy bread recipes by Ilene Duffy 

     ***The invention of food canning by Brewster Gillett 

     ***Claire goes to the movies – One man’s war against the IRS by Claire Wolfe 

     Keep your family safe from zoonotic diseases by Joe Knight 

     ***Preparedness rule of three by Corey Gage 

     A custom kitchen is affordable with a little creative thinking by Jim Dickie 


Issue #110 (March/April 2008)

     My view – Planning for the inevitable by Dave Duffy 

     ***Batten the hatch! It’s time to build a batten door by Dorothy Ainsworth 

     ***Invasive species and how we battle them by John Silveira 

     ***City girl–Country life – The great gale of ought seven by Claire Wolfe 

     Is LED lighting in your future? by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     Hunting to fill the dinner pot by Len McDougall 

     ***Canning meals in a jar – homemade convenience food by Jackie Clay 

     ***Get the most out of spring seed catalogs by Jackie Clay 

     Lenie in the Kitchen – A few favorite recipes & books by Ilene Duffy 

     ***A good use for old rocks by Jerry Hourigan 

     ***Crock pot cookery – Serve up a hot and hearty supper even when you’ve been away all day by Linda Gabris 

     Making delicious, unthinkable wines by Lev G. Fedyniak 

     Ayoob on Firearms – Moderate power firearms by Massad Ayoob 

     Make adobe bricks by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     Build your own repeating mouse trap by Allen Easterly 

     The last word: Our “unenumerated” rights by John Silveira 


Issue #109 (January/February 2008)

     My view – Starting the hurricane by Dave Duffy 

     A cabin for one by Lee Greiman 

     Chickens – the most valuable animals on the homestead by Jackie Clay 

     ***Feathered to finished in 15 minutes – clean a chicken quickly and easily with these simple steps by Jackie Clay 

     City girl–Country life – The joys of idleness by Claire Wolfe 

     Solar power trailer: Part 2 by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     I built my affordable beach home just over the border in Mexico by Allen Schwartz 

     Get to know your spiders by Jerry Hourigan 

     ***Starting Over – Part 14 by Jackie Clay 

     ***Rhubarb – vegetable or fruit? by Gail Butler 

     Wildlife tracking 101 by Len McDougall 

     ***Ayoob on Firearms – The .22 handgun: A backwoods home staple by Massad Ayoob 

     Claire goes to the movies – Eight sweets for you and your sweetie by Claire Wolfe 

     The last word – A doomsday scenario to sleep on by John Silveira 


Issue #108 (November/December 2007)

     My view – Questions about global warming by John Silveira 

     Lessons learned in an ice storm by Anita Evangelista 

     The perfect holiday meal by Jackie Clay 

     Ayoob on Firearms – Thoughts on ammunition by Massad Ayoob 

     Solar power trailer: Part 1 by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     ***Talking with horses – an interview with Paul Brousseau by John Silveira 

     ***Dreams to reality – Our journey to self-reliant living by Frank Dujanovic 

     ***Composting – Plain and simple by Raymond Nones 

     The nutritious banana – North America’s most consumed fruit by Habeeb Salloum 

     Caveman walking stick by Jim Van Sant 

     ***City girl–Country life – Country creativity by Claire Wolfe 

     ***Carbon monoxide – the silent killer by Tom and Joanna O’Toole 

     Build a deluxe barrel stove by David Lee 

     ***Encounters with a black bear by Len McDougall

     Avoiding deer on the roadways by Tom and Joanne O’Toole 

     These rustic easy to make candleholders are a great gift idea by Dana Martin Batory 

     The trigger line by Len McDougall 

     The last word – The unheralded roots of America’s freedoms by John Silveira 


Issue #107 (September/October 2007)

     My view – Self-reliance equals freedom by Dave Duffy 

     ***Build a small shop or garden tool shed cheap! by Dorothy Ainsworth 

     Kick the credit card habit and learn to stash cash by Claire Wolfe 

     ***Playing goose fiddle by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     Dim bulbs in California by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     ***Haymaking the old way (mostly) by Sarah Ade 

     Building the coyote rifle by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     ***My permanent onion patch by Lynne Sanford 

     ***Pumpkins bring on the goodness of autumn by Alice B. Yaeger 

     Propagating grapes by Sylvia Gist 

     Shelves and benches by David Lee 

     ***Picture perfect picnic by Linda Gabris 

     ***Build a homemade boot scraper by Dale King 

     ***Big cities, Love ’em or hate ’em, they benefit us all! by John Silveira 

     Claire goes to the movies – Two tales of good and evil in the human heart by Claire Wolfe 

     ***Raspberries, great fruit with little care by Tom R. Kovach 

     ***Ayoob on Firearms – Instructive backyard shooting drills by Massad Ayoob 

     The last word – Is “peak oil” the new end-of-the-world? by John Silveira 


Issue #106 (July/August 2007)

     My view – The parasitic nature of bureaucracy by Dave Duffy 

     ***Build a treehouse & give life to a good tree by Dorothy Ainsworth 

     10 ways to make money on your land by Anita Evangelista 

     Raising rabbits for profit by Carrie Peterson 

     Renovating old walls by David Lee 

     Build a lightweight wire cage by Pat Barden 

     The barnyard scramble by Michelle Hampton 

     Cornucopia by Linda Gabris 

     ***The healthy kitchen – really good stuff….collard greens, kale, mustard greens by Richard Blunt 

     Apricots – The golden seeds of the sun by Habeeb Salloum 

     Footloose (and fancy-free) in the country by Claire Wolfe 

     ***Killer hurricanes by John Silveira 

     ***Starting Over – part 13 by Jackie Clay 

     The last word – Are aliens stealing our honeybees? by John Silveira 


Issue #105 (May/June 2007)

     My view – Finally – a disaster that is guaranteed! by Dave Duffy 

     ***Candles guns & knives by David Lee 

     ***Country characters – John McCormick – octogenarian by Dorothy Ainsworth 

     Where our farm animals come from by John Silveira 

     Hydronic woodstoves by Jeffrey R. Yago

     ***The chicken and the egg by Allen Easterly 

     This country job really rocks by Charles A. Sanders 

     Claire goes to the movies – Two classics of man and nature by Claire Wolfe 

     Homemade healthy soba noodles by Linda Gabris 

     Cleaning a well by Pat Barden 

     You can safely and easily can your own meat by Jackie Clay 

     ***Controlling mice and rats by Erwin V. Cohen 

     ***Rodents carry disease, ruin food, and gnaw everything by John Silveira 

     Ayoob on Firearms – Avoiding legal traps by Massad Ayoob 

     The coffee mug knife sharpener by Michael Cantrell 

     ***The last word – Republican suicide by John Silveira 


Issue #104 (March/April 2007)

     My view – America, land of the free…ha, ha, ha! by Dave Duffy 

     Fruit trees by Alice B. Yaeger 

     10 day survival pack for your vehicle for just $25 by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     ***Ayoob on Firearms – Traveling iron by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Wilderness dentistry by Len McDougall 

     Help your home survive in the path of a wildfire by Brent Stainer 

     ***Understanding fire zones by Chuck Lamb 

     ***Beans grow all over by Alice B. Yaeger 

     ***Bush snap beans – Little plants, big yields by Raymond Nones 

     ***Salmon hot pot party a great way to warm up in the winter by Linda Gabris 

     Build an old-fashioned hotbed and start your seeds in style by Roy Martin 

     Adventures with a portable sawmill by Pat Barden 

     Leafy green vegetables – The underrated heroes of the garden by Jackie Clay 

     ***Where our garden crops come from by John Silveira 

     Claire goes to the movies – Worms and words: Two films for the kids by Claire Wolfe 

     The last word – Finally, a choice in 2008 by John Silveira 


Issue #103 (January/February 2007)

     My view – I’m proud to be a “Losertarian” again by Dave Duffy 

     The modern day small family ranch by John Silveira 

     Hearty stews for the soul by George Erdosh 

     Making good jerky by Randy Neumann 

     Ayoob on Firearms – The subtleties of safe firearms handling by Massad Ayoob 

     Are hydrogen-fueled cars pie-in-the-sky? by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     ***Tomatoes! Growing, canning, drying by Jackie Clay 

     ***The Healthy kitchen – Not all fats are bad…But some will kill you by Richard Blunt 

     Clover – From livestock forage to medicinal tea, this humble plant is one of nature’s best gifts by Eugene Mitchell 

     The best city garden by Anita Evangelista 

     How to build a good fence for your homestead by Charles A. Sanders 

     Do you suffer from gout? Here are some recipes that might help by Habeeb Salloum 

     Try Lentils for healthy, meatless, delicious meals by Linda Gabris 

     The last word – Loading the gun for a dictatorship by John Silveira 


Issue #102 (November/December 2006)

     My view – Which wars work best? The ones we fight or the ones we avoid? by Dave Duffy 

     ***Starting Over – part 12 by Jackie Clay 

     ***Killer Blizzards understanding them could save your life by John Silveira 

     ***Build a poured slab foundation for your new home by David Lee 

     The healthy kitchen, good spoons, knives, food by Richard Blunt 

     Solar-powered refrigerators by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     Healthy holiday munchies guaranteed to take the sneak ouf of snacking by Linda Gabris 

     ***Tofu An all-purpose wonderfully nutritious food by Habeeb Salloum 

     ***Healthy Homemade Tofu by Linda Gabris 

     ***Ayoob on Firearms – When wild animals invade your homestead by Massad Ayoob 

     Modify your oven to bake great bread by Emily Buehler 

     Battling skunks with mothballs and pepper spray by Tom R. Kovach 

     Water development for the homestead – Ponds, cisterns & tanks by Roy Martin 

     The last word – Who’s supposed to protect our rights? by John Silveira 


Issue #101 (September/October 2006)

     My View – The Government gorilla in our home by Dave Duffy 

     ***Homesite preparation and foundation by David Lee 

     No fuss, no muss, One-pan grouse supper by Linda Gabris 

     Ayoob on Firearms – Frontier style handguns for the modern backwoods home by Massad Ayoob 

     Claire goes to the movies – The missing link: Self protection through awareness, avoidance, and de- escalation by Claire Wolfe 

     Make your own biodiesel for 80¢ per gallon by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     ***Water development Wells for the homestead by Roy Martin 

     Build a 6,500-gallon concrete water tank for $1500 by Dorothy Ainsworth 

     ***Homemade pickles and relishes…a wonderful way to turn autumn harvest into winter treasure by Linda Gabris 

     The enchanting chanterelle gourmet goodies free from the forest by Devon Winter 

     ***Starting Over part eleven by Jackie Clay 

     Extreme Ghanaian trout an easy dish with exotic flair by Linda Gabris 

     Raising quail a home grown delicacy by Allen Easterly 

     Tantalizing ginger by Linda Gabris 

     The last word – The land of the unfree by John Silveira 


Issue #100 (July/August 2006)

     My View – If you want to take care of your health, you have to take control of your life by Dave Duffy 

     A healthy heart starts in the kitchen by Richard Blunt 

     A brief history of health and medicine from witch doctors to computers by John Silveira 

     ***Starting Over part 10 by Jackie Clay 

     Walden Pond the solar version, part 2 by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     Growing potatoes in straw by Habeeb Salloum 

     The Renewable Energy Handbook by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     ***Drinks and desserts to help you beat the heat by Linda Gabris 

     Healthy vegetables by Habeeb Salloum 

     ***Indoor air pollution solved by David Lee 

     Cooking with seeds by Linda Gabris 

     Lemons the versatile fruit by Sharon L. RD Palmer

     Ayoob on firearms – Centennial of the All-American .30- 06 by Massad Ayoob 

     Asparagus, a mouth-watering healthy vegetable by Habeeb Salloum 

     Claire goes to the movies – Movies to tickle your immune system by Claire Wolfe 

     Clean up your act! by Nanette Blanchard 

     The last word – Confident liberals vs. whiny conservatives? by John Silveira 


Issue #99 (May/June 2006)

     My View – Government spending by Dave Duffy 

     Walden Pond the solar version by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     ***Water development springs and seeps by Roy Martin 

     Buying a used mobile home by Daniel Motz 

     Gardening tips and tricks by Charles A. Sanders 

     Once a day milking or how to milk a cow in 238 easy steps by Patrice Lewis 

     Heart healthy recipes by Ilene Duffy 

     ***Summer’s silent heat waves – they are deadlier than nearly all other disasters combined by John Silveira 

     Summer vegetables by Alice B. Yaeger 

     ***Carved hinges part 2 by David Lee 

     ***Starting Over 9 by Jackie Clay 

     ***Cold-hardy grapevines to make homemade wine, juice, and jelly by Gail Butler 

     Ayoob on Firearms – How big a gun do you need? by Massad Ayoob 

     Claire goes to the movies – Busted: The Citizen’s Guide to Police Encounters by Claire Wolfe 

     The last word – “If you don’t like it here, why don’t you move to another country?” by John Silveira 


Issue #98 (March/April 2006)

     My View – Why you may want to get a “stress test” by Dave Duffy 

     ***Replacing “butt ugly” door hinges with beautiful carved hinges by David Lee 

     ***Starting over 8 by Jackie Clay 

     A new use for old tires – a garden using tires by Charles A. Sanders 

     ***Ayoob on firearms – the all American Ruger 10/22 rifle by Massad Ayoob 

     Take care of your knife by John Lo Cicero 

     The wonderful world of lavender by Sharon L. RD Palmer 

     Buying the right emergency radio by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     ***The healthful hobby of herb gardening by Linda Gabris 

     Grow garlic and reap health benefits by Alice B. Yaeger 

     ***No-frills tomato transplants by Raymond Nones 

     Build a groundhog snare by Allen Easterly 

     ***To make supplies for your garden…recycle by Sylvia Gist 

     Quick-to-build survival shelters by Corcceigh Green 

     ***Monster quake! It won’t be in California…but in the American heartland! by John Silveira 

     Claire goes to the movies – V for Vendetta by Claire Wolfe 

     ***Use common-sense when fertilizing your garden with manure by Tom R. Kovach 

     The last word – the National Animal Identification System is the bureaucrats’ latest grab for power by John Silveira 


Issue #97 (January/February 2006)

     My View – Talking to your kids about death by Dave Duffy 

     ***Healthy homemade breads with worldly flair by Linda Gabris 

     ***Potatoes a storehouse of energy and nutrients by Habeeb Salloum 

     ***How to grow potatoes by Alice B. Yaeger 

     ***The science behind the potato by George Erdosh 

     ***Stop breathing dirt and microbes and build a home central vacuum system by David Lee 

     Ayoob on firearms – answering some well-asked questions about personal defense by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Self defense for women – a New Year’s resolution I kept by Kelly McCarthy 

     ***Flashlight! Flashlight! Who’s got the flashlight? by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     ***Survival fire building skills by Corcceigh Green 

     Vinegar – a splash is all you need for healthful eating, natural healing, and sparkling home by Linda Gabris 

     ***Creating and maintaining your own sourdough starter by Emily Buehler 

     Avian flu – how afraid of this chicken should you be? by John Silveira 

     ***Avoid getting taken to the cleaners – publish your book for as little as $150 by Robert L. Williams 

     ***Kids in the kitchen by Sharon L. RD Palmer 

     Claire goes to the movies – Tucker: the man and his dream; The man in the white suit; A home of our own by Claire Wolfe 

     The last word – activists on both the left and the right spotlight a broken federal government by Claire Wolfe 


Issue #96 (November/December 2005)

     My View – If you want to survive an emergency, look to yourself, not the Government by Dave Duffy 

     ***Towers by David Lee 

     Need more gas mileage? by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     10 country do’s and don’ts by Julie Crist 

     Teaching the joy of reading by Amy E. Peare 

     ***Preparing for home evacuation by Kelly McCarthy 

     ***Ayoob on firearms – SOCOM-16 by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Take the chill out of winter – grain soups, wild bird soups, and super sippers by Linda Gabris 

     Make your own nut butters by Sylvia Gist 

     Shiitake mushrooms – “good health” you can grow yourself by Linda Gabris 

     ***Burghul – the noblest food achieved by wheat by Habeeb Salloum 

     ***Build a top-bar beehive by Jarrett D. Kelly 

     ***Starting over part 7 by Jackie Clay 

     ***Ice dams on roofs by Tom R. Kovach 

     ***Hibernation by Tom and Joanne O’Toole 

     Frostbite – don’t flirt with this sneaky danger by Tom and Joanne O’Toole 

     Claire goes to the movies – Cats & Dogs; Singin’ in the Rain; Galaxy Quest; Babe; My Cousin Vinny; Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black Pearl; A Mighty Wind by Claire Wolfe 

     The last word – let prisoners get high on marijuana by John Silveira 


Issue #95 (September/October 2005)

     My View – Sgt. Jim Duffy, an ordinary hero by Dave Duffy 

     ***Gold panning for fun and profit by Gail Butler 

     Put your garden to bed for the winter by Jackie Clay 

     Marlin 336: the other classic backwoods home deer rifle by Massad Ayoob 

     The care & feeding of solar batteries by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     Gather rose hips for health by Gail Butler 

     ***The benefits of mulching by Raymond Nones 

     ***Starting over 6 by Jackie Clay 

     Kinder goats – a small breed for milk and meat by Kathleen Sanderson 

     Making sausage by Linda Gabris 

     ***Time to strike black bear off the food blacklist by Linda Gabris 

     ***Build a component water system by David Lee 

     Funerals don’t have to be expensive by Kelly McCarthy 

     Claire goes to the movies – The Iron Giant; The Incredibles by Claire Wolfe 


Issue #94 (July/August 2005)

     My View – Planning for a Gold Beach tsunami by Dave Duffy 

     ***Make shade when the sun shines by Dorothy Ainsworth 

     Cool dishes for formal summer dining by Linda Gabris 

     Subduction zone tsunami – what the residents of the Pacific Northwest have to fear by John Silveira

     PVC pipe in the home, garden, farm, and workshop by Charles A. Sanders 

     Grid-tie solar powered farm by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     ***Starting over again without a man by Jackie Clay 

     Self-reliance for women – surviving a biochemical attack by Kelly McCarthy 

     Self-reliance is an mindset – a woman’s opinion by Dorothy Ainsworth 

     A view of self-reliance from a more timid perspective – a woman’s opinion by Claire Wolfe

     Claire goes to the movies – girls growing up by Claire Wolfe 

     ***Females and firearms by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Lifestyle and cancer by Gary F. Arnet, DDS

     Middle Eastern vegetarian delights for summer days by Habeeb Salloum 

     Banquet in a basket by Linda Gabris 


Issue #93 (May/June 2005)

     My View – Practicing what we preach by Dave Duffy 

     Finding your own freedom by Claire Wolfe 

     ***Harvesting the wild blueberries by Jackie Clay 

     ***Raising rabbits on the home place by Charles A. Sanders 

     Paring down for off-grid living by Steven Gregersen 

     Add solar power to your truck camper by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     ***Starting over again: part 4 by Jackie Clay 

     ***Solar window panels by David Lee 

     Salmon candy and pickles, two unique ways to enjoy your next catch by Linda Gabris 

     Gardening for treasure by Alice B. Yaeger 

     ***Rebuilding the homestead greenhouse by Charles A. Sanders 

     ***Fiddlehead ferns – great fun, healthful eating by Linda Gabris 

     Claire goes to the movies – The Mark of Zorro; The Adventures of Robin Hood; The Scarlet Pimpernel by Claire Wolfe 

