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Cover 145
The cover is by longtime artist for BHM, Don Childers. You can imagine the couple in the picture probably has plenty of food in the pantry, enough wood for the winter, and of course a generous supply of dog and cat food. It’s warm and cozy inside, while the winter snow falls – a great time to catch up on reading and finishing a knitting project.


8  Annie on Everfree Farm
By Annie Tuttle

35  Bees according to Uncle Bob
By James Kash

69  Homemade skin care products
By Carly Egger

75  Wanted dead or alive: shad baits
By Frank Knebel


65  Creative home projects
By David Lee

Farm and garden

26  Plums on your homestead
By Jackie Clay-Atkinson

44  Secure and economical livestock feed
By Sherry Willis

Food and recipes

49  The convenience of a bread bucket
By Karen Marshall

56  Delightfully delicious dumplings
By Linda Gabris


53  Winter health care
By Joe Alton, M.D.