Issue #11

September/October, 1991

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Cover 11

Note from the publisher


Rush Limbaugh — champion of “the Right”

Just for kids:
Kid’s Funny Drawing Contest

Product reviews

21 Pastabilities

Original poems:
John Silveira
Cathleen Thomsen
Larry Cuthbert

Magazine/Book Reviews
Back to Basics
More-With-Less Cookbook
Rodale’s Garden Problem Solver
The Antique Tool Collector’s Guide to Value
Vanishing American Outhouse
The Voluntyrist
The Homebuilt Dynamo
Home Sweet Home




  • Save a bundle of money by building your home yourself
  • Wood-Mizer to the rescue

Alternative energy

  • A solution to the problem of transmitting solar electricity long distance
  • Armech solar suspends operations

Electric vehicles

  • Electric cars of the 1990’s — small companies lead the way, but the “big three” have entered the race

Country living

  • As a versatile country tool the shotgun is hard to beat
  • Finding Mr. (or Mrs) Right when you’re in the backwoods
  • Nursing: perfect country career
  • Rodents and raptors — a natural balance
  • A kestral in the coop
  • The old time spring house

Self sufficiency/Money

  • A baker’s doen of uncommon uses for common substances
  • Getting into desk-top publishing without blowing your budget
  • How to draw up a contract without having to pay a lawyer


  • Everything you ever wanted to know about chickens! Part I
  • Great Pyrenees — a one-of-a-kind guardian of stock
  • Growing trees can pay off with some big dividends but it takes careful planning, planting and hard work
  • Fall in the herb garden


  • Country living health hints for children
  • Make your own safe baking powder

Old days

  • A walk down Memeory Lane through the amazing World Series of the past
  • Old tin cans tell the real story of how pioneers tamed the West
  • How to make your own stereo cards