     Vegetarian soups from the Middle East and North Africa by Habeeb Salloum 

     Ayoob on firearms – choose your ammo…police style by Massad Ayoob 

     ***The coyote by Jack Lintelmann 

     The last word – one good reason for tax reform by John Silveira 


Issue #92 (March/April 2005)

     My View – Training for the Boston Marathon by Dave Duffy 

     The forever floor by David Lee 

     ***Delicious crisp cool weather greens are easy to grow by Alice B. Yaeger 

     Build a heated germination bed by Charles A. Sanders 

     ***Some tips for aging gardeners by Tom R. Kovach 

     Couponing, refunding, and stockpiling will make your money stretch by Mary Kenyon 

     Claire goes to the movies – Firefly by Claire Wolfe 

     Build a simple solar powered outdoor light by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     ***Starting over again – part 3 by Jackie Clay 

     Swiss chard the leaf vegetable that keeps on giving! by Raymond Nones 

     ***Start spring off early with potatoes, English peas, green onions, lettuce, & radishes by Alice B. Yaeger 

     Adding the beauty of stone to your home is easy by David King 

     Stinging nettle: mother nature’s healthiest pick by Linda Gabris 

     ***Ayoob on firearms – Winchester ’94: the classic backwoods home deer rifle by Massad Ayoob 

     The art of living in small spaces by Claire Wolfe 

     Versatile beans by Carol L. Chandler 

     Goat milk recipes by Jackie Clay 

     ***Perfect dread by Danny Fulks 

     The last word – why we have no “constitutional” rights by John Silveira


Issue #91 (January/February 2005)

     ***My View – That old survivalist mumbo jumbo and 10 reasons why it makes sense by Dave Duffy 

     ***The art of chimney building by David Lee 

     ***Practical preparedness planning by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     ***Catch your own bait by Gary Gresh 

     ***The supermarket bait shop by Gary Gresh 

     ***Build your own solar-powered water pumping station by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     ***Starting over – again, part 2 by Claire Wolfe 

     Blueberries delicious and easy to grow by Alice B. Yaeger 

     ***Build a trail by Claire Wolfe 

     ***Breaking ice on hard water fishing – a cool introduction to a fun sport by Linda Gabris 

     ***Pickled fish and rollmops by Linda Gabris 

     ***Ayoob on firearms – Firearms: tools of rural living by Massad Ayoob 

     Maple syrup by Habeeb Salloum 

     Walking on thin ice is risky business by Tom and Lorraine O’Toole 

     ***Claire goes to the movies – Secondhand Lions; Stand By Me by Claire Wolfe 

     Killing weeds with boiling water by Tom R. Kovach 

     ***The last word – the impact of firearms on crime, business, and politics by John Silveira 


Issue #90 (November/December 2004)

     My View – Getting what we deserve by Dave Duffy 

     Water pumping windmills by Dorothy Ainsworth 

     Ayoob on firearms – armed civilians can help fight terrorism by Massad Ayoob 

     ***7 steps to consider before you choose to live the “simple” life by Steven Gregersen 

     Neighbors by Brent Todd 

     Home Energy Information – solar power 101: solar arrays, part 4 by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     ***Small Town America – Live Oak, Florida by Massad Ayoob 

     Better wood heating by David Lee 

     Turkey the old-fashioned way by Linda Gabris 

     ***Starting over again by Jackie Clay 

     ***Turkey/rice casserole…for one by Tom R. Kovach 

     ***Peanut butter pest control by Rick Brannan 

     Think of it this way…a republic vs. a democracy by John Silveira 

     Space heater safety tips by Tom R. Kovach 

     ***Ridge Rhythm by Danny Fulks 

     ***The last word – something for nothing by John Silveira 


Issue #89 (September/October 2004)

     My View – The burglar does far more than steal! by Dave Duffy 

     ***Raising market lambs on the small place by Charles A. Sanders 

     Ayoob on firearms – common sense about burglary prevention by Massad Ayoob 

     35 country jobs – how folks make a living near my hometown by Charles A. Sanders 

     ***Creating wealth with DRIP$ (Dividend Reinve$tment Plan$) by Gary F. Arnet, DDS 

     Think of it this way – fake lawsuits, stacked juries, and lawyers! by John Silveira 

     ***Metal roofs by Tom R. Kovach 

     Home Energy Information – solar power 101: Inverters, part 3 by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     ***Novel rolled roof shingles to complement split shake siding by David Lee 

     Small Town America – pretty Snowflake, Arizona, a Mormon gem amid Indian territory by Emily Salinger 

     ***Designing the nonelectric homestead or retreat by Steven Gregersen 

     Tasty uses for garden and wild edibles by Alice B. Yaeger 

     Get a piece of history: an M1 Garand rifle by Mike Blank

     ***From water to plate, handling fish safely by Tom R. Kovach 

     Tahini a health food par-excellence by Habeeb Salloum 

     ***Turning down the thermostat saves by Tom R. Kovach 

     ***The first and last time I smoked by Al Hartgrove 

     Grass as mulch by Tom R. Kovach 

     The last word – getting rich through generosity by John Silveira


Issue #88 (July/August 2004)

     My View – A summer of energy fairs and politics by Dave Duffy 

     ***Split shake siding the modern way by David Lee 

     Beekeeping basics by Charles A. Sanders 

     ***Make your own bee equipment by Charles A. Sanders 

     Hungry enough to eat a horse??? by Don Chance 

     ***Controlling groundhogs by Tom R. Kovach 

     Small Town America – Ashland, Oregon by Dorothy Ainsworth 

     ***Plantain by Rick Brannan 

     Home Energy Information – solar power 101: batteries, part 2 by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     ***A portable mini-cabin by Marvin B. Harper 

     Wonderful wilderness wines by Linda Gabris 

     ***Jams and jellies from Mother Nature’s wilderness picks by Linda Gabris 

     Nursing – a perfect backwoods career by John McLane, RN 

     ***Ayoob on firearms – the pump shotgun: a backwoods home classic by Massad Ayoob 

     Fried chicken for breakfast by Danny Fulks 

     The last word – Democracy in Iraq? by John Silveira 


Issue #87 (May/June 2004)

     ***My View – A reluctant coach by Dave Duffy 

     ***Dairy goats are for you! by Jackie Clay 

     ***Why won’t it all go to my kids? The essentials of estate planning by Gary F. Arnet, DDS 

     The poor man’s ceramic knife sharpener by Rick Brannan 

     For fuel, fertilizer, and maybe even improved water quality you may need look no further than your manure pile by Rev. Dr. JD Hooker 

     ***Protect your house from lightning by Dorothy Ainsworth

     ***Tree planting tips by Tom R. Kovach 

     Double wall adobe construction by Bob and KD Bellar 

     ***Living with kerosene by Julie A. Mikoley 

     Home Energy Information – solar power 101: batteries by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     ***Big fat squash that keep all winter by Jackie Clay 

     ***Small Town America – Fortine, Montana, why do you want to live there? by Steven Gregersen 

     Vegetarian pies: they kept us healthy on the farm by Habeeb Salloum 

     Ayoob on firearms – body language and threat recognition by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Controlling aphids by Tom R. Kovach 

     ***Removing pine sap by Tom R. Kovach 

     Converting a gasoline-powered rototiller to electric by Glenn Willis, Jr. 

     ***Harvesting, husking, and storing black walnuts by Tom R. Kovach 

     Catfish biscuits by Danny Fulks 

     The last word – the tenuous hold of honesty in modern America by John Silveira 


Issue #86 (March/April 2004)

     My View – A new country business is born by Dave Duffy 

     The house that Dorothy built by Dorothy Ainsworth 

     ***Water is the key to gardening by Tom R. Kovach 

     ***Make a poor man’s safe by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     ***Four lawn mower tips that will save you $$$ by Tom R. Kovach 

     ***Watch those weed whips by Tom R. Kovach 

     ***Hogs belong on the homestead by Charles A. Sanders 

     ***Getting it for free in Alaska by David Sneed 

     ***Small Town America – Raymond, Washington green, wet, and wild by Emily Salinger 

     ***Harvesting the wild: shaggy mane mushrooms by Jackie Clay 

     Garlic the glorious bulb by Linda Gabris 

     Pysanki – you can make those biddies pay! by Amy E. Peare 

     ***Black-eyed peas, a gift shared with the cows by Alice B. Yaeger 

     Herb boxes from fence boards by Maggie Larsen 

     ***Jerky…a venison treat you can’t stop snacking on by Linda Gabris 

     ***Canned salmon – quality fish canned right is awesome by Linda Gabris 

     Bath herbs by Cynthia Andal 

     Growing productive strawberries by Edna Manning

     ***Hints for enjoying strawberries by Tom R. Kovach 

     ***Fighting tomato blight by Tom R. Kovach 

     ***the gee-whiz! page by O.E. MacDougal

     ***Ayoob on firearms – lower level force options for self- defense by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Save money when you buy your next vehicle by John Silveira 

     Stay clear of young wild animals by Tom and Joanna O’Toole 

     Plumbing for propane by Don Fallick 

     The last word – the coming ice age by John Silveira


Issue #85 (January/February 2004)

     My View – Shades of truth and sleaziness by Dave Duffy 

     ***Canning basics by Jackie Clay 

     ***Benefits of mulching by Tom R. Kovach 

     Raising cattle on your own place by Charles A. Sanders 

     ***Birch tree syrup by Cynthia Andal 

     Shopping to beat inflation by Darlene Campbell 

     Grow your own dishrags by Alice B. Yaeger

     Small Town America – Thermopolis, WY by Emily Salinger 

     ***Selecting a breed of chicken by Sylvia Gist 

     Exotic plants for the homestead by Corcceigh Green 

     ***Wild neighbors, part 2 by Jackie Clay 

     ***Solar & propane powered super home by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     ***the gee-whiz! page by O.E. MacDougal 

     The $12 self-aerating compost bin by Rick Brannan 

     The “chocolate tree” isn’t just for kids by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     How to shoot a handgun accurately by Massad Ayoob 

     A homeschooling lesson in physics – why do rockets work? Newton’s three laws of motion by John Silveira 

     Homeschooling Jacob – the basics of writing by Dave Duffy 

     The Dungeness crab by Jacob Duffy 

     Water and winter tree injury by Tom R. Kovach 

     The last word – the world is ending!…again? by John Silveira 


Issue #84 (November/December 2003)

     My View – Animal rights loonies save the chickens but ruin the County Fair by Dave Duffy 

     ***Your wild neighbors by Jackie Clay 

     ***Keep those gadgets working after the power goes out by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     ***Ayoob on firearms – on a quiet holiday, a cop gives thanks by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Shaving with a straight razor by Steve Gregg 

     Vise Dremel Moto Tool mount by Dana Martin Batory 

     Making jelly by Gaynya Willis 

     ***Rattlesnake bite by Gary F. Arnet, DDS 

     ***Recycled bicycles by Brad Rohdenburg 

     Make an income raising pet birds by James McDonald 

     Cultured milk – food of centenarians by Edna Manning 

     Small Town America – Thorne Bay, Alaska by Jon Stram 

     Woolen winter mittens in minutes by Anita Evangelista 

     ***Hey! Sandwichman! Selling sandwiches for an income by Donn Rochlin 

     The joys of making soap by Grace Brockway 

     ***Wind chill factor makes it colder than you think by Tom and Joanne O’Toole 

     Hypothermia a real winter danger by Tom and Joanne O’Toole 

     ***Skunks by Tom R. Kovach

     ***From weasels to chocolate bars – it all came to naught by Habeeb Salloum 

     ***Qawarma a food since antiquity by Habeeb Salloum 


Issue #83 (September/October 2003)

     My View – “I stink!” but that’s okay by Dave Duffy 

     Battery powered weekend retreat by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     ***Lyme disease – a little tick can cause a big problem by Gary F. Arnet, DDS 

     Piccalilli – a late summer bonus by Marcia E. Brown 

     Ayoob on firearms – 1911: the classic homeland security pistol by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Creating your own job by Gary F. Arnet, DDS 

     ***the gee-whiz! page by O.E. MacDougal 

     ***Venison burger chow mein by Tom R. Kovach 

     Harvest your own firewood by Pete Earl 

     ***The art of wood splitting by Phil Nichols 

     ***Standby battery charging techniques can ensure engine startups by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     ***Keeping cats out of the garden by Tom R. Kovach 

     ***Black walnut warning by Tom R. Kovach 

     ***Harvesting the wild: flower buds by Jackie Clay 

     Sew a baby quilt in two days…for a lifetime of memories by Ilene Duffy 

     Grouse hunting…the ultimate joy of autumn by Linda Gabris 

     Harvesting wild hazelnuts…getting two birds with one stone by Linda Gabris 

     ***Life in a chicken coop by Chuck Davis 

     For health, pleasure, and relaxation gardening rules! by Alice B. Yaeger 

     How to make money from storage building auctions by Bill Wilson 

     Chapter 5: home intrusions by Robert Waters 

     ***Living the outlaw life: credit card monte: finance flim- flam and how to foil it by Claire Wolfe 

     The last word – gun control, race, and rotten politicians by John Silveira 


Issue #82 (July/August 2003)

     My View – Gulf War II opened the eyes of Americans to the UN and the media by Dave Duffy 

     Making dandelions palatable by John Kallas, Ph.D. 

     ***Dandelion facts and history by Tom and Joanne O’Toole 

     Dandelion recipes by Tom and Joanne O’Toole 

     ***How to select the right backup generator by Jeffrey R. Yago

     ***Growing & storing herbs by Tom R. Kovach 

     ***Making wild nuts into nut oil, nut meal, and nut butter by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     Cornmeal cooking by Gaynya Tallmadge 

     The informed juror – how an informed jury helps safeguard liberty by Gary F. Arnet, DDS 

     ***The amazing yogurt by Habeeb Salloum 

     Successful cold storage by Sylvia Gist 

     Taking valerian to bed by Sharon L. Palmer RD 

     ***Chokecherries by Jackie Clay 

     Logging grandma’s farm – a cautionary tale by Rebecca Payne 

     ***the gee-whiz! page by O.E. MacDougal 

     ***Alternative lifestyles by Dorothy Ainsworth 

     Homemade cottage cheese, rhubarb pie, lemon custard pudding cake, pasties, beef stew, biscuits, butter, grouse breast by Jackie Clay 

     Defeating debt – personal bankruptcy as a legitimate means to get out of debt by Don Chance 

     A simple backwoods hay baler by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     Diagnosing appendicitis by Bill Glade, M.D.  

     Supercharge your AM radio by Charles A. Sanders 

     ***Tomato canning tips by Tom R. Kovach 

     Chapter 4: the last ride of ‘yo roller by Robert Waters 

     ***Ayoob on firearms – shooting left-handed by Massad Ayoob 

     The last word – the “curse” of oil by John Silveira 


Issue #81 (May/June 2003)

     My View – Confronting the enemy by Dave Duffy 

     ***What you can do to protect yourself against chemical, biological, and nuclear terrorism by Gary F. Arnet, DDS 

     Dark winter – a simulated terrorist attack on three American cities using weaponized smallpox by Dave Duffy 

     How safe is smallpox vaccine? by Dave Duffy 

     Think of it this way – biological and chemical weapons through history by John Silveira 

     Traditional trail foods – transportable calories by Brad Rohdenburg 

     Preparedness for travelers by Brad Rohdenburg 

     ***Jackie Clay’s basic “grab & git” emergency kits by Jackie Clay 

     Ayoob on firearms – in time of war: the Israeli answer to terrorism by Massad Ayoob 

     The home citrus orchard by Anita Evangelista 

     Companion planting by Beverly Mettot 

     ***the gee-whiz! page by O.E. MacDougal 

     Chapter 3: Occupational hazard by Robert Waters 

     The West Nile virus threat by Gary F. Arnet, DDS 

     The last word – is television still a wasteland? by John Silveira


Issue #80 (March/April 2003)

     ***My View – Smallpox, it’s worth worrying about by Dave Duffy 

     ***Keeping your heart healthy by Gary F. Arnet, DDS 

     ***Ayoob on firearms – a 24/7 backwoods handgun by Massad Ayoob 

     Living the outlaw life: William Jefferson Bush vs. George W. Clinton by Claire Wolfe 

     ***A comfortable base camp while building your backwoods home by Jackie Clay 

     ***Home canning equals fast, easy, tasty meals by Jackie Clay 

     ***Growing cauliflower by Nancy Pierson Farris 

     My garden – a springboard of food, pleasure, and history by Habeeb Salloum 

     ***A pleasant surprise: the asparagus bean by Alice B. Yaeger 

     ***Harvesting the wild: greens by Jackie Clay 

     Brooder in a box by Sylvia Gist 

     ***Growing and using blueberries by Charles A. Sanders 

     Chapter 1: Point blank by Robert Waters 

     the gee-whiz! page by O.E. MacDougal 

     Mosquitoes by Tom and Joanne O’Toole 

     ***Leaves of three, let them be! by Tom and Joanne O’Toole 

     The last word – do we really need yuppies? by John Silveira 


Issue #79 (January/February 2003)

     My View – The attack on Colin Powell prompts questions I’m not supposed to ask by Dave Duffy 

     ***Use Wallo’Water and gain a month of growing season by Jackie Clay 

     ***A packing crate mini-barn by Edward King 

     Harvesting the wild: acorns by Jackie Clay 

     Ayoob on firearms – firearms and cold weather considerations by Massad Ayoob 

     Want more fruit from less space? Espalier your trees! by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     ***Pemmican an ideal all-purpose food by Habeeb Salloum 

     The vanishing outhouse by Tom R. Kovach 

     ***Caring for spices and herbs by Tom R. Kovach 

     How to butcher a chicken in 20 minutes or less…while leaving the carcass and feathers intact! by Roger W. Grim, D.C. 

