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The invisible presidential candidate who could put America back on track

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On the road during troubled times

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Storing dry milk, freezing pies, storing eggs, canning maple syrup, etc.

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Kale soup and acorn squash sweet bread

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Cover 133
This issue’s cover is another watercolor by Don Childers. He painted it about two years ago and we have been saving it for an important issue. The idea behind it was a cover to convey the idea that you can walk a safe path through a forbidding, albeit beautiful, landscape.


14  The 7 core areas of preparedness   By Patrice Lewis

51  Journey to the backwoods, part 2   By David Lee

61  Prepping with children   By Annie Schap

75  A homesteader’s journal, part 2   By Dani Payne


20  Build a barrel stove   By Nick Weston

28  Build your own car wash   By Jeffrey R. Yago, P.E., CEM

48  Build a greenhouse with Tony Jakacky   By Tony Jakacky

58  Split your own cedar shakes   By John Whight

Farm and garden

63  Making maple syrup   By Donna Insco


8  Raising rabbits   By Linda Gabris

Food and recipes

24  Cast iron loaf pans from breakfast to dessert   By Matt and Linda Morehouse

66  Homemade pasta   By Linda Gabris


37  Apocalypse, when?   By Claire Wolfe

79  Swap and barter   By Leila Bolster