     ***Preparing garden soil in winter by Alice B. Yaeger 

     ***Living with wildlife by Tom R. Kovach 

     ***Sell your home: get a good price and sell it faster by Jackie Clay 

     ***the gee-whiz! page by O.E. MacDougal 

     ***Install a mobile, solar powered toilet by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     Cracklin’s an irresistible snack that you can’t stop sneaking’ by Linda Gabris 

     ***Portable fence panels: the homesteader’s friend by Jackie Clay 

     ***Preserving fish by Tom R. Kovach 

     There’s money in music by Don Chance 

     ***Mane and tail tools by Gary D. Kirchmeier 

     ***Mountain and winter driving by Don Fallick 

     The last word – a proposal for ending violent crime by John Silveira 


Issue #78 (November/December 2002)

     My View – Which is better: a small town or city? by Dave Duffy 

     ***Planting fruit, nut, & shade trees by Alice B. Yaeger 

     Living the outlaw life: soothed into losing: politicians, lies, and the Second Amendment by Claire Wolfe 

     ***Phantom solar – the crucial invisible system needed before you install solar by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     Build a portable woodstove for $30 by David Scott Matthews 

     ***Stay warm in emergencies, at home, outdoors, & in your car by Don Fallick 

     Homemade walnut stain by Dana Martin Batory 

     Drawing the line on timber trespass by Paul Lamble 

     ***the gee-whiz! page by O.E. MacDougal 

     ***Fix your feet – preventing and treating walking-related injuries by Gary F. Arnet, DDS 

     Bread: the staff of life by Jackie Clay 

     ***Horseshoe projects by Clay Sawyer 

     ***Ayoob on firearms – what’s this “glock” thing all about? by Massad Ayoob 

     Three ways to preserve your pumpkin by Tom R. Kovach 

     Making baby food at home by Michele Lightfoot 

     ***Naturally colorful – how to produce your own dyes by Marcella Shaffer 

     The last word – fixing a broken jury system by John Silveira 


Issue #77 (September/October 2002)

     My View – Is it time for an education revolution? by Dave Duffy 

     Can she bake an apple pie, Billy Boy? by Jackie Clay 

     Avoiding heat illness by Gary F. Arnet, DDS 

     Ayoob on firearms – reflections on the Second Amendment by Massad Ayoob 

     A river rock shower by Dorothy Ainsworth 

     Build a graceful footbridge by Harrison Stone 

     ***The fall garden by Alice B. Yaeger 

     Think of it this way – the coming American dictatorship revisited by John Silveira 

     ***Two livestock feeders and an insulated water bucket by Clay Sawyer 

     ***the gee-whiz! page by O.E. MacDougal 

     Make a quilt out of Levis by Dorothy Ainsworth 

     ***Harvesting the wild upland game birds by Jackie Clay 

     ***Fencing for livestock and poultry by Jackie Clay 

     The last word – the world’s least-free country by John Silveira 


Issue #76 (July/August 2002)

     My View – Just Say No! to the Federal Government by Dave Duffy 

     ***Dehydrating fruits & vegetables by Alice B. Yaeger 

     ***Tipi – build a beautiful, inexpensive movable home by Dynah Geissal 

     Yurt magic…building an enchanting instant house by Claire Wolfe 

     Here’s how we built our straw-bale house by Dawn Schatz 

     ***Get to know your herbs by Alice B. Yaeger 

     Start a post-construction cleaning business by Dorothy Ainsworth 

     ***the gee-whiz! page by O.E. MacDougal 

     ***Ayoob on firearms – getting along with the cops by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Living the outlaw life: going PT: an experiment in freedom on the road by Claire Wolfe 

     13 steps to a life of freedom by Mary Anne Wutzke 

     ***Surplus firearms for preparedness and self-defense by Jeff Salmon 

     ***Happy chickens healthy eggs by Edna Manning 

     ***Harvesting the wild cactus by Jackie Clay 

     For health & comfort, try wild herbal teas by Cynthia Andal 


Issue #75 (May/June 2002)

     My View – Exercising with gadgets, the ones that work aren’t what you’d expect by Dave Duffy 

     ***To maintain good health you must exercise by Richard Blunt 

     What to do when there’s no doctor! by Gary F. Arnet, DDS 

     ***Supplements – it’s a murky science, but here’s what I take, and here’s why by John Silveira

     Dorper sheep – revolutionizing the meat sheep industry by Darlene Polachic 

     ***Avoiding the misery of poison oak by Gary F. Arnet, DDS 

     Caring for wounds in the field by Bill Glade, MD 

     ***Save a life by becoming a first responder, EMT, or paramedic by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     Living the outlaw life: are you crazy? Somebody wants you to be by Claire Wolfe 

     Ayoob on firearms – political activism, backwoods style by Massad Ayoob 

     ***the gee-whiz! page by O.E. MacDougal 

     ***Harvesting the wild asparagus by Jackie Clay 

     No dentist? Oh, no! by Gary F. Arnet, DDS 

     ***The self-sufficient barnyard by Rich Kientopf 


Issue #74 (March/April 2002)

     My View – Personal guns getting to be in style by Dave Duffy 

     ***Grow grow grow by Alice B. Yaeger 

     Disaster preparation! by Gary F. Arnet, DDS 

     ***Morels…a taste of springtime by Linda Gabris 

     ***the gee-whiz! page by O.E. MacDougal 

     Nuclear terrorism by John Silveira 

     ***Ayoob on firearms – sensible gun choices after September 11th by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Reality confirms need to arm pilots by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Harvesting the wild – hunting and using deer, elk, and moose by Jackie Clay 

     ***Storing fuel by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     Tools and hardware for the backwoods home by James Ballou 

     The return of home emergency shelters takes on a dual- purpose approach by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     Raised bed gardening – neat and productive by Alice B. Yaeger 

     ***Raised beds, concrete blocks, and clay soil by John Dunbar 

     The last word – Silveira’s 1st law: every group needs a black sheep by John Silveira 


Issue #73 (January/February 2002)

     My View – We should have seen this one coming by Dave Duffy 

     Getting out of Dodge – 10 things I am doing to prepare for the move to the country by Luke Lee 

     Biological & chemical terrorism by Dave Duffy 

     ***The history of chemical & biological warfare by Dave Duffy 

     Living the outlaw life: freedom tomorrow by Claire Wolfe 

     ***Emergency solar power for $950 by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     ***the gee-whiz! page by O.E. MacDougal 

     ***The survival garden by Alice B. Yaeger 

     ***Long-term food storage by Jackie Clay 

     ***Think of it this way – The coming American dictatorship, part VIII by John Silveira 

     How do you live without electricity by Anita Evangelista 

     ***Ayoob on firearms – what’s next? What can you do? by Massad Ayoob 

     The last word – mistaken for a terrorist by Don Fallick


Issue #72 (November/December 2001)

     My View – How do you keep yourself safe? by Dave Duffy 

     Build your own log home in the woods by Jackie Clay 

     ***Knowing survival fire craft can save your life by Robert N. Anderson 

     Ayoob on firearms – do rural homeowners need guns for self defense? by Massad Ayoob 

     A solar primer: how it works, how it’s made, what it costs by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     ***Living the outlaw life: database doo dah by Claire Wolfe 

     ***Build a house for less than $10,000 – we did it! by Judy Statezny Ulch 

     ***Reading animal tracks and signs by Tony Nester 

     ***the gee-whiz! page by John Silveira 

     ***Think of it this way – The coming American dictatorship, part VII by John Silveira 

     ***Spinning fiber for the homestead by Susan Shephard 

     ***Build a split-rail fence in impossible soil by Dorothy Ainsworth 

     Cookies in a jar by Sharon L. Palmer RD 

     ***Precious persimmons by Marcella Shaffer 

     Homemade toys! Easy to make, fun to play with, and great for gifts! by Cynthia Andal 

     The last word – money can buy happiness by John Silveira 


Issue #71 (September/October 2001)

     My View – Freedom, guns, & boycotts by Dave Duffy 

     Water: a safe supply when you’re off the grid by Jeffrey R. Yago 

     ***Living the outlaw life: beware the great guru of freedom by Claire Wolfe 

     Ayoob on firearms – sight and sound enhancement by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Think of it this way – The coming American dictatorship, part VI by John Silveira 

     ***Build your own log home in the woods, part 2 by Jackie Clay 

     ***The good life starts with your garden by Alice B. Yaeger 

     This coop is for the birds: Mattie Sue, Splatty-Goo, and Fu-man-choo by Dorothy Ainsworth 

     Tips and handy hints for 4×4 living by Jackie Clay 

     ***Caribbean cooking by Richard Blunt 

     Storm survivors by Anita Evangelista 

     ***Earth-sheltered homes and structures by Ruthanne and Marty Davis 

     The last word – man vs. the machine by John Silveira 


Issue #70 (July/August 2001)

     My View – Something unsaid about Timothy McVeigh’s execution by Dave Duffy 

     The raging torrent – respect it, even when you play by Scott Stoddard 

     Ayoob on firearms – the rationale of the automatic rifle by Massad Ayoob 

     Living the outlaw life: freeing your inner outlaw by Claire Wolfe 

     Build a stone wall by Charles A. Sanders 

     ***Oh, no! not lentils again! by Habeeb Salloum 

     ***Retiring a flag by Don Fallick 

     ***Build your own log home in the woods by Jackie Clay 

     ***Think of it this way – The coming American dictatorship, part V by John Silveira 

     Energy works – powering medical equipment during a utility blackout by Michael Hackleman 

     ***Energy works – finalizing a hydro-electric installation by Michael Hackleman 

     Some unusual jellies for your sweet tooth by Charles A. Sanders 

     ***Build a small a-frame using pallets by Clay Sawyer 

     ***The last word – how to blow up an anthill by H. Elton Harris 


Issue #69 (May/June 2001)

     My View – How environmental ideology hurts the solar energy industry by Dave Duffy 

     ***Animal birthing by Jackie Clay 

     ***Foraging for a fine cup of wild herb tea by Linda Gabris 

     ***Build your own laser level by Harry McCarty 

     Ayoob on firearms – picking a holster by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Mending basics by Genie Dickerson 

     Build a pallet fence by Clay Sawyer 

     ***Tanning hides at home – low labor, low cost by Anita Evangelista 

     ***What do you do with all those eggs? by Katherine Dazazel 

     Build a log crib by Dorothy Ainsworth 

     A child’s garden – more than child’s play by Jackie Clay 

     ***Think of it this way – The coming American dictatorship, part IV by John Silveira 

     ***Build with beautiful field stone by Dolores Wilgenbusch 

     Picking and preserving the wild plum by Bill Weekes 

     ***Tails of the marsh by Maureen Gilmer 

     ***Energy works – installing a hydro system, a low-buck, low-tech approach to tapping a water source for power by Michael Hackleman 


Issue #68 (March/April 2001)

     My View – Sensible health is based on science by Dave Duffy 

     Love those green beans by Alice B. Yaeger 

     In search of the perfect cup of coffee by Richard Blunt 

     ***Steal your neighbor’s trash for fun and profit by Tim Pickles 

     New invention – the fencerunner by Dietmar Berg 

     ***Why garden organically? by Jackie Clay 

     ***Stealth gardening by David Sneed 

     ***Energy works – restoring a hydro unit by Michael Hackleman 

     Ayoob on firearms – of kids and guns by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Think of it this way – The coming American dictatorship part III by John Silveira 

     The last word – Chuck meets Bubba by John Silveira 


Issue #67 (January/February 2001)

     My View – Goodbye TV, hello constructive time by Dave Duffy 

     ***Tomatoes! What would we do without them? by Alice B. Yaeger 

     ***Cutting dangerous trees by Don Fallick 

     The homestead greenhouse by Charles A. Sanders 

     Garden seeds – a great winter pastime by Jackie Clay 

     ***Ayoob on firearms – Taurus plinking rifle: a blast from the past by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Know your goat by Jan Palmer 

     Death of a farm by Hugo De Sarro 

     ***Dairy treats are easy to make with these low-tech recipes by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     ***Make your own hard cider by Richard Blunt 

     Get out of, stay out of debt by Darlene Campbell 

     ***Energy works – do-it-yourself hydro survey by Michael Hackleman 

     ***Think of it this way – The coming American dictatorship part II by John Silveira 

     The last word – outplayed & outbluffed by John Silveira 


Issue #66 (November/December 2000)

     My View – Can an understanding of math and statistics save America’s freedoms? by Dave Duffy 

     Tale of a country family by Rachel Baxter 

     ***The perfect…backwoods horse by Dianna Saleh 

     ***Think of it this way – the coming American dictatorship by John Silveira 

     A Native American feast by Jackie Clay 

     ***Masonry stoves – what’s old is new by Margene Whitler Hucek 

     ***Energy works – an interview with Mick Sagrillo – harnessing the wind by Michael Hackleman 

     ***Energy works – finding and restoring a 1930s windcharger by Michael Hackleman and Craig Worthley

     ***Ayoob on firearms – the armed private business by Massad Ayoob 

     ***An easy-to-make pot rack by Clay Sawyer 

     ***Use homemade decorations to brighten the holidays by Olga Robertson 

     Theories of the universe by Dave Duffy 

     ***Hungarian venison stew by Tom R. Kovach 

     ***Make your own insulated waterer by Clay Sawyer 

     Home canning safety tips by Liz Case 

     ***The last word – Communism vs. the cool-aid stand by John Silveira 


Issue #65 (September/October 2000)

     My View – Can America be saved from stupid people? by Dave Duffy 

     How we found our remote backwoods home by Jackie Clay 

     ***Day by day with Jackie Clay by Jackie Clay 

     Ayoob on firearms – against a rapist by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Shoot what you’re used to by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Start a jug band for $100 or less by Don Fallick 

     ***Storing tender bulbs by Tom R. Kovach 

     Homestead helpers by Charles A. Sanders 

     Grandpa’s justice by Tom R. Kovach 

     Homeschooling through high school by Janet Leake 

     ***Energy works – a passive solar-heated tower house by Stephen Heckeroth 

     Energy works – 7 solar water heating system designs by Michael Hackleman

     ***Go East…young man by John Whight 

     ***Lye soap making in the modern home by Steve German

     ***Cooking lamb with style by Richard Blunt 

     ***Weave your own basket from natural vines by Marcella Shaffer 

     The last word – a lesson in respect by John Silveira 


Issue #64 (July/August 2000)

     My View – Why not risk it all! by Dave Duffy 

     Home dairying by Marcella Shaffer 

     ***How high altitudes affect home canning by Marjorie Burris 

     Make a sure-fire live trap by Charles A. Sanders 

     ***A tip from Alaska on making natural dogfood by David Sneed 

     ***Ayoob on firearms – bear medicine, lessons from the winter nationals by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Good homemade jerky by Charles A. Sanders 

     ***The final act of self-reliance – caring for your own dead by Marcella Shaffer 

     ***Our old icehouse – one of our most valuable buildings by Margorie Burris 

     ***Integrated PV/roofing by Michael Hackleman 

     ***Energy works – A: fitting crystalline solar-electric hardware to rooftops by Michael Hackleman 

     Energy works – Radiant floor heating, alternative to forced-air heating is solar-powered, too by Michael Hackleman 

     Energy works – tune up your water system to save energy by Windy Dankoff 

     The summer of ’35 by John Graesch 

     Chili mania by Richard Blunt 

     The last word – stumbling over your own stupidity by John Silveira 


Issue #63 (May/June 2000)

     My View – The real gun criminals by Dave Duffy 

     Armed & female by Massad Ayoob 

     Build this sturdy large-capacity food dehydrator by Charles A. Sanders 

     ***Use “wattle & daub” methods for low-cost construction by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     Picnicking with class! by Jean Louis L’Heureux 

     Finding the best dog for the country life by Anita Evangelista 

     ***Energy works by Michael Hackleman 

     Solar building design by Stephen Heckeroth 

     ***Solar water pumping basics by Windy Dankoff 

     ***Facts you should know about rattlesnakes by Marjorie Burris 

     From the architect’s chair: framing – things to think about by Martin Harris 

     ***Step into the future with your own website by Oliver Del Signore and Mark S. Cogan 

     ***Grow your own celery by Alice B. Yaeger 

     ***Ayoob on firearms – remembering Y2K by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Nutrition and a vegetarian diet by Jennifer Stein Barker 

     The last word – I don’t know by John Silveira 


Issue #62 (March/April 2000)

     My View – Let’s stop apologizing for guns by Dave Duffy 

     ***Electricity from the wind: assessing wind energy potential by Michael Hackleman 

     ***Propagate your plants with division, layering, stem & root cutting, & grafting by Marcella Shaffer 

     Ayoob on firearms – cheap guns are good enough by Massad Ayoob

     Green or yellow: grow your best bush beans ever by Lisa Ann LeFreniere 

     Rural building: construction q’s and a’s by Martin Harris 

     ***Make extra money teaching your skills to others by Robert L. Williams 

     ***Ramps: better than garlic breath by Ben Crookshanks 

     Naughty peppers by Alice B. Yaeger 

     Jackie’s tips for hardcore homesteading by Jackie Clay 

     Running your own business – a mother’s perspective by Ilene Duffy 

     ***Good garden bugs by Tom R. Kovach 

     More tips and tricks for the kitchen by Richard Blunt 

     ***Working with your woodlot by Robbo Holleran 

     ***Basic livestock vetting by Marcella Shaffer 

     ***Five great breakfasts that are good for you by Jennifer Stein Barker 

     ***Dealing with ticks by Tom R. Kovach 

     ***The last word – baseball: it’s still the American sport by John Silveira 


Issue #61 (January/February 2000)

     My View – Remembering a decade of BHM by Dave Duffy 

     ***A (very) short history of the earth by John Silveira 

     ***Wild greens: when weeds become vegetables by Jackie Clay 

     Plant your trees in the spring by Tom R. Kovach 

     ***High voltage ac, low voltage dc by Michael Hackleman 

     ***A portable bench for your better half by Dana Martin Batory 

     Start a self-sufficiency garden even in a cramped apartment by Nancy Wolcott 

     ***The villain dodder by Alice B. Yaeger 

     ***A Yankee father remembered by Natalie McKnight Haugaard 

     ***Keeping poison ivy under control by George Griebe 

     Preparation for successful painting by Oliver Del Signore 

     ***Ayoob on firearms – home on the range by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Indian pear trees by Alice B. Yaeger 

     ***Cooking for a crowd by Marjorie Burris 

     Bologna sandwiches and roasted rabbit by Habeeb Salloum 

     Sunny solutions for north slope applications by Michael Hackleman 


Issue #60 (November/December 1999)

     My View – Millenium excuses and the quest for truth by Dave Duffy 

     ***The good life on the Big Island by Skip Thomsen 

     How big is the solar system? by John Silveira 

     Ayoob on firearms – defending your lifestyle by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Practical livestock for the homestead by Amelia Porter 

     Reflecting on a life in the woods, and looking ahead by Marjorie Burris 

     Medical kits for self-reliant families by Jackie Clay 

     ***Tips and tricks for the kitchen by Richard Blunt 

     Think of it this way – The greatest American who was never President by John Silveira 

     ***The water system part 3: gold & silver by Michael Hackleman 

     ***Try this simple slow cooker by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 


Issue #59 (September/October 1999)

     My View – Should both drugs and guns be legal? by Dave Duffy 

     Start your food storage on $10 a week by Alan T. Hagan 

     ***A house for an outdoor dog by Tom R. Kovach 

     ***Leaf it to old Mother Nature by Jim McPherson 

     ***Harvesting and freezing apples by Tom R. Kovach 

     ***Seven common medicinal plants by Marcella Shaffer 

     ***Cooking from home storage with rice by Richard Blunt 

     ***Raise tobacco for trade or barter in hard times by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     Making maple syrup by Marcella Shaffer 

     ***The solar bakery – quickbreads and cakes by Jennifer Stein Barker 

     Teach speed reading to your children even if you can’t speed read yourself by George Stancliffe 

     Blanching vegetables by Tom R. Kovach 

     Ayoob on firearms – “best buy” backwoods .45 by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Roughing it with plastic trash bags by Christopher Nyerges 

     ***Waising wascally wabbits for din-dins by Don Fallick 

     ***The water system part 2: tanks and pumps by Michael Hackleman 

     A salvaged oak floor for $5 by Robert L. Williams 


Issue #58 (July/August 1999)

     ***My View – Why are we bombing Serbia? by Dave Duffy 

     ***The water system by Michael Hackleman 

     Fully involved by Diana W. Morgan 

     Solar food drying by Marcella Shaffer 

     How to use those leftovers by Marjorie Burris 

     Okra, not just for the south by Alice B. Yaeger 

     ***Ayoob on firearms – home on the range with a .357 by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Cost-saving baby tips by C.M. Hudman 

     Think of it this way – Why we don’t need no steenking 2nd Amendment by John Silveira 


Issue #57 (May/June 1999)

     My View – At fascism’s doorstep by Dave Duffy 

     ***Cucumbers, cool is the word! by Alice B. Yaeger 

     Millenium vehicles by Michael Hackleman 

     Think of it this way – The chances of global disaster by John Silveira 

     Raising your own beef for your family by Charles A. Sanders 

     ***Build a reel toilet paper holder by D.J. Ferdinand 

     ***Homemade candy by Richard Blunt 

     For summertime baking needs build yourself an outdoor horno by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     Ambidextrous chainsaw filing by Thomas Brewer 

     Remembering what grandma used by Marjorie Burris 

     Growing the eternal tomato by Leonard Trebor 

     ***Ayoob on firearms – rifles, shotguns, and handguns for Y2K and beyond by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Salvaging cement blocks the easy way by Bill Leonard 

     Purge the ugly out of your concrete wall by Bill Leonard 

     ***Growing goldenseal, it’s like having your own backwoods gold mine! by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 


Issue #56 (March/April 1999)

     My View – The real disaster in our future by Dave Duffy 

     Grow open-pollinated seeds for self-reliant gardening by Jackie Clay 

     ***Build an old-fashioned smokehouse by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     Keeping your food cold by Michael Hackleman 

     Plant a Y2K garden by Robert L. Williams 

     Bill of no rights by Lewis Napper 

     Connecting with the pioneers through gardening and foraging by Alice B. Yaeger 

     ***Ayoob on firearms – what if they break down my door? by Massad Ayoob 

     Chocolate, food for the gods by Richard Blunt 

     ***Catch more fish with this simple feeder by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     ***Build an ash-heated mini-greenhouse by Robert L. Williams 

     ***Compare the nutrition in wild meats to supermarket meats by Charles A. Sanders 


Issue #55 (January/February 1999)

     My View – Countdown to freedom’s Armageddon by Dave Duffy 

     With commonsense planning, you can survive hard times by Jackie Clay 

     What if the electricity goes off? by Michael Hackleman 

     ***25 reasons to practice self sufficiency gardening by Martin P. Waterman 

     ***Depression era gardening by Alice B. Yaeger 

     7 mistakes of food storage by Vicki Tate 

     ***Storing water for an emergency by Vicki Tate 

     ***Staying warm by Robert L. Williams 

     ***Ayoob on firearms – the myths of Armageddon by Massad Ayoob 

     Cooking from long-term food storage by Jackie Clay 

     ***How to prosper in hard times by Robert L. Williams 

     ***Emergency gear for your vehicle by Jackie Clay 

     ***Preparing for the worst by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     ***Roll your own newspaper logs by Robert L. Williams 

     ***One last thought: an essay in self-reliance by Robert L. Williams 


Issue #54 (November/December 1998)

     ***My View – Do we need more democracy? by Dave Duffy 

     ***Get a jump on homesteading with a recreational vehicle by Judy Wogoman 

     ***Dreaming of a Civil War Christmas dinner by Larry Cywin 

     ***Canning your meats and vegetables at home – it’s not only easy, it’s safe and inexpensive by  Jackie Clay 

     ***Preserve mushroom harvests by Eudene Murphy 

     ***Dad’s incredible (secret ingredient) holiday ham by Don Fallick 

     ***Use common herbs to treat the common cold by Bill Palmroth 

     Ayoob on firearms – home defense handgun: simplicity suffices by Massad Ayoob 

     Victory gardens by Alice B. Yaeger 

     Simplify life in your backwoods home by using these easy mountain methods by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     ***Enjoy cheap, delicious lettuce all through the winter months by Robert L. Williams 

     ***Can you boil water? by Richard Blunt 

     ***There’s money in wild mushrooms – but only if you know what you’re doing by Tom Mysiewicz 

     ***Long term food storage by Jackie Clay 

     ***Try these tasty solutions to those problem critters around the homestead by Scotty Matthews 

     ***This year brew your own holiday beer by Larry Cywin 

     ***Think of it this way – Would the United States be better off if it was officially a Christian nation? by John Silveira 

     ***Here’s how my family makes its diverse country living by Patrick McMahon 

     ***Build a backwoods cat-boat – it’s super-simple, inexpensive by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     Buy your country place from the government by Dorothy Cady 

     ***Here are a few tips on how to build bridges to neighborliness when you move to the country by Harry Styron 

     ***WebTV: for under $200 this is an economical way to get onto the Information Superhighway by Vern Modeland 


Issue #53 (September/October 1998)

     My View – Do we need a Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights? by Dave Duffy 

     Cut your grocery bill in half by C.M. Hudman 

     ***Try this gravel road waterbreak by Mike Honeycutt 

     How to tell a bad egg by Scotty Matthews 

     Canning 101 – pickles, fruits, jams, jellies, etc. by Jackie Clay 

     ***You must understand venison to be able to cook it successfully by Bill Palmroth 

     ***The manure heated hot-bed – an old-tyme Yankee jewel by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     ***For good compost every time, observe these few simple rules by Tom R. Kovach 

     ***We built our solid rubble road out of the debris of a carwash by Glynis Hart 

     ***Cash in on those windfalls by Robert L. Williams 

     ***Whole-grain sourdough recipes by Jennifer Stein Barker 

     ***Squirrel surprise by Grace Petrisin 

     ***Think of it this way – If we can’t throw out our outmoded Constitution, then let’s have the NBA run the U.S. government by John Silveira 

     ***Here’s how to make the hay business pay off by Emory Warner 

     ***Build quick and inexpensive slabwood outbuildings by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     Herb scented candles by Darlene Polachic 

     ***Ayoob on firearms – national junior handgun championships by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Quiet your noisy generator with an automobile muffler by Jon B. Bushey 

     ***Make these inexpensive wood surface clamps by Dana Martin Batory 

     ***Have some all natural desserts on a stick and be real cool on a hot summer day by Robert L. Williams 

     ***Build a simple through-the-wall woodbox that keeps the cold out and the heat in by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker

     ***Making money is a piece of cake by Robert L. Williams 

     Free pallet wood and birdhouses add up to big country dollars by Rick Brentlinger

     ***Try this end-of-summer fare by Richard Blunt 

     ***Holy mackerel, don’t flounder around; make your own lures just for the halibut by Tom Mysiewicz 

     Tree talk by Bill Weekes 


Issue #52 (July/August 1998)

     ***My View – Happy birthday Communist Manifesto by Dave Duffy 

     ***Dehydrated watermelon – for flavor explosions all year round by Robert L. Williams 

     ***The Cochrans boost their sales with humor by Vern Modeland 

     ***Convert dead space to closet space by Oliver Del Signore 

     ***How to make fruit picking easy by Robert L. Williams 

     No worrying about fire blight with Orient and Kieffer pears by Alice B. Yaeger 

     Recipes from my mother’s kitchen by Richard Blunt 

     ***Here’s a business that’s going to the dogs by Robert L. Williams 

     ***Ayoob on firearms – part 1 – is this the ultimate backwoods home rifle? by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Think of it this way – What’s left, what’s right? What’s liberal, what’s conservative? by John Silveira 

     Used bookstores can be successful in the hinterlands by Jennifer Stein Barker 

     ***Grow and use hot peppers this year by Jackie Clay 

     ***Cooking with hot peppers by Jackie Clay 

     Where I live by Annie Duffy 

     ***Consider these seven factors when selecting good alfalfa hay by Kim Dieter 

     ***Kerosene lamps – a bright idea by Don Fallick 

     ***Make beautiful bandsaw boxes from scrap wood by Tony Nester 


Issue #51 (May/June 1998)

     ***My View – The Millennium Bug? Are you kidding? by Dave Duffy 

     ***If you just love those books, here’s how to make $ with them by Mary Kenyon 

     ***The emu and ostrich craze – why won’t the big birds fly? by Vern Modeland 

     ***Spousal support in a small business – it means tolerance, love, and faith in the future by Patrice Lewis 

     ***I grow my homestead fund by stitching “ditty bags” by Winston Howerton 

     ***Perk up the cash flow by selling farm produce by Jackie Clay 

     ***Remembering “the good life” by Melissa Yell 

     ***He combined crab pots with car repair to make his business go by Dave Duffy 

     ***Try growing the popular potato by Alice B. Yaeger 

     ***Extend the vase life of flowers by Tom R. Kovach 

     Your honey will love your sweet buns by Jennifer Stein Barker 

     ***The pecan is a nut to love by Alice B. Yaeger 

     Use non-hybrid seeds and save big bucks in this year’s garden by Jackie Clay 

     ***Solar oven casseroles are good and easy by Jennifer Stein Barker 

     ***Ayoob on firearms – Four X .44 – the logical backwoods handgun by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Build a fish pond – just for fun by Dorothy Einsele 

     ***Wild raspberries – summertime’s finest treat by Linda Gabris 

     Build your own portable forge by Corcceigh Green 

     ***Dixie butterpeas – not just for the south by Alice B. Yaeger 

     ***Elephant garlic as a cash crop by Charles O’Sullivan 

     ***Here’s how one man made the transition from city to country by Gene Sheley 

     ***Make a fun stick whistle by Charles A. Sanders 

     ***Self-publishing can be profitable but stay clear of vanity presses by Robert L. Williams 

     Hope chest memories by Carole Perlick 

     A determined Rosie Bley escaped the city by Gene Sheley 

     ***Supplement your income by raising exotic tortoises by Tom Bartoli 


Issue #50 (March/April 1998)

     My View – Confessions of a former liberal by Dave Duffy 

     ***Keep deer out of your garden & keep the crops for yourself by Diana W. Morgan 

     ***Get an early jump on weeds this spring and have a great garden all year long by Alice B. Yaeger 

     ***Dog-gone it, I never sausage a wiener of a recipe by Richard Blunt 

     Add life and smoothness to your mower with this grease fitting by Lew Rishel 

     ***Make your kids some terrific & inexpensive playground toys by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     Mountain lions – attacks are still rare, but just in case… by Gene Sheley 

     ***Plant fruit trees, pick big bucks by Robert L. Williams 

     ***Newcomers and old-timers by T.L. Couch 

     ***Build inexpensive sheds in an afternoon by Jan Palmer 

     ***Make a Shaker two-drawer case by Dana Martin Batory 

     ***Grow unusual plants on your windowsill by Gordon Stetser Jr. 

     ***Malabar spinach – great for summer by Alice B. Yaeger 

     Think of it this way – Why bureaucracy will likely destroy America by John Silveira 

     From triumph to tragedy to triumph again, Dorothy Ainsworth makes her valiant comeback by Dorothy Ainsworth 

     ***Make a garden in the desert by Hank Rettig 

     ***Ayoob on firearms – coping with gun control in paradise by Massad Ayoob 

     Use “native soil” when you transplant trees or shrubs by Gordon Stetser Jr. 

     ***Home sweet home? by Danny C. Blevins 

     ***Make “split pulley” bookends by Dana Martin Batory 

     ***Travel cheaply, but in style by staying at beautiful hostels by Jan Palmer 

     ***Tony Reitz – not just a chimney sweep by Gene Sheley 

     ***Make use of throwaway fish with “fish salad a la carp” by J. Alan Burdick 

     ***Make your own coffin nails with this easy-to-use gadget by Gene Sheley 

     ***Save big $$$ by installing your own septic system by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     ***Try tempeh as a protein substitute by Jennifer Stein Barker 

     ***Have gourmet fare foraging wild spring greens by Robert K. Henderson 


Issue #49 (January/February 1998)

     My View – That’s not what we mean by Dave Duffy 

     ***Build your wire or electric fence properly the first time, and it will serve you for years by Charles A. Sanders 

     ***Build your own solar hot tub by Robert C. Herman 

     ***Compost the “quickie” way by Gordon Stetser Jr. 

     Think of it this way – Who were the best and worst U.S. Presidents? by John Silveira 

     ***Figs – the healthy biblical fruit by Alice B. Yaeger 

     ***Want great charcoal? Make your own by Robert L. Williams 

     ***Make mead the easy way by Carl Bussjaeger 

     ***The dangers of civilization by T.J. Couch 

     ***Ayoob on firearms – a cop’s advice to those home alone by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Save money by being your own butcher by Jack Martin 

     ***Start your own chicken flock by Charles A. Sanders 

     Freeze branding horses by Doug Householder 

     Use old newspapers to make your starter pots by Darlene Polachic 

     Chevy small block V8s – cheap and reliable transportation by Al Doyle 

     ***Some thoughts on gardener gifts by Alice B. Yaeger 

     Forget the dog, the chicken is man’s best friend by Richard Blunt 

     Breastfeeding – a primer by Kathy Parkes

     ***Where I live by Annie Duffy 

     Five building tricks for super-strong framing by Don Fallick 

     ***If you could have just one gun in the woods, go for a shotgun by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     ***Build a flying “helicopter” boomerang by Don Fallick 

     ***Make beautiful jewelry using porcupine quills by Christina VanGinkel 


Issue #48 (November/December 1997)

     My View – Thanks for not killing them by Dave Duffy 

     ***You don’t have to be a historian to make money writing your hometown’s Pictorial History by Robert L. Williams 

     ***For a unique taste treat and a lot of fun, grow Native American corn in your garden by Jackie Clay 

     Plant your Irish potatoes this fall or winter by Robert L. Williams 

     ***Protect your chickens from predators by installing this novel electric fence by Carol Kuehn 

     ***Herbs make your canned and frozen foods more appealing by Doris E. Stebbins 

     ***Try these pasta desserts for unusual holiday fare by Richard Blunt 

     Make your own shopmade rabbet plane by Dana Martin Batory 

     How to maintain a dirt road by Marjorie Burris 

     ***Ayoob on firearms – old guns for the old homestead by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Give the old chair a lease on life by Maryann Tempest 

     ***Use this system to make “quickie quilts” for the whole family…in time for Christmas! by Tanya Kelley 

     ***For float-hunting, you’ll want to make a Native American style canoe paddle by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     Holiday ham leftovers by France Smith 

     Make some rustic Barbie furniture by Dana Martin Batory 

     Commonsense preparedness just makes sense by Jackie Clay 

     Reflections on “the dream” by T.L. Couch 

     ***Here are four sure catfish baits by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     Elegant desserts for entertaining by Jennifer Stein Barker 

     ***Homemade wax bullets let you practice shooting on a budget by Martin Markham 

     ***Protect your small buildings from wind damage by Harry G. Nemec 

     ***“You squeezes de tail an’ sucks de haid” by James Robertson 

     ***Grow windowsill peppers the year-round by Lance and Jennifer Barker 

     ***Winter in the backwoods is a lot more pleasant if you use these tips to stay warm and dry by Don Fallick 

     ***Make diapers with flair by Alcemae K. Paul 

     ***Tofu – healthful, delicious, versatile, and you can make it yourself at home by Leland Edward Stone 

     ***Winterize your animals without going broke by Jackie Clay


Issue #47 (September/October 1997)

     ***My View – Country bumpkins by Dave Duffy 

     ***Be prepared for “after the accident happens” by Diana W. Morgan 

     ***Acorns are not just squirrel food by Christopher Nyerges 

    ***Ayoob on firearms – kids, values, and “junior shooting” by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Let your imagination guide you to making money in the country by Richard Brock 

     ***You can cut your costs in half by installing a chain link fence yourself by Tom Bartoli 

     You could furnish an entire homestead at Lehman’s “non-electric” hardware store by Don Fallick 

     ***From honey apple crips to French tarts, tasty apple treats are just right for fall by Jennifer Stein Barker 

     ***Make a sidewalk garden bench by Dana Martin Batory 

     ***Enjoy America’s sugarplum – the persimmon by Charles A. Sanders 

     ***Save your harvest leftovers with a vegetable stew mix by Anita Evangelista 

     ***Where I live by Annie Duffy 

     ***Making paper at home is a fascinating process by Carl Bussjaeger 

     You can become a hardcore forager by Larry Cywin 

     Fish – this gourmet food is fun to catch, relatively easy to cook, and healthy to eat by Richard Blunt 

     The saga of the brand name computer and why you should buy a “clone” by John Silveira 

     Make a fully functional cold storage pit/mound and enjoy your garden’s production all winter by Armand O. Deblois 

     Inexpensive retired Russian military rifles can be the ideal backwoods meat guns by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker

     Seven secrets of Dutch oven cooking by Roger L. Beattie 

     ***Comfrey is a powerful healing herb by Anita Evangelista 


Issue #46 (July/August 1997)

     My View – The militia movement by Dave Duffy 

     Multi-level marketing – is it the road to riches or disaster? by Katharine B. Reader 

     ***For lots of summer fun, make a super squirtgun by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     ***Build a seed starter and make a nice part-time garden income by Alice B. Yaeger 

     ***Roadside marketing: the best of two worlds by Robert L. Williams 

     A canoe livery – an honest, clean business by Harry Spetla 

     ***Get a taste of India in your kitchen tonight by Richard Blunt 

     ***Get paid to take vacations by Robert L. Williams 

     ***Ayoob on firearms – Mossberg model 500: the backwoods shotgun by Massad Ayoob

     ***Here’s 5 reasons adults should read kids’ books by Kathryn Houser 

     ***How about them $mushrooms$ by Robert Rowe 

     Think of it this way – Science and truth, are they related? by John Silveira 

     Jerusalem artichoke: food for man and beast by Katherine Tapley 

     Grandma will love this personal “helping hands” wall hanging by Sally Boulding 

     ***Yesterday’s furniture today – a puncheon bench by Dana Martin Batory 

     ***Drip irrigation saves a lot of water and weeding by William Gettys 

     ***Build a “solar powered” clock – it’s fun, educational, and even useful by Carl Bussjaeger 

     ***Collect (almost) free money by gathering readily available wild plants & botanicals by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker

     ***Heat your household from the outside by Jacqueline Tresl 

     ***Build a bat house to control insect pests by Robert L. Williams 

     ***Cool your home with this simple device while you also meet your hot water needs by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     ***Substitute teaching – the pay is good, but it ain’t always easy by Don Fallick 

     ***Wild garlic – independent and delicious by Alice B. Yaeger 

     ***Make lemonade without lemons by John C. Fisher 


Issue #45 (May/June 1997)

     ***My View – A news magazine worth reading by Dave Duffy 

     ***If you build your own (legal) house, you’ll have to deal with the permit process by Skip Thomsen 

     ***Get low-cost, high-quality lumber by investing in an inexpensive planer by Robert L. Williams 

     ***I found that special somebody, and you can too – with safety by Jayn Steidl Thibodeau

     ***The marvel of baking soda by Richard Bauman 

     ***Lay vinyl flooring the foolproof way by Oliver Del Signore 

     ***10 strong mildew deterrents by Sandy Lindsey 

     ***Make your own ulu – it’s the ultimate backwoods knife by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     Build an inexpensive but durable jackleg fence by Dynah Geissal 

     Build a homestead copy cart by Charles A. Sanders 

     ***These double-steep half stairs save space by George W. McLeod 

     Ayoob on firearms – the M1A, a rifle that makes a statement by Massad Ayoob 

     Here are some answers to often asked questions of anti- gunners by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Try alfalfa for bigger plants by Kim Dieter 

     ***Go camping on a low budget or go on no budget at all by Christopher Nyerges 

     ***Think of it this way – Prohibition: then, now and always by John Silveira 

     Women play a key role when it comes to making this rural volunteer fire department a success by Carole Perlick 

     Build an all-purpose ladder by Robert L. Williams 

     Greens and rhubarb are spring tonics by Jennifer Stein Barker 

     ***Do you have a good recipe for stir-fried rattlesnake? by Don Fallick 

     ***Mom’s wash was rainwater clean by Barbara Kesser 

     ***There’s still a lot of life left in dead trees by Tom R. Kovach 

     ***Grow sweet Tetsukabuto squash by Alice B. Yaeger 

     ***Barbecue – it’s America’s national cuisine by Richard Blunt 

     ***Make your own quality rope by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     ***Understanding paint and stain by Harry G. Nemec 


Issue #44 (March/April 1997)

     My View – A history lesson from Ayn Rand by Dave Duffy 

     Save time and energy with the fenced chicken coop/garden by John Silveira 

     ***Rid your garden of snails and slugs – organically by Nancy Gordon 

     ***Try these 13 metal cleaning tips to keep your house shining by Sandy Lindsey 

     ***Many choices for mulch by Tom R. Kovach 

     You can make your own fertilizers by Christopher and Dolores Lynn Nyerges 

     ***Soil aeration is essential to a successful garden by Alice B. Yaeger 

     For extra production, try mound gardening by Edward Love Johnson 

     Make your own effective fishing tackle while you save money and recycle scrap by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     ***You can learn to help chicks live through “problem hatches” by Susan Betz Jitomir 

     ***Repel garden pests with companion planting by Inez Castor 

     ***I have a new address…but I didn’t move by Lee Ann Murphy 

     ***Enjoy snap beans – fresh from the garden by Alice B. Yaeger 

     ***These rolls will enrich a meal, or even be a meal by Jennifer Stein Barker 

     ***Ayoob on firearms – accessible to you, but not the kids by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Telling time by the sun and stars is fun, and it’s also surprisingly accurate by Don Fallick 

     The dandelion is a healthful, great-tasting weed you can eat by Carol Williams 

     Think of it this way – Losing our rights as we watch television by John Silveira 

     ***Lawn care tips by Tom R. Kovach 

     ***Set 100 steel fence posts a day with a home-made driver by Don Fallick 

     ***Gold is where you find it – and it’s found along the Klamath by Gene Sheley 

     ***I remember the day the lynx attacked by Dorothy Simpson Croxton 

     ***Do leather repairs the frugal way, using tools and materials you already have by Gary D. Kirchmeier 

     ***Trees enhance any yard, but…if you’re planning your garden near trees, remember these tips by Tom R. Kovach 

     If you can boil water, you can make a good stew by Richard Blunt

     ***Raise your own feed crops for your livestock by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     ***Where I live by Annie Duffy 

     ***Make superior hay the old-fashioned way by Jacqueline Tresl 

     This house was blasted out of solid rock by L. Joseph Brooks 

     ***Make manure tea for a more bountiful garden by Sharon Erickson Ropes 

     ***Build your own backwoods mulch machine by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     ***There are lots of ways to compost – find the one that’s right for you by Connie Glasheen 

     ***Trimming feet is important by Jayn Steidl Thibodeau 


Issue #43 (January/February 1997)

     ***My View – Start your own newspaper by Dave Duffy 

     ***Heat and cool inexpensively with a ground source heat pump by B.B. Bunting and Don Fallick 

     ***Tankless water heaters offer some important advantages, but they have some drawbacks, too by Greg Guiltner 

     Rough day? You need to sip some yeller wine by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     Diesel generator power is a sensible choice, especially when integrated into the total system by Skip Thomsen 

     Is steam power in your future? by Skip Goebel 

     ***Considering life in rural Arkansas by Sharon Goodman 

     ***Try these simple ways to get started in solar hot water by Don Fallick 

     ***Better health from common plants by Christopher Nyerges 

     A hot tub doesn’t have to be expensive…we made ours for $35 by Tom Phillips 

     ***Getting the most out of a solar electric system by Paul Jeffrey Fowler 

     ***We built a homemade community fire truck by Don Fallick 

     The incredible cattail – the super Wal-Mart of the swamp by Kevin F. Duffy 

     ***Where I live by Annie Duffy 

     ***Here’s the best way to split gnarly firewood by Jim Deaton 

     Here’s how to store LP gas, gasoline, diesel, and kerosene on the homestead – safely by Emory Warner 

     ***Improve FM and shortwave reception with a do-it- yourself radio antenna by Charles A. Sanders 

     ***Homesteading on the electronic frontier. Solar, wind, and other independent energy information can be found on the internet by Martin P. Waterman 

     ***Ayoob on firearms – teaching your lady to shoot by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Here’s a cabbage with class – early Jersey Wakefield by Alice B. Yaeger 

     ***Make your own Old World culinary delights by Richard Blunt 

     ***Just for kids – fairies in your garden by Lucy Shober 

     Sometimes a good old bucket of coals is the best solution by Nancy Owen 

     ***Good-bye old friend by Lucy Shober 

     Seventeen great tips for caring for windows, mirrors, and other household glass by Sandy Lindsey 

     Here’s an easier (and cheaper) way to make wooden beams by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     ***You can grow gourmet strawberries from seed by Diana W. Morgan 

     These salads are hearty dishes by Jennifer Stein Barker 


Issue #42 (November/December 1996)

     My View – Don’t throw away your vote by Dave Duffy 

     ***Keep the cooks happy with these easy-to-make kitchen helpers by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     ***Close encounters with the white deer by Marjorie Burris 

     ***Here are five quick and easy craft projects by Jan Cook 

     I heat my house by burning corn by Judith W. Monroe 

     ***Save time and money, and get that custom look, with hinges you make yourself by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     ***Listening to shortwave radio broadcasts from around the world is informative and fun by Charles A. Sanders 

     These chocolate treats make great gifts and delicious holiday desserts by Tanya Kelley 

     ***Custom-crafted toiletries make very special gifts by Joy Lamb 

     ***Protect your land title before you buy by Don Fallick 

     ***Next year, grow your own holiday turkey by Darlene Campbell 

     ***Here are 10 ways to beat corrosion in the garage by Sandy Lindsey 

     ***Make this classic Shaker-style butcher block by Dana Martin Batory 

     Seed art – it’s fun to collect the seeds and to create these unusual pictures by Alice B. Yaeger 

     ***Make delicious, eye-catching holiday breads by Richard Blunt 

     ***Where I live by Annie Duffy 

     ***This method lets you make quilts that are artistic and very personal by Carole Perlick 

     ***Make your own nifty gift bags by Darlene Polachic 

     ***You can make these beautiful pinecone wreaths at home by Darlene Polachic 

     ***Use these tips to avoid problems with your sewing machine by Reuben O. Doyle 

     What if there’s no doctor? Knowing CPR can save a life by Carole Perlick 

     ***Delicious holiday cakes don’t have to be diet-busters by Jennifer Stein Barker 

     ***Ayoob on firearms – the best deal in home-defense guns by Massad Ayoob 

     Make a doll with real hair by Jan Cook 

     ***For many people, these natural remedies can reduce high blood pressure by Christopher Nyerges 

     Make a beautiful tire planter by Carole Perlick 

     ***With papier mache, you can make treasures from trash by Sally Denney 

     Here’s how to make a musical bamboo flute by Robert E. Kramer 

     ***Homesteading on the electronic frontier. Looking for love in cyberspace by Martin P. Waterman 

     In the classroom and at home, this system will help you grow self-reliant kids by Marjorie Harrison 

     ***Grow winter salad greens on your windowsill by Sally Denney


Issue #41 (September/October 1996)

     ***My View – The “Leave Us Alone” coalition and some alternative news sources by Dave Duffy 

     For large quantity food dehydration try this homemade gem from the past by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     ***Pectin – you can rely on the grocer, or you can learn to make it yourself by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     ***Those leftover fall tomatoes are a delicious bounty that should be put aside for the future by Alice B. Yaeger

     ***Apple-dapples – fun to make and even more fun to snack on by Linda Gabris 

     ***It’s easy to build your own milking stanchion by Janell Henschel 

     ***You can make delicious meals all winter with stored vegetables and dried spices by Jennifer Stein Barker 

     ***Ten off-beat metal cleaning tricks by Sandy Lindsey 

     Here are some simple tips on how to store apples for a long, long time by Don Fallick 

     ***Careful planning will make harvesting and preserving food a year-long process by Dynah Geissal  

     ***Make “recycled wine” from leftover fruit pulp by Allyn Uptain 

     Pressing cider and memories by Brenda McBride 

     ***Solve chinking woes with a mortar-sawdust mix by Robert L. Williams 

     Orphaned kittens need special care by Carolyn A. Beck

     Based on years of personal experience, here are 10 good tips for homeschooling your children by Mary Jo Bratton 

     ***A unit study on birds by Mary Jo Bratton 

     Teach your kids math with the banking game by Micki Warner 

     ***Improve your poultry with selective breeding by Jan Palmer 

     ***Here are some cucumber pickles to make at home by Olivia Miller 

     Enrich your soil with cover crops by Inez Castor 

     ***Here are some tasty ways to use those end-of-season green tomatoes by Marjorie Burris 

     Make grape juice the easy way by Tanya Kelley 

     What if there’s no doctor? Surviving a heart attack in the backwoods by Carole Perlick 

     ***Where I live by Annie Duffy 

     ***Keep fresh greens in your garden – even in the snow – by using row cover by Lance and Jennifer Barker 

     Cracking walnuts – “almost fun” by Lydia Mayfield 

     Keep your onions fresh…with panty hose! by James Robertson 

     ***Traditional ways of keeping your corn crop and seed corn are still very effective by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     Use plastic to get a head start on corn in the fall by Mark and Lynn Klammer 

     Sheet composting saves work by John Fuchs 

     A few strings attached by Marcia Brown 

     ***Squash seeds are a delicious, nutritious snack by Robert K. Henderson 

     ***Mugwort – from aiding digestion to relieving fatigue, this flavorful plant has many good uses by Christopher Nyerges 

     ***Ayoob on firearms – the backwoods hunter by Massad Ayoob 

     Leaf mold is another way to build your soil by John Fuchs 

     ***Venison deserves gourmet treatment by Edith Helmich 

     Homesteading on the electronic frontier. Harvesting information from the internet by Martin P. Waterman 

     Southern cooking that doesn’t just whistle Dixie by Richard Blunt


Issue #40 (July/August 1996)

     ***My View – Born of desperation by Dave Duffy 

     ***If you have some solid how-to knowledge to sell, writing and publishing a book is not that hard by Skip Thomsen 

     Delicious, wholesome, and just enough “crunch,” these special soybeans sell for $2 a pound by Jill Fox 

     ***Here are two country couples who diversified to make a living by Dave Duffy 

     ***The “night crawler condo” is a great way to make money by Angela Jenkins 

     ***Got some weekend residents in your area? Then your home business is waiting to open by Nanci Vineyard 

     ***Raising rabbits – for meat and making money, it’s hard to beat this creature on the homestead by Jayn Steidl Thibodeau 

     ***This family started a used bookstore for under $2,000 by Mary Kenyon 

     ***For headache, fever, or even rheumatism, relief is as near as the familiar willow plant by Christopher Nyerges 

     ***You can have a good career as a nurse practitioner no matter where you live by Rodney L. Merrill 

     ***Consider small-scale hog production for delicious food and reliable income by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     ***Felting is an ancient art that’s still useful today by Anita Evangelista 

     ***Simplify, save, grow food, and trade and you too can afford to work for yourself by Dynah Geissal 

     ***Ayoob on firearms – the price of machismo by Massad Ayoob

     ***You can make extra money as a stringer by Robert L. Williams 

     A guaranteed-catch, u-catch trout pond is a fun and profitable business by Darlene Polachic 

     ***Forage for wood lettuce and ground coral and you can spice up your outdoor eating by Branley Allan Branson 

     ***Perfect whole wheat breads…some troubleshooting ideas by Jennifer Stein Barker 

     Think of it this way – Want proof of luck, ESP, and psychic powers? by John Silveira 

     ***Money doesn’t grow on trees, but you can grow it in your garden by Robert L. Williams 

     Where I live by Annie Duffy 

     ***Homesteading on the electronic frontier…cybrarian – a great internet job by Martin P. Waterman 

     ***Using trot lines, set lines, and jug fishing will increase your fish catch substantially by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     ***You can make this effective gray water disposal system by Steve Anderson


Issue #39 (May/June 1996)

     ***My View – The age of misinformation by Dave Duffy 

     Make your own lumber with a chainsaw mill by Jacqueline Tresl 

     ***Here’s a “helping hand” for your chainsaw lumber mill by R.E. Bumpus 

     ***You have to look beyond the building code to create really pleasing stairs by Skip Thomsen 

     Here’s a mighty creative way to protect your plants from animals by Joy Lamb 

     Homesteading on the electronic frontier by Martin P. Waterman 

     Your family can afford a computer: buy it used by Sharon Griggs 

     ***Would you believe…a canvas roof? It’s simple, quick, durable, and cheap by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     ***There are lots of tomato varieties – choose the ones that suit your garden and your taste by Alice B. Yaeger 

     ***A brick walk with little work and less money by Robert L. Williams 

     Build a three-car garage for $78 by Robert L. Williams 

     ***Lessons I learned while building my log home by Dynah Geissal 

     ***Ayoob on firearms – the Marlin Model 60, it’s the classic backwoods home rifle by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Think of it this way – Just how smart is that computer on your desk? by John Silveira 

     ***Ducks contribute to a homestead in many ways by Sylvia Gist 

     ***Concrete domes have some impressive advantages by Lance Bisaccia 

     ***Cob construction is literally dirt cheap by Marna Meagaen 

     ***Make quick and easy pasta by Jennifer Stein Barker 

     ***White sage – the quintessential chaparral herb by Christopher Nyerges 

     ***Safe, delicious, and inexpensive home preserves by Richard Blunt 

     ***Plan your energy-independent home before you begin construction by Paul Jeffrey Fowler 


Issue #38 (March/April 1996)

     ***My View – The tax problem by Dave Duffy 

     ***It’s cheap and easy to multiply plants by using these propagation techniques by Connie Glasheen 

     ***Soil pH is the secret of a good garden by Marjorie Burris 

     ***Here are some thoughts on finding your dream place – garden and all by Alice B. Yaeger 

     ***PV pioneer describes his successful solar home by Paul Jeffrey Fowler 

     Homesteading on the electronic frontier by Martin P. Waterman 

     ***Eating crow isn’t that bad by Bill Palmroth 

     ***Protect those young trees from frost and vermin by Tommy Kovach 

     ***Don’t have a cow! (Get a steer instead) by Tanya Kelley 

     ***Try these organic controls for garden pests by Tommy Kovach 

     ***Stop bugs Nature’s way by Maurcia DeLean 

     ***Combat aphids by planting garlic by Barbara Fallick 

     ***From humble stew to curried root soup, root vegetables are an overlooked delight by Richard Blunt 

     Dorothy Ainsworth update: Out of the ashes by Dorothy Ainsworth 

     ***Be a purple martin landlord – and find lots of uses for gourds by Edna C. Norrell 

     ***It’s springtime in Montana by Dynah Geissal 

     ***Where I live by Annie Duffy 

     Make these hot drinks for liquid comfort by Jennifer Stein Barker 

     ***You definitely want to grow your own asparagus by Anne Westbrook Dominick

     ***The Ichiban hybrid eggplant is a real producer by Alice B. Yaeger 

     ***For something different in your garden, try ground cherries by Sally Denney 

     ***What you do to one side of an equation, you do to the other to keep it balanced by John Silveira 

     ***High altitude gardening – it’s a challenge but these helpful tips can get you started by Dynah Geissal

     ***Goats don’t eat zucchini by Jacqueline Binford-Bell 

     ***Grow horehound for the health of it by Jim Hildreth 

     ***Blueberries are an affordable luxury by Alice B. Yaeger 

     ***The duck dilemma: they’re a lot of fun, and they do eat those slugs – but … by Inez Castor 

     ***Scrap poly pipe can be transformed into “training wheels for trees” by L.A. Wallin 

     ***Lilacs can provide a reliable “thermometer” for planting by Gordon Stetser Jr.

     ***When you’re laying out your farm, careful planning pays big dividends by Jan Palmer 

     ***Follow these eight easy steps to a successful eggplant harvest by Michael Clayton 

     ***Tobacco has some uses that might surprise you by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     ***Whose garden is this anyway? by Michael J. Tougias 

     ***For some surprises in your garden, grow potatoes from seed by Craig Russell 


Issue #37 (January/February 1996)

     ***My View – The new frontier by Dave Duffy 

     You can earn a college degree without ever leaving home, thanks to TVs and computers by Rodney L. Merrill

     ***NASA says these plants will help clean the air in your home by Tommy Kovach 

     ***It took a lot of weed-eating fish & work to make our lake usable by Martha Belding 

     ***Commonsense precautions help keep kids safe by Margaret C. Wright 

     Feeling nostalgic? Now you’ll rave! Here’s the story of Burma Shave by Martin P. Waterman 

     ***The Fuyugaki persimmon – it really is “food for the gods” by Alice B. Yaeger 

     June Jaeger’s quilts are works of fine art by Lance Bisaccia 

     ***Ayoob on firearms – my choice for the ideal backwoods gun is the four-inch .44 Magnum handgun by Massad Ayoob

     ***Homesteading on the electronic frontier by Martin P. Waterman 

     ***When it comes to land contracts – be careful! Here are some critical points to consider. by Harry Styron 

     ***Where I live by Annie Duffy 

     ***These are Jacob’s sheep by Anita Evangelista 

     ***How I’ve started my child in a program of homeschooling by John Silveira 

     Think of it this way – Just how good of a bet are those lotto tickets? by John Silveira 

     ***Shiitake mushrooms for food and for cash – you “plant” them by inoculating logs by Lee Harbert 

     Salads for winter by Jennifer Stein Barker 

     ***Try these bread recipes that are part of our heritage – and still delicious today by Thomas C. Tabor

     ***Here’s a cold storage house as good as our ancestors built by Harry G. Nemec 

     The saga of Benjamin, the backwoods, homeschooled boy who wanted to get a job by Margaret C. Wright 

     ***For this resourceful couple, primitive survival skills are a path to self sufficiency by Terrie Clark 

    ***Beans – they may be a poor man’s meat, but they are also the gourmet’s delight by Richard Blunt 

     ***The amazing aloe by Ruth Adler 

     Everybody talks about lightning – and yes, there are things you can do about it by Albert H. Carlson 

     ***Propane is a multi-purpose fuel, and it has many key advantages by Matt McEachran 

     ***Try these smaller breeds of multi-purpose cattle by Jan Palmer 


Issue #36 (November/December 1995)

     ***My View – Self reliance means no scapegoats by Dave Duffy 

     ***Don’t miss the backwoods on-ramp to the information super highway by Martin P. Waterman 

     ***Wild turkey, goose, and venison for the holidays by Richard Blunt 

     ***Open eyes can help you survive your move back to the land by Nick Evangelista 

     Boost your income by adding a processing step to what you sell by Harry Styron 

     The cholesterol in your stovepipe can be fatal by D.B. Frandsen 

     ***Where I live by Annie Duffy 

     Think of it this way – Steam-driven cars, cars from the past that would make ideal cars for the future by John Silveira 

     ***Build a homestead forge and fabricate your own hardware by Leland Edward Stone 

     ***Ayoob on firearms – selecting the backwoods battery by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Soups for winter by Jennifer Stein Barker 

     ***Try cooking on top of your heating-stove by Marjorie Burris 

     ***Ol’ Hank and the John Deere by Roland R. Bianchi 

     Moving to the wilderness – turning the dream to reality by Jackie Clay 

     Finding, buying, milking, and living with the family milk cow by Jayn Steidl Thibodeau 

     ***In search of the perfect bowl of chili by Martin P. Waterman 

     ***Make your own Swiss Army style snowshoes by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker

     ***Tanning your own hide – a sportsman’s guide by Jeff Butterfield

     ***Here are seven helpful hints from homestead 77 by Marjorie Burris 

     ***Dig a poor man’s well in the country by Dynah Geissal 

     Just for kids – some farinaceous folly by Lucy Shober 

     ***A DIY level that actually works by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     ***Make butter the easy way by Audrey Stallsmith 

     ***If you’d like to get started with chickens, here are the basics by Richard D. Kepple 

     ***Two classic military rifles for the homestead by Larry Cywin 


Issue #35 (September/October 1995)

     ***My View – A flat tax makes sense by Dave Duffy 

     Backwoods love and divorce – don’t take the first for granted by Skip Thomsen 

     ***Stackwall construction – it’s beautiful, it’s affordable, and you can build it yourself by Darlene Polachic

     ***…and how about a stackwall chicken coop by Dolores Wilgenbusch 

     The backwoods back: the right and wrong ways to do lifting around the homestead by Don Fallick 

     ***Prepare for hunting season and have some great fun by making your own accessories by Jeff Butterfield 

     Where I live by Annie Duffy 

     Make a matchbox car roadway by Jan Cook 

     ***Get a new life for those old dead battery-powered tools by converting them to 12 volts by Kenneth J. Polman 

     ***Sauerkraut the easy way by Anita Evangelista 

     ***Tired of paying through the nose for cereal? Try making your own granola dirt cheap by Jan Settles

     Saving open-pollinated seeds is one step to self sufficiency by Connie Glasheen 

     You can make realistic canvas decoys that work as well as the store-bought kind by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     ***Ayoob on firearms – create your own shooting range by Massad Ayoob 

     This St. Bernard backwoods hero saved old grandma’s life by Margaret C. Wright 

     ***Try these fresh ideas in your home dairy by Gary L. Kissler 

     Raising my calf Max by Aaron Siler 

     ***Self-reliant couple create a solar homestead by Larry Elliott

     ***A little planning makes living with solar easier than you think by Jennifer Stein Barker 

     Install rafters alone – the easy way by Robert L. Williams 

     Having “escaped from cultivation,” honeysuckle and kudzu pose a real threat by Alice B. Yaeger 

     ***Want to save fuel and money? Try square-split firewood by Robert L. Williams 

     ***Garlic lovers’ delight by Jennifer Stein Barker 

     Just for kids – visit the great prairies by Lucy Shober 

     ***This is one way to make applejack… by Ted Stout 

     ***…and this is Reverend Dr. Hooker’s applejack by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     Wolf-dog hybrids: smart, loyal, but they’re not for everyone by Kristen Rogers 

     ***Be a clown – it’s fun, and it pays well too by Cynthia Andal 

     Presidents’ wives of the past, part 4 – cunning, vindictive, and one may have been a murderess by John Silveira 

     Think of it this way – Term limits: the logic behind it by John Silveira 

     ***Make your own string cheese by Anita Evangelista 

     ***It’s damned hot, and it’s damned good by Richard Blunt  


Issue #34 (July/August 1995)

     ***My View – The politics of tragedy by Dave Duffy 

     ***Need a privy? Here’s the right way to build one by Don Fallick 

     ***Making teas from wild plants and herbs by Charles Bryant O’Dooley 

     ***Build a cool pool for a refreshing price by Diane Laverty 

     ***From emergency shower to backpack friend, the garden sprayer is a real versatile tool by Keb Burns 

     ***Here’s how old Italy and I teamed up to make a really neat & useful non-electric pasta machine by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     Buy prescription drugs cheaply and without a prescription by Bob Fawcett 

     ***Try our country cliches quiz by Don Fallick 

     ***Freeze that sweet corn and enjoy it all year long by John C. Fisher 

     ***Create your own emergency water supply by Charles A. Sanders 

     ***Effective rounds for the backwoods by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Make herbal wines for pleasure and health by Larry Cywin 

     ***Enjoy zucchini all year by Sandra L. Toney 

     ***Mediterranean food – it’s home-based cooking at its best, and it’s about as healthful as it gets by Richard Blunt 

     Presidents’ wives of the past – part 3 by John Silveira 

     You can turn dumpster-diving into an urban treasure hunt by Karen A. Murphy 

     Make a quillow by Jan Cook 

     ***How to make your own dressings and bandages by Marjorie Burris 

     ***Think of it this way…Government agencies reporting figures by John Silveira 

     ***Lunchbox cookies by Jennifer Stein Barker 

     ***Homemade soap – it’s easy to make, high in quality, and you can even make a living with it by Robert Jones 

     ***If it’s personality you like farm animals have a lot of it by Frances Morrow 

     Grow your own bay tree by J.C. Braddy 

     Just for kids – life in the forest by Lucy Shober 

     ***Start a home-based herb business by Steve Gitre 

     ***Troubleshoot your own PC by Michael Simmons

      How about a delicious thistle salad? by Terri Hoover Dunham

      The unfairness of property taxes by Martin Harris 


Issue #33 (May/June 1995)

     ***My View – Newt Gingrich, a man of history by Dave Duffy 

     ***Here a few tips on maintaining & diagnosing small engine problems around the homestead by Michelle Richards 

     ***Greens – delicious, nutritious, and easy to grow by Alice B. Yaeger 

     ***Here’s one way to build a solar-heated shower by Harry G. Nemec 

     ***Build cheap, temporary shelters for your homestead’s temporary needs by Don Fallick 

     ***Here’s how to start your own small town theater company by Martin P. Waterman 

     ***The price of self defense by Massad Ayoob 

     ***Here’s how one couple battled government over an unfair tax assessment – and won by Linda A. Wallin 

     ***Leave space for peppers! by Alice B. Yaeger 

     ***Home brew your own beer by Richard Blunt 

     ***The headless chicken and the family picnic – what a sight! by Kate Taylor 

     Want a different look? Try sponge painting by Jan Cook 

     ***Thoughts on a snake by Ruth Greer 

     ***Metal framing – no more mildew, termites, rot, fungus, shrinkage, fire, or knots by Robert L. Williams 

     ***Don’t throw away them bricks by Helen Hunter 

     ***Want a fun way to cut those food bills? Grab a rod & reel by Robert L. Williams 

     ***Sandwiches for summer by Jennifer Stein Barker 

     ***How to work with brokers, lawyers, tile insurance agents when you buy country land by Harry Styron

     A death on the farm by Dynah Geissal 

     ***Think of it this way…Fully Informed Jury Assoc. by John Silveira 

     ***Just for kids – life on the damp side by Lucy Shober 

     City boy, country boy by Margaret C. Wright 

     ***Herbal vinegars – extra zip in your cooking by Kristen Rogers 

     ***Raising goats can be profitable by Francille Anderson Lindley 


Issue #32 (March/April 1995)

      ***My View – Tolerance, Both the left & the right lack it by Dave Duffy 

      ***Home brew your own beer by Richard Blunt 

      ***Gardening for blood by Kate Taylor 

      ***Make a heated seed germination flat by Frank Morgan 

      ***Starting over by Dynah Geissal 

      ***Hardy roses are easy to grow by Martin P. Waterman 

     A post office called Podunk by Marjorie Burris 

      ***Elderberries – the undiscovered fruit by Martin P. Waterman 

     Never underestimate a woman by Dorothy Ainsworth 

      ***Home-grown popcorn – the treat you can grow yourself by Dorothy Cady 

      ***Second of two parts: build an expensive log house – the cheap way by Robert L. Williams 

     James Polk – a model for modern presidents by John Silveira 

      ***Defensive deadly force: the ground rules by Massad Ayoob 

     Just for kids – knock knock vinegar by Lucy Shober 

      ***Troubleshooting problems with compost piles by Connie Glasheen 

      ***Garden for the record and ensure a good harvest by Wendell Anderson 

      ***One pot meals by Jennifer Stein Barker 

      ***Tractor maintenance saves you more than money by Eugene Taylor and Jayne Steidl Thibodeau

     How to buy your first sheep (without getting shorn) by Anita Evangelista 

      ***My stars and garters by Cora J. Ciampi 

     Try these home remedies for “hare” loss by Maurcia DeLean 

      ***For a delicious adventure, try growing your own corn by Lisa Ann LeFreniere 

      ***Try a cement block garden by Robert L. Williams 


Issue #31 (January/February 1995)

     ***My View – James Madison’s warning is more important now than ever by Dave Duffy 

     ***Here’s how to choose flavor enhancers to make everyday eating an adventure by Richard Blunt 

     ***Whether they’re new or historic varieties, some apples just belong in a country garden by Martin P. Waterman 

     ***Homeschool your children using apprenticeships by Susannah Sheffer 

     ***How to earn your college degree outside of the traditional classroom by Joseph Barbuto 

     ***Here’s a simple device to improve rough roads by Kenneth J. Polman 

     How to make knives and sheaths by Dave Strom 

     ***Here’s how I built a 1000-gallon septic tank by Harry G. Nemec 

     ***Driving and keeping your car running in winter by Martin P. Waterman 

     ***Adopting a wild horse by Farley Anderson 

     ***How to cope with winter blues by Martin P. Waterman 

     ***Homeschooling our teenagers in the backwoods was one of the best decisions we have ever made by Bonnie Garrison 

     ***Try a gravity flow water system by Don Fallick 

     ***When Irish eyes are smiling – a love affair with Kerry- Dexters by Lucy Shober 

     Make quick-as-a-flash “winter warm wear” by Jan Cook 

     ***Cookstove lore by Don Fallick 

     Women and kids build a straw bale wall by Jeanne Hawks 

     Carver – he wrote the book on self reliance by John Silveira

     ***John Fitch – a forgotten inventor by Maurcia DeLean 

     Excessive overhang by Dorothy Ainsworth 

     ***Make your own tool handles by Don Fallick 

     ***Just for kids – hard working worms by Lucy Shober 


Issue #30 (November/December 1994)

     ***My View – Politics, self reliance…and Bill Clinton by Dave Duffy 

     American food – it’s as varied as the melting pot by Richard Blunt 

     ***Collecting old phonograph records is fun and educational by Don Fallick 

     ***Try traditional early American fried squirrel by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     ***Barbecue a whole goat (and more) in an imu by Don Fallick 

     ***Your throw-away fish can be keepers if you know how to prepare them right by Richard Blunt 

     ***David and the D-4…a story about growing up by Marjorie Burris 

     ***Building an expensive log house – the cheap way by Robert L. Williams 

     Homemade hunter’s soup by Kristen Rogers 

     Make a “slit shirt” by Jan Cook 

     Making and using a solar cooker by Jay Radabaugh 

     ***Poor man’s shrimp cocktail on perch, and… by Pat Ward 

     ***Sourdough with substance by Jennifer Stein Barker 

     ***How to keep those excess eggs by Anita Evangelista 

     ***Preventing and surviving stove and chimney fires by Don Fallick 

     ***Venison recipes by William Shepherd 

     ***Converting your gas car to electric is no shocker by Shari Prange 

     Just for kids – some pioneer recipes by Lucy Shober

     ***Some thoughts about my wood cookstove by Dynah Geissal 

     ***Pemmican – the all purpose food by Bill Palmroth 

     Former first ladies – beautiful, brilliant, crazy by John Silveira 

     ***Turkeys – fun and profitable and not as dumb as you think by Dynah Geissal 

     ***Learning in the pickle patch by Jill Fox 


Issue #29 (September/October 2004)

     ***My View – Bad laws, good solutions (Underground economy, Fully informed jury) by Dave Duffy 

     ***Here are some home-based businesses that are worth trying by Skip Thomsen and Cat Freshwater 

     ***Use your own sawmill to cut lumber prices by Robert L. Williams 

     Outlaw wisteria by Zane Louise Shonforest 

     ***Raising goats as a business is a profitable and fun venture by Jayn Steidl Thibodeau 

     A local barter network creates new options by Hugh Glass 

     You have to learn to shovel crap before you learn to be the boss by Dave Duffy 

     ***Grow an independent living with a cut flower business by Vern Modeland 

     ***Here are three ways to build a stanchion by Knight C. Duerig 

     From Martha and Abigail to Dolly and Louisa, America’s earliest First Ladies were fascinating by John Silveira 

     ***Making sourdough bread by Richard Blunt 

     ***Old-fashioned desserts by Jennifer Stein Barker 

     Just for kids – some summertime secrets by Lucy Shober 

     ***Odd-jobbin’ can be a country goldmine by Don Fallick 

     ***Help your children to read by teaching them the phonic basics by Barbara Sorenson Fallick 

     ***PV as a country business? – if you’re a jack-of-all-trades by Larry Elliott 

     ***Here’s how to start a part-time, one-person mail order business by Michael Simmons 

     ***Try an ex-military truck for rugged, reliable service by David Jensen

     ***Install a remote telephone line by Phil Wilcox and Serena Somers 


Issue #28 (July/August 2004)

     ***My View – The beast is at the door again by Dave Duffy 

     For a truly independent energy system, your choices are solar, wind, and water by Larry Elliott 

     Don’t discount a generator, especially a diesel generator, as your primary power source by Skip Thomsen 

     ***The great cow caper by Edie L. Norling 

     ***Lucky duck by Dynah Geissal 

     ***Raising fish in the farm pond by Steven Minner 

     ***How ya gonna keep ’em down on the farm – after they’ve seen the mall? by Robert L. Williams 

     Independent energy runs Backwoods Home Magazine by Dave Duffy 

     ***Looking behind the Declaration of Independence by John Silveira 

     ***Chinese cooking by Richard Blunt 

     Just for kids – sun-kabobs and solar sizzle by Lucy Shober 

     Small wind turbines are a viable alternative by Mike Bergey 

     ***Designing for solar heating by Don Fallick 

     ***The gosling that lived by Dynah Geissal 

     ***Micro-hydropower – a working example by Greg and Bonnie Chanie 

     ***Here’s a low-cost, low-tech refrigerator that really works by Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     ***The care of lead acid batteries by Larry Elliott 

     ***Sun oven cookery by Jennifer Stein Barker

     ***Build a 12-volt power plant from the junkyard by Edwin A. Towne, Jr. 

     ***Firewood: how and what to buy by Ray Lagoe 


Issue #27 (May/June 1994)

     ***My View – Self reliance the key to happiness by Dave Duffy 

     ***How to care for and feed the family pond by Steven Minner 

     Good-bye old friend by Lucy Shober 

     ***Raising water buffalo – are they better than cattle? by Chris and Mike Braet 

     ***Moon over Bogus Brook by Dory Hulburt 

     ***Here are 5 simple things that make our life easier by Marjorie Burris 

     Determined woman builds distinctive vertical log studio by Dorothy Ainsworth 

     ***Choosing and using a wood cookstove by Mary Pipes 

     ***Mick Sagrillo – wizard of wind by Vern Modeland 

     ***Three great bread recipes by Richard Blunt 

     ***Quick and easy veggie food by Jennifer Stein Barker 

     ***Learn the basics of wall framing by Robert L. Williams 

     Going home by Nathaniel Luttenton 

     ***Health care begins at home by Dynah Geissal 

     ***Build a fieldstone chimney by Eric and Burney Dibble 

     Building your own home: part III by Martin S. Harris 

     ***Start a home-based food business by Kristen Rogers and Randy Atkins 

     ***Making your own sourdough yeast by Judith Blucher

     ***Build an earth-sheltered log cabin by Tok Thompson 

     ***Handguns are useful tools for the homesteader by Christopher Maxwell 

     ***Trading your city house for a country homestead – will it be a taxing move? by Sandra R. Bullington, CPA 

     Make a lifeline before you need it by Ralph LaPlant 

     ***How to build a low-cost log lifter by Robert L. Williams 


Issue #26 (March/April 1994)

     ***My View – Forget conspiracies…and do something productive! by Dave Duffy 

     ***Driving back country roads – different skills needed at every turn by Don Fallick 

     ***The miracle of a country birth by Sally Denney 

     ***Make delicious wine at home by Charles A. Sanders 

     ***Grapes – with 3000 varieties, you can grow them just about anywhere in North America by Martin P. Waterman 

     Build your own home, part 2 – using concrete and masonry in construction by Martin S. Harris 

     ***Garden huckleberries – these hardy, firm berries are easy to grow, as tasty as blueberries by Bonnie Gelle 

     ***Short season gardening by Dynah Geissal 

     ***Kiwi fruit – healthy, delicious, exotic, pest- and disease- resistant, low-maintenance… by Martin P. Waterman 

     ***The 10 most useful herbs by Audrey Stallsmith 

     ***Tips for cold-climate herb growing by Jennifer Stein Barker 

     ***Some herb garden recipes by Jennifer Stein Barker 

     ***My favorite soup recipes by Richard Blunt 

     ***Try an isolated gain passive solar house by H. Scott Kaufmann 

     ***Simplified concrete and masonry work by Robert L. Williams 

     Just for kids – killing some time (create an afternoon time warp) by Lucy Shober 

     The fence post tomato trellis by Jeff Goettemoeller 

     ***Raising sheep by Monta Hulsing

     ***Free supplies for your homestead by Jeff Heikenfeld 

     ***Improving poor garden soil by Vernon Hopkins 

     ***Dueling duck by Cleoral Lovell 

     ***Edible landscapes are Jim Gibbons’ livelihood by Vern Modeland 

     ***Edible landscapes: some information sources by Vern Modeland 

     ***Muzzleloaders – art, science, and a piece of history by Gene Willis 

     ***Deer discourology by Whitney M. Bollier 

     ***Synopsis of sourdough by Charles Bryant O’Dooley 


Issue #25 (January/February 1994)

     ***My View – Whether it’s small town or big time, the environment or health care, the government is not the answer by Dave Duffy 

     ***Planning is an essential key to achieving the country life by Dynah Geissal 

     ***Some tips on moving to your country home by Don Fallick 

     ***Supplement your income by teaching others your skills by Sherry Wietelman 

     ***Make a patchwork baby bunting from scraps by Kristen Rogers 

     ***Make better pizza at home than you can buy by Richard Blunt 

     ***How we bought our country home by Darlene J. Campbell 

     Building your own home: part I by Martin S. Harris 

     ***The solar-powered silent partner by Jim Slater (with Larry Elliott) 

     ***Home-schooling – is it right for your kids? by Ron Brackin 

     ***Some homeschooling ideas by Don Fallick 

     ***Child-led learning by M.C. Wright 

     ***Native of the forest: a guide to growing ginseng by Melinda C. Long 

     ***The timberwolf woodbox by Ted Sponem 

     ***A tale about tenure in the neighborhood by Charlotte Jones 

     ***Winter ch-ch-ch-ch-chores by Dynah Geissal 

     ***The bow and arrow: low tech tool for food, entertainment by Gene Willis 

     Save energy, save money by Christopher Maxwell

     ***Cooking with dried fruit by Jennifer Stein Barker 

     ***Planning a move from the city to the country by John and Linda Janetos 

     ***Just for kids – readers’ page by Travis Mikalson 

     ***Just for kids – readers’ page by Annie Duffy 

     ***Just for kids – you in the big night sky by Lucy Shober 

     ***Living the country life by Sally Denney 

     Researching new locations by William L. Seavey 

     Civil forfeiture – government’s license to steal our property, violate our rights by Christopher Maxwell 

     ***Explore the world with shortwave by Michael Simmons 


Issue #24 (November/December 1993)

     ***My View – Flushing toilets with other people’s money by Dave Duffy 

     ***Drying food – a low cost, easy way to preserve your harvest by Carla Emory 

     ***Gathering low cost firewood by John R. Horton 

     ***Protect your home and family from fire by Larry D. Weber 

     ***Winter protection and planting of fruit trees by Martin P. Waterman 

     ***Ostriches and emus – backwoods bonanza or feathered pyramid? by Vern Modeland 

     Small engine maintenance for women by Michelle Richards 

     ***Preparing for snow-ins by Dynah Geissal 

     ***Cabin fever by Dynah Geissal 

     ***Fall pumpkins and squash by Sandy McPherson Carrubba 

     ***Wind power from the past by Larry Elliott 

     ***Wind power in the present by Mick Sagrillo 

     ***Thanksgiving – a celebration of freedom and harvest by John Silveira 

     ***Design and build a barn by Don Fallick 

     Just for kids – some good clean fun! by Lucy Shober 

     ***Muffin magic by Jennifer Stein Barker

     ***Getting sugar from trees by Craig Russell 

     ***Thermal mass has its place, but R value is the more efficient by Martin S. Harris 

     ***Venison recipes by Richard Blunt


Issue #23 (September/October 1993)

     ***My View – No ideology, no agenda by P.J. O’Rourke 

     ***History of the Oregon Trail by John Silveira 

     ***Reliving the Oregon Trail by Vern Modeland 

     ***Conestoga, the prairie super freighter by Vern Modeland 

     Here’s a step-by-step guide to wholesome, safe canning by Carla Emery 

     ***Harvesting from nature by Darlene Campbell 

     Slaughtering and butchering by Dynah Geissal 

     ***Prepare your rifle before deer season by Christopher Maxwell 

     ***Harvesting the blacktail deer by Vernon Hopkins 

     ***Solar panel testing and repair by Donald Koehler 

     Trusses – low-cost marvels to roof over most large spaces by Martin S. Harris 

     ***Planning to make a living in the country by Martin S. Harris 

     ***Saving is the first step to an independent country life by Christopher Maxwell 

     ***Just for kids – a backwoods kitchen garden by Lucy Shober 

     ***Apples galore by Anne Westbrook Dominick 

     ***Nuclear superstition by Peter Beckmann 


Issue #22 (July/August 1993)

     ***My View – Milwaukee water, self reliance…and a cool country drink by Dave Duffy 

     ***Homesteading at Hayden Lake by M.C. Wright 

     ***How to choose a greenhouse by Martin P. Waterman 

     Quilts – masterpieces of the heart and windows into women’s history by Marlene Parkin 

     ***I’m living my log cabin dream by Ralph LaPlant 

     ***What to look for in a kit log home by Ken Lefsaker 

     ***Chinking for log homes by Jim Talbot 

     ***Log homes – fact and fiction by Martin S. Harris 

     ***Electric car racing – what a gas! by Lon Gillas 

     ***Selecting the right voltage for your independent home power system by Windy Dakoff 

     ***Father goose by Dynah Geissal 

     ***A cautionary tale by Christopher Maxwell 

     ***How to make cheese and butter by Dynah Geissal 

     Firearm safety is a serious business by Christopher Maxwell 

     ***They are not just “HIS firearms” by Dr. Stephenie Slahor 

     ***Long range antennas for the homestead by Jeff Butterfield 

     Just for kids – take a nite hike! by Lucy Shober 

     ***Fitting in with your new neighbors by Susan Betz

     ***How to make money with wild crayfish by Gene Check 

     ***Log homes, motorcycles, and good food by Richard Blunt 

     ***Peppers for short season growers by Martin P. Waterman 

     ***Salads for summer by Jennifer Stein Barker 

     ***Living with a plywood floor by Julia Leiterman 


Issue #21 (May/June 1993)

     ***My View – Control government, not guns by Christopher Maxwell 

     ***Use houseplants to improve your indoor air quality by Martin P. Waterman 

     ***Drive your own well for next to nothing by Roger DeGroot 

     ***Sweet Alaska gold by Barbara Landi 

     ***How to build your own beehives by Gary Hutchins 

     ***Homebirth – a natural way to come into the world by Julie Pfeiffer Watner 

     ***The first slaughter by Therese Reid 

     ***Choosing superior bedding plants by Robert Callahan 

     ***Keep those empty milk jugs by Bruce Bair 

     ***The incredible non-biodegradable food service pail by Martin P. Waterman 

     ***A bit about ducks by Dynah Geissal 

     ***How to build the fence you need by Don Fallick 

     ***Understanding the environmental movement by John Silveira 

     ***Lumber regulations that purport to protect consumers really protect big business and keep lumber prices high by Martin S. Harris 

     ***Visiting Laura by Fran Jablway 

     ***Stocks – as important as herbs and spices by Richard Blunt 

     ***Just for kids – have a chat with your cat by Lucy Shober 

     ***Idaho utility entry into PV field may be a sign of things to come by Larry Elliott

     ***How to buy your first dairy goat by Anita Evangelista 

     ***The dairy goat – a gallon of milk a day by Darlene Campbell 

     The SKS carbine – an honest bargain by Christopher Maxwell 

     ***The right rifle for a woman by Michelle Richards 

     ***Buying the first horse by Jan Palmer 

     ***School at home for fun and profit by Robert L. Williams III 

     ***Protect your garden with a homemade trap by Ron and Carol Oliver 


Issue #20 (March/April 1993)

     ***My View – The new power of the mass media is eroding the freedom of the press by Dave Duffy 

     ***High beds and high production…with less work by Russ Davis 

     ***Land regulations are making it harder to move to the country by Martin S. Harris 

     ***Hamfests – overlooked goldmines for hobbyists and collectors by Bill McLean 

     ***Using hybrids and…creating your own varieties by Martin P. Waterman 

     ***Alternative education – learning in the real world by Mark and Helen Hegener

     ***A homeschool assignment by Benjamin Wright 

     ***What you should know about gold by Jo Mason 

     ***A chronology of gold in American history by Carl Watner 

     ***Using a “producer gas” generator to create electricity by Gene Townsend 

     ***Making a living as a writer by Jo Mason 

     ***Using photos to sell your writing by Robert L. Williams 

     ***In praise of the rural post office by Don Fallick 

     ***Cleaning and maintaining your firearms by Christopher Maxwell 

     Kurt Saxon’s lessons in survival by Vern Modeland 

     ***Smoked turkey and smoked brisket by Richard Blunt 

     ***Soups and stews for late winter by Jennifer Stein Barker 

     ***Just for kids – help for nature’s nursery by Lucy Shober

     ***The sensible, integrated photovoltaic energy system by Windy Dankoff 

     ***Roll your own biofertilizer by Walt Foster 

     ***Hotbeds – an old but still sound method to help you get a jump on the growing season by Martin P. Waterman 

     Making and selling tire gardens by Kurt Saxon 

     ***Recycle those old clothes into a braided rug by Marjorie Burris 

     ***Farm ethics by Dynah Geissal 

     ***Friendly alternatives for insect and pest control by Martin P. Waterman 


Issue #19 (January/February 1993)

     ***Insulation and vapor barriers by Martin S. Harris 

     Llamas guarding sheep? not such a far-fetched idea! by Karen McGeorge Sanders 

     ***Try buying at auctions to save money for just about any item by Charles A. Sanders 

     ***Living with a frozen privy by Don Fallick 

     ***The fully informed jury can restore the bill of rights by Christopher Maxwell 

     ***Using water hydraulics to help install your house grounding rod by Bruce Allison 

     Doesn’t anyone remember Tom Paine? by Robert L. Williams 

     Jerry Belanger’s network beyond the sidewalks by Vern Modeland 

     A page from the backwoods life of Countryside’s Jd Belanger by Vern Modeland 

     ***How to stop an invading army…termites! by Grover Brinkman 

     ***Your garden has a history by Dianne L. Beetler 

     ***Handgun choices for women who want to provide their own defense by Michelle Richards 

     ***Hearty winter breakfasts by Jennifer Stein Barker 

     Fireplace cooking cures the winter blues by Robert L. Williams 

     ***Chicken with curried rice by Richard Blunt 

     ***Just for kids – rainy day magic by Lucy Shober 

     ***Preparing your photovoltaic system for winter by Windy Dankoff 

     ***Guilty by default? One family’s tragedy and a mother’s warning by Shelby Taylor

     ***Using and storing wheat at home by Charles A. Sanders 

     ***Raising fishworms as a business by Robert Colby 

     ***Calling earthworms???? by Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker 

     ***Boredom got you tied in knots? Try “string craft” by James E. Robertson AKA Naconi 

     ***A night out at the Lady Griz game by Dynah Geissal 

     ***Flowered circlets by JJ Fallick 


Issue #18 (November/December 1992)

     ***My View – Rewriting the Bill of Rights, Fifteen reasons to vote in November by Dave Duffy 

     ***How to build an inexpensive cellar that works by R. Lee Rose 

     ***Remembering the magic of mother’s kitchen by Jean M. Long 

     ***Life of the “prairie tenor” by Vernon Hopkins 

     ***Moving houses – good bargains for backwoods living by Robert L. Williams 

     ***Medical transcription – a recession proof career? by Barbara Elig

     ***Moonlight and newspapers by Natalie Lund 

     ***Selling chickens to an ethnic market by Dynah Geissel 

     ***Riving shingles for your roof the old-fashioned way by Johnny M. Ernst and Theresa Neville 

     ***Want the kids to learn shooting? Try Whittington! by Robert L. Williams

     ***Self sufficiency & non-hybrid seeds by Reynolds Griffith 

     Waterwheels…part 3…design calculations for overshot waterwheels by Rudy Behrens 

     ***Rope as a tool – as versatile as ever by Jim Sullivan 

     ***The Australian Shepherd is a good dog choice for the self sufficient person who values brains and loyalty by Susan P. Weiss 

     ***My best winter meals by Darlene Campbell 

     ***Healthy holiday baking by Jennifer Stein Barker 

     ***Just for kids – a short possum tail (tale?) by Lucy Shober 

     ***The electoral college – how we elect the president by John Silveira

     ***One woman’s self-sustaining grassland livestock farm by Vern Modeland 

     ***LedgeRock’s electric fences by Vern Modeland 

     ***Here’s a handy chart to help predict your local weather by Michael Simmons 

     ***The case against modular housing by Martin S. Harris 

     Making a great rug from the rag bag by Lois A. Adams 

     ***Wyoming Classics show how to bead sweats and t’s by Jan Cook 


Issue #17 (September/October 1992)

     ***My View – BHM will no longer accept credit cards, Down with PR releases, Preparedness and Eco Expos, Andre Marrou interview by Dave Duffy 

     ***The sensible way to store and use food by Russ Davis 

     ***Give a country kid a camera by Robert L. Williams 

     ***Selecting the right heating system by Martin S. Harris 

     ***Ingredients for an herbal first aid kit and how you can use them effectively by David W. Christopher 

     ***The magic of home canning – great food at the best possible price by Darlene Campbell 

     ***The other Texas Frenchman – an interview with Andre Marrou, Libertarian candidate for president by Christopher Maxwell 

     Waterwheels…part 2…design calculations for no-head- low-head waterwheels by Rudy Behrens 

     ***How to get started in blacksmithing by Don Fallick 

     ***New uses for two old utensils gets rid of a kitchen bloody mess by Bonnie Gelle 

     ***Headwaters homestead: backwoods living in the Boston Mountains of Arkansas by Vern Modeland 

     ***Do-it-yourself “take-out” food by Jo Mason 

     ***Packable salads by Jennifer Stein Barker 

     ***Hand loading your ammo is far cheaper than buying it by Christopher Maxwell 

     ***Social conditioning, women, and self-defense by Michelle Richards 

     ***Grounding and lightning protection for solar-electric power systems by Windy Dankoff 

     ***Rabbit diseases and how to cope with them by Darlene Campbell 

     ***Just for kids – feather your vest by Lucy Shober

     ***Why I like living in the country by Scotty Matthews 

     ***Don’t spend a lot of money for your house windows by Martin S. Harris 

     ***A saddle shop created self sufficiency for Idaho family by Rosemary LeVernier 


Issue #16 (July/August 1992)

     My View – The black man’s worst enemy is not racism by Dave Duffy 

     ***Farming crayfish for a living – the demand exceeds the supply by Don and Sharane Wilson 

     A house that a tornado helped build by Robert L. Williams 

     ***The genius of John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and America’s “Declaration of Independence” by John Silveira 

     Some thoughts on growing older in the backwoods by Marjorie Burris 

     ***Photovoltacis in Arkansas’ Meadowcreek community help make its self reliant ideas a model for the future by Vern Modeland 

     ***Searching for the right American health care plan – is the medical care savings account the answer? by Martin P. Waterman 

     ***Starting a home video business by Doug Stevenson 

     ***Roughcut – a cut above? by Kris Hartley 

     ***A drip irrigation primer! by Leon Springer 

     ***If you plan to drive the Alaska Highway for its 50th anniversary in 1992, here are some good travel tips by Phil Wilcox 

     ***They may be old but they work – a solar food dryer by JJ Fallick 

     ***“Use it up, wear it out; make it do or do without!” by Jo Mason 

     ***Quick breads for summer by Jennifer Stein Barker 

     ***Uncommon wines – another way to save the harvest by Anita Evangelista 

     ***The rise of guerilla videos by Jojo Gunn 

     ***Just for kids – life in a rotten log by Lucy Shober 

     ***Why I like living in the country by “Beezer” Matthews

     ***Accessories can make shooting safer, more productive by Christopher Maxwell 

     ***Women, self defense, and the 20-gauge shotgun by Michelle Richards 

     ***Low overhead, sense of humor, and personal touch are key ingredients to running a good small business by Linda D. Rainey, R.N. 

     Waterpower for personal use by Rudy Behrens 


Issue #15 (May/June 1992)

     ***My View – New World Order – old world stench! by Dave Duffy 

     ***Foundations…from pole to slab by Martin S. Harris 

     ***Soviet nuclear weapons…what effect on our freedoms if terrorists get hold of them! by John Silveira 

     ***Walking that last mile with a loved one…a guide to caring for your own dead by Carl Watner 

     ***Understanding ammunition will make your working guns more versatile and useful by Christopher Maxwell 

     ***Amateur radio – a sensible communication alternative for people who are self-reliant by Vern Modeland 

     ***New rules for ham radio license by Marjorie Burris 

     ***From scud missiles to sea rescues, ham radio puts you into the action by Vern Modeland 

     ***Information sources for ham radio by Vern Modeland 

     ***Marrying solar thermal and photovoltaics to create a top notch closed loop solar hot water system by Tom Lane 

     ***The wolves of mission:wolf by Tom Haugen 

     ***Moving “back to the land” and making it work by Skip Thomsen 

     ***Looking for love in rural places by Jo Mason 

     ***Here’s a new way to remove a fish hook by Ralph LaPlant 

     ***Miles per gallon vs. miles per hour…or…things to consider when buying a car by Skip and Cathleen Thomsen 

     ***Tips to help make your car go 150,000 miles! by Rev. L. Dale Richesin 

     ***National health care – will it work in the U.S.? by Martin P. Waterman 

     ***Work at home at your convenience as a paramedical examiner by Steven Gregersen

     ***International ways with chicken by Jennifer Stein 

     ***Pie recipes by Jennifer Stein 

     ***Using your “stockman’s eye” to care for your livestock by Kelly Klober 

     ***Make a colonial shoulder yoke by Don Fallick 

     ***Build a shaving horse by Don Fallick 

     ***Finding, growing, and eating Asian mustards by Anne Westbrook Dominick 

     ***From chimney sweep to stone sculptor to worry wall, Ron Pruitt has decided his place is in the country by Gary Williams 


Issue #14 (March/April 1992)

     ***My View – Recession and AIDS, Solutions from the past by Dave Duffy

     ***Wow! – field-fabricated standing-seam metal roofing! by Martin S. Harris 

     ***Marvels in small packages by Marjorie Burris 

     ***Greechie, the hummingbird! by Marjorie Burris 

     ***Now that you have your little slice of heaven, how do you go about paying for it? by Michael G. Hart

     ***An overview of centerfire rifles by Christopher Maxwell 

     ***Fire ants on the march in the U.S. by Jo Mason 

     ***Charging RV batteries with the sun by Michael Gohl 

     ***Creating your own life at home without special tools by Neil Shelton 

     ***Cooking with woodstoves by Jennifer Stein 

     ***Carob – the chocolate alternative by Bill Palmroth 

     ***Seed starting the easy way by JJ Fallick 

     ***The bonus of blackberries by Bill Palmroth 

     ***Preparing yourself for springtime floods by Rodney L. Merrill 

     ***God willing and the creek don’t rise by Don Fallick 

     ***Chop ’em, drop ’em, & lop ’em…a rank beginner’s guide to logging by Don Fallick 

     ***Dare to dream with Michael Andy Darr by Pamela Kleibrink Thompson 

     ***Make a crazy quilt by Linda D. Rainey, R.N.

     ***Heat your upstairs by cutting holes in the floor! by Don Fallick 

     ***Getting more cash from your crafts by Dan and Becky Ames 

     ***Growing Christmas trees – a year-round part-time business by Melinda C. Long 

     ***The all purpose power food – soybeans! by Rebecca and Leif Hietala 

     ***Straw bale houses – an alternative by Linda D. Rainey, R.N. 

     ***Good food for hard times…or any time by Jo Mason 

     ***Parakeets for cash by Joe Pratt 

     ***Family works together at successful home-based business by Rosemary LeVernier 

     ***Home remedies by Linda D. Rainey, R.N. 

     ***Good farm management puts money in your pocket by Kelly Klober 

     ***Kricket Krap for your garden by Shirley Belleranti 

     ***Teach your kids the fun, safe way to split kindling by Don Fallick


Issue #13 (January/February 1992)

     ***My View – There’s no stopping term limits! by Dave Duffy 

     ***A hydroponic greenhouse by Aku Kagazchi 

     ***There’s nothing like metal roofing by Martin S. Harris 

     ***New homes from old homes by C.O. Callahan 

     ***The toolbox – hammers & drills by Don Fallick 

     ***Reliving “the American west” at the Hart Canyon rendezvous by W. David Wright 

     ***Some tips on drying foods at home by JJ Fallick 

     ***Learning to shoot safely, effectively by Christopher Maxwell 

     ***A road kill could kill you too! by Martin P. Waterman 

     ***How an inverter fits into your solar electric system by Joel Davidson 

     ***Opportunity is knocking for the country parson by Steven Gregersen 

     ***Clean up with house cleaning by Steven Gregersen 

     ***How to homebrew beer by Chuck Hill 

     ***Final part in our 3-part chicken series…butchering, cleaning, and cooking chickens by Carla Emery

     ***Creating with saltdough by Jan Cook 

     ***Just for kids – logic puzzles by Jo Mason 

     ***Why does the year begin in January? by John Silveira 

     ***Some ideas for remodeling and living from catamount ridge farm by Vern Modeland

     ***My backwoods philosophy by Mary Jo Frolick 

     ***Animal lifesavers – cpr & comfrey by Anne Westbrook Dominick


Issue #12 (November/December 1991)

     ***My View – “Just Once in a Lifetime, Group of 100!” by Dave Duffy 

     ***A good plan to help you achieve financial independence by Don Fallick 

     ***Let common sense, your taste buds guide you to storing food at home by JJ Fallick 

     ***The .22 – another useful firearm for country living by Christopher Maxwell 

     ***Bicentennial of the bill of rights – would we pay the price again? by John Silveira 

     ***Country memories by Anita McCune-Witt 

     ***The sunless, windless, waterless alternative energy system by Skip Thomsen 

     ***Make your own rooter rotor by Bruce Allison 

     ***Physician assistant – a country career with opportunities galore by Rodney L. Merrill 

     ***Getting started in a firewood business by Dan Schectman 

     ***Sources of firewood by Dan Schectman 

     Solar cells power historic ranches off California coast by Trevor Hewson 

     ***How to raise rabbits rabbits rabbits rabbits rabbits rab by Darlene Campbell 

     ***Self-seeding herbs add random fragrance, beauty, and an “old world” look to your vegetable garden by Anne Westbrook Dominick 

     ***For battling ants or growing earthworms, try coffee grounds by Anne Westbrook Dominick 

     ***Salt blueberries to preserve them by Anne Westbrook Dominick 

     Log building school in woods offers hands-on training by Ron Brodigan 

     ***Just for kids – logic puzzles by Jo Mason 

     Stopping the diet-go-round by Fran Jablway 

     Holiday goodies for people with allergies by Jennifer Stein 

     Instant scarflace by Jan Cook 

     ***A house-heating solar greenhouse by Don Fallick 

     ***Feed seven on under $300 a month by JJ Fallick

     ***Everything you ever wanted to know about chickens! – part II by Carla Emery 


Issue #11 (September/October 1991)

     ***My View – Rush Limbaugh – champion of “the Right” by Dave Duffy 

     ***Save a bundle of money by building your home yourself by Martin S. Harris 

     ***A baker’s dozen of uncommon uses for common substances by Don Fallick 

     ***As a versatile country tool the shotgun is hard to beat by Christopher Maxwell 

     ***Finding Mr. (or Ms.) Right – when you’re in the backwoods by Cathleen Thomsen 

     ***With the World Series at hand, let’s take a walk down memory lane through the amazing series of the past by John Silveira 

     ***Everything you ever wanted to know about chickens! by Carla Emery 

     Country living health hints for children by Linda D. Rainey, R.N. 

     ***Electric cars of the 1990s – small companies lead the way, but the “big three” have entered the race by Norma Gurovich 

     ***Here is solution to the problem of transmitting solar electricity long distance to your home site by Steve Willey 

     Nursing: perfect country career! by Jane Dwinell, R.N. 

     ***Getting into desk-top publishing without blowing your budget by Skip Thomsen 

     ***Great Pyrenees – a one-of-a-kind guardian of stock by Dynah Geissal 

     ***Growing trees can pay off with some big dividends but it takes careful planning, planting, and hard work by J.D. Campbell 

     ***Fall in the herb garden by Tina Marie Wilcox 

     ***Rodents and raptors – a natural balance by Dynah Geissal 

     A kestrel in the coop by Dynah Geissal 

     ***Old tin cans tell the real story of how pioneers tamed the west by Julia Craw

     ***21 quick, different, and easy pastabilities by Fran Jablway 

     ***How to make your own stereo cards by Larry Francis 

     ***The old time spring house by Bill Parman 

     ***How to draw up a contract without having to pay a lawyer by Don Fallick 

     Wood-mizer to the rescue by Marjorie Burris 

     Make your own safe baking powder by Marjorie Burris 


Issue #10 (July/August 1991)

     ***My View – Politically correct by Dave Duffy 

     ***Photovoltaics – is the big price breakthrough just around the corner, or the next corner, or… by Paul Maycock 

     ***How one man made the American dream come true by Don Schenck 

     ***Injured and sick wildlife get a lease on life from this California group by John Silveira 

     The Ozark hills – lost mountains of the midwest by Neil Shelton 

     ***Water systems for homesteads with alternative electrical systems by Skip Thomsen 

     ***Tips on dealing with mosquitoes by Marjorie Burris 

     Just for kids – daily life of the pioneers by Shirley Belleranti 

     ***Twenty year update: Carla Emery and her old-fashioned recipe book by Nancy King 

     Build durable wooden riding toys by Don Fallick 

     Instructions for building a toy horse by Don Fallick 

     ***Building for indoor air quality (IAQ) by Martin S. Harris 

     ***The instant greenhouse by JJ Fallick 

     Co-planting in the vegetable garden by Anne Westbrook Dominick 

     ***Fountain treats from the fifties by Jo Mason 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Sarah Blake 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Jeannette Kaner 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Gertrude Kenner

     ***Is methane production on your homestead practical? by Jim Tracy 

     ***How to make soap – from fat to finish by Marjorie Burris 

     ***Wind generator questions and answers by Steve Hicks 

     ***A tour of some alternative energy homes in the Pacific Northwest by Rosemary LeVernier 

     Converting a gas car to electricity: what to keep and what to scrap by Michael Brown and Shari Prange 

     ***Make lifting easy with a rope and the principles of “mechanics” by Don Fallick 

     ***Make twenty dollars per hour by baling and selling straw by Steven Gregersen 

     The next time you take a vacation, why not mix business with pleasure by Mike DiSabatino 

     Achieving total self-sufficiency in five years or less by Judy Lane 

     No more splitting headaches – a rank beginner’s guide to splitting firewood by Don Fallick 

     Easy to make window valances by Jan Cook 


Issue #9 (May/June 1991)

     ***My View – Beyond Iraq, Cops too powerful by Dave Duffy 

     ***Build a log house from scratch by Ron Brodigan 

     New fluorescent bulbs last 13 times longer than incandescents, and use one quarter the electricity by Jeff Fowler 

     ***How to build a safe, effective wood-fired hot water heater by Don Fallick 

     ***The basics of backyard beekeeping by Brian DeRousseau 

     ***It’s not too late to start your garden by JJ Fallick 

     ***The magic of mulch by Anne Westbrook Dominick 

     Overlooked garden delicacies by Betty Herring 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Jan Cook 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Katherine Myers 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Kate Merrill 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Rodney L. Merrill 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Tricia Blunt 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Jennifer Stein 

     ***Home-made bread…it’s good even when it turns out bad! by Fran Jablway 

     ***Just for kids – a musical houseguest by Shirley Belleranti 

     ***Homeschooling children – here is one former teacher’s view of how well it works for his five kids by Don Fallick 

     ***A practical survival strategy in the event of catastrophe by John Silveira

     ***Sawmills: a firm foundation to homesteading by Roy Haney 

     ***Semi-underground, solar house near the Canadian border has some ideas worth crowing about by Don Fallick 

     ***Here’s some sound construction advice for tackling the most important aspect of an earth-set dwelling by Martin S. Harris 

     How to harvest and dry herbs by Laurel Feiler 

     ***Matching sneakers and tee’s by Jan Cook 

     A horse named Lady by Anne Westbrook Dominick 

     How to raise the best pork you have ever tasted by Steven Thomas 

     ***How to design and build a water system for your backwoods home by Skip Thomsen 

     Copper cricket – no bugs in this solar water heater by Aman Bloom 

     ***Wind generator questions and answers by Steve Hicks 

     ***How to make homemade yogurt by Rodney L. Merrill 

     Aloe vera – the magic plant by Bill Palmroth 

     ***Protecting your home against the wildfire dragon by Tom Trooper 

     Hydrogen fuel cell…New fuel cell may make hydrogen a practical fuel for electric vehicles by Joe Stevenson 

     Aluminum-air battery gives electrics 750-mile range by Joe Stevenson 


Issue #8 (March/April 1991)

     ***How to construct a soundproof generator shed by Skip Thomsen 

     ***Spring planting – a lot to do now, plenty of options to consider by Anne Westbrook Dominick 

     ***Dairying with sheep by Rodney L. Merrill 

     Home-grown herbs give your food that “very special” kind of flavor by Laurel Feiler 

     ***Solar water pumping – a sensible, reliable alternative by Windy Dankoff 

     ***Conservation and a wise choice of home appliances is the key to making photovoltaic power work for you by Jeff Fowler 

     Memories from the past by Wayne Hogan 

     ***Here’s a neat way to expand your child’s bedroom and play space by Jan Cook 

     ***Nursing – the number 1 country career or business opportunity for both women and men by Rodney L. Merrill 

     Making your own shoulder pads by Jan Cook 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Rodney L. Merrill 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Sharon Thornbury 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Sharon Freeman 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Tricia Blunt 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Jennifer Stein 

     Wind generator questions and answers by Steve Hicks 

     ***Just for kids – ladybugs and spiders by Shirley Belleranti 

     ***Just for kids – the wonders of spiders by Ilene Duffy

     ***The guayule (why-oo-lee) plant – an oil-saving opportunity begging for an American entrepreneur by John Silveira 

     ***Spring maintenance hints by Marcus Miller 

     ***You can move a piano, even a house by yourself if you understand the principles of “mechanics” by Don Fallick 

     ***A crash course in small business record keeping by Mike DiSabatino 

     How to hang an exterior door by Doc Lewandowksi 

     ***Whip grafting – the key to producing fruit variety by Brian DeRousseau 

     ***In spite of DEET and Permethrin the mosquito still reigns supreme by Rodney L. Merrill 

     ***The portable pig machine by Bruce Allison 

     What about the lead in your water supply? by Rodney L. Merrill 


Issue #7 (January/February 1991)

     ***My View – Independence by Dave Duffy 

     An answer to Saddam…solar cells are on the doorstep of mass production by Dave Duffy 

     ***Remove the toxic waste dump from your home – switch to “natural” household cleaning agents by Rodney L. Merrill 

     How to use a woodstove to heat your home’s hot water by Dave Duffy 

     Jack Stewart knows solar by Jack Stewart 

     An electric car as a “second” vehicle by David Zucker 

     ***Taxes – a good reason for you to start your own small business by Mike DiSabatino 

     ***Some tips on first aid readiness for remote areas by Marjorie Burris 

     ***How to deal with hypothermia by Rodney Merrill 

     ***Small-scale crayfish farming is a profitable business by Don R. Wilson 

     ***Ski fever – an alternative to cabin fever! by Jennifer Stein 

     The miracles of peppermint by Laurel Feiler 

     ***“Green economics”…How to invest your money in the environment and other good things by Rodney L. Merrill 

     ***Remembering Wisconsin’s Peshtigo fire – the greatest natural disaster in North American history by John Silveira 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Rodney L. Merrill 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Jay Ansama 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by John Silveira 

     ***Carrot recipe tips by Jo Mason 

     ***Canning stews and veggie soup by Jan Cook 

     Wind generator questions and answers by Steve Hicks 

     ***Just for kids – candlemaking by Ilene and Annie Duffy 

     ***Just for parents – homemade teaching toys by Ilene Duffy 

     Making a double one-seam skirt without a pattern by Jan Cook 

     Making your compost is better than buying fertilizer by Tiffany St. Ives 

     ***Goats are great – I kid you not! by Dynah Geissal

     Before selecting a commercial water filter, get a third- party test by Richard Arikian 

     ***There’s a shark in the refrigerator or – “on keeping a journal of your child’s development” by Doc Hall 


Issue #6 (September/October 1990)

     ***My View – a war that shouldn’t be! by Dave Duffy 

     ***Using salvaged materials to build a thermosiphon solar hot water system by Dave Duffy 

     ***Today it is oil that controls the wealth of nations; yesterday it was salt that made empires rise and fall by John Silveira 

     Jack Stewart knows solar by Jack Stewart 

     ***How we keep humming along on the homestead by Marjorie Burris 

     ***If you are returning to wood heat, here are some tips that will help by Walt Wentz 

     ***“What if” planning makes a house expansion easier by Dave Duffy 

     ***A short course in cutting hair by Rodney L. Merrill 

     Wind generator questions and answers by Steve Hicks 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Jean Winfrey 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Arthur Vernon II 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by  

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Sally Boulding 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Gertrude Kenner 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Ilene Myers 

     ***Autumn delights by Jennifer Stein 

     For food production, personality, and bug-eating, chickens are among the best backwoods birds! by Barb Hawkins 

     ***Drying meat by Tom Barth 

     ***Poison hemlock! – don’t get this deadly plant confused with other members of the parsley family by Marjorie Burris 

     ***How to keep the china diesel purring like a kitten by Skip Thomsen 

     A hot Kansan yearns for winter by Gordon Fiedler 

     ***Just for kids – apples, apples, everywhere by Ilene Myers 

     The great composting toilet adventure by Laurel Fieler 


Issue #5 (July/August 1990)

     ***My View – flag burning, sobriety checks by Dave Duffy 

     The hot-line solar collector returns as a do-it-yourself heating system  

     ***The James T. Hiteman old tool revitalizing process by Doc Hall 

     ***Identifying and dealing with poison oak and poison ivy by Marjorie Burris 

     Jack Stewart knows solar by Jack Stewart 

     Kilroy was here by Richard W. O’Donnell 

     ***Canning blueberries by Jan Cook 

     ***A botulism update for babies by Rodney L. Merrill 

     ***Build your own ferro-cement water storage tank by Don R. Wilson 

     ***Recycled materials add flavor to the Allisons’ Oregon home by Bruce Allison

     ***Weathering heights – how cities affect the weather! by Susan Williams 

     ***The summer it snowed by John Silveira 

     Wind generator questions and answers by Steve Hicks 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Jan Cook 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Tim and Anna Green 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by John Silveira 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Bonnie Maruquin 

     ***The “new” vegetarian cooking by Jennifer Stein

     ***Just for kids – granola and the moon by Ilene Duffy 

     If you have a swimming pool that’s underutilized, SolaRoll may be the product you’ve been looking for by Diamond Joe Wolcott 

     ***The china diesel…the case for a generator-based electrical system by Skip Thomsen 

     Weaning yourself from a generator by Alan Yelvington 

     Shanghai by Mike McCann 


Issue #4 (May/June 1990)

     A solar-powered home makes sense, both for you and the environment by Dave Duffy 

     Jack Stewart knows solar by Jack Stewart 

     ***Building a roof by yourself can be a big challenge, but the triumph when you are done is even bigger! by Dave Duffy 

     Building freedom at Shelter Institute in Maine by Patsy Hennin 

     ***Making a sunny home in the California wilderness by Cynthia Loweburg 

     Dealing with mountain sickness by Mary Mack 

     ***Tips on controlling your garden pests naturally! by Susan Williams 

     A tale from mother goose, II by Marjorie Burris 

     The invisible gardener by Robert C. Mitchell 

     Here is one way to use the sun to heat your water by Steve Hicks 

     Global warming: the causes and solutions by Rodney L. Merrill 

     ***The bout with drought – two ecologically responsible alternatives! by Rodney L. Merrill 

     Whether it’s tie-dyeing, spray-dyeing, or paint-dyeing, you can design some nifty tee shirts in your garage! by Jan Cook 

     ***Just for kids – plant a spring garden by Ilene Myers 

     ***How to can peaches & tomatoes by Jan Cook 

     ***Some healthy advice about canning and botulism! by Rodney L. Merrill 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Jan Cook 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Janine Howley 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Rodney L. Merrill 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Tom Barth 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Ilene Myers 

     Grandma, grandpa, and the exploding outhouse by Francine Anderson Lindley 

     ***Oklahomans help pave the way for small-scale catfish farmers by Bob Hallman 

     ***Some poisonous advice about scorpions, snakes, and spiders by Rodney L. Merrill 

     A satirical view of . . . the spotted owl and the great Oregon timber war! by Chuck Michel 

     ***How to wire your home for solar electricity by Steve Wiley 

     ***In pursuit of independence by Skip Thomsen 



Issue #3 (March/April 1990)

     ***What is the future of solar electricity? by Joel Davidson 

     From the foundation up, house-building is forgiving by Dave Duffy 

     ***North Dakota self-reliance is Ted Neumiller’s heritage by Tom Barth 

     ***Making an independent living by caring for children by R. Lewis Young 

     Herbs – an alternative way to health care by Robert C. Mitchell 

     ***Framing house walls is a cinch by Dave Duffy 

     ***Now that a new oat bran study has debunked all the old studies, it’s time to study the studies! by Rodney L. Merrill 

     ***A first time horse buyer’s guide by Heather Leavens August 

     ***Find water, wire, or cable by dowsing with wire coat hangers by Bill Bryan 

     ***Kids like the backwoods too! by Annie Duffy 

     ***Just for kids – sprouts in a jar by Ilene Myers 

     ***Just for kids – a can telephone by Ilene Myers 

     ***As the “green revolution” loses credibility, organic gardening makes a comeback! by R. Lewis Young 

     ***A greenhouse offers advantages for the organic gardener by R. Lewis Young 

     ***Well water update! by Rodney L. Merrill 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Jan Cook 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Mary Hembrow 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Tom Barth 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Rodney L. Merrill 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Joanie Rudolph 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Pat Ward 

     ***Canning meat by Jan Cook 

     ***Is it safe to eat the fish/shellfish pulled from our coastal waters? by Susan Williams 

     ***Praise for a once-perfect food by Rodney L. Merrill 

     ***House insulation pays and pays and pays and . . . by Al Cobb 

     ***Zugswang by John Silveira  


Issue #2 (January/February 1990)

     ***Solar power – is it the answer for your electric needs? by Steve Willey 

     ***Solar cells, inverters, and your personal computer by Wes Edwards 

     ***3 Missouri quakes of 1811-12 rang church bells in Boston, toppled 150,000 acres of forest by John Silveira 

     ***From domes to yurts, home ideas get their inspiration from the past by Tom Barth 

     ***Steal a porch from the forest by Dave Duffy 

     A yurt was the housing answer for Geri Rose by R. Lewis Young 

     ***How to tell if your water supply is safe to drink by Rodney L. Merrill, Ph.D. 

     ***Making water fit to drink by Rodney L. Merrill, Ph.D. 

     ***Tepee to cabin to dream house by Chris Kilfoyle 

     ***Sheetery stitchery – better than paint or wallpaper by Jan Cook 

     ***Homemade Christmas ornaments by Jan Cook 

     ***A quake preparation primer! by R. Lewis Young 

     ***Spice up your life with lemon grass by John Silveira 

     ***Fiber – the fact and the fiction by Rodney L. Merrill, Ph.D. 

     ***The virtues of vitamins – a megadose of warning! by Rodney L. Merrill, Ph.D. 

     ***Just for kids – finger weaving 

     ***Making a living independently by teaching adults to read by R. Lewis Young 

     ***Most independent woman and man of 1989 by Dave Duffy 

     ***Vernon Hopkins – Wood splitter, trapper, dowse by Dave Duffy 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Jan Cook 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Arline Tobola 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Tom Barth 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Rebel Minutoli 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Mike and Susan Ferguson 

     ***Recycling and capitalism shake hands by Susan Williams 

     ***She built her own cross-country ski lodge by Jennifer Stein 

     ***Don’t let household moisture problems run amuck by Liz Jagow 

     ***My dad was never home for Santa Claus by Tony Lamb 


Issue #1 (November/December 1989)

     ***Solar cell improvements make solar modules desirable as home electricity source by David Weiss 

     ***A little knowledge and sweat can build a home for under $10,000 by Dave Duffy 

     ***The beaver pond by Leo Aaltonen 

     ***The perfect defense by John Silveira 

     Become self sufficient with raised vegetable beds by Alasdair Coyne 

     ***Solar cell inventor Tony Lamb made his breakthrough in 1931 by Maureen Fox 

     ***Can a woman alone make a life in the backwoods? Ask Cecilia Taylor Barry! by Kathleen O’Hara 

     ***Backwoods home recipes by Jan Cook 

     ***The facts of life by David Weiss 

     ***Hard woods are the best but pine has its place by Diamond Joe Wolcott 

     ***The do’s and don’ts of buying backwoods property by Lisa Gray 

     ***A telephone for Vailsburg by Dave Duffy 

     Resources: getting the most out of your water by Liz Jagow