Issue #146 of Backwoods Home Magazine. March/April, 2014


Issue #146 • March/April, 2014



6  Editor’s Note

7  Editorial:
      Clueless city slickers make social engineering possible

44  Ayoob on Firearms:
      Classic backwoods home firearms: The lever action rifle

68  Irreverent joke page

69  Ask Jackie:
      Canning meat, storing honey, discolored pickled garlic, preserving olives, etc.

81  Letters

82  Advertiser Index

83  The last word:
      Inconvenient truths for the climate change crowd

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84  Classified advertising form

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Cover 146
The cover is by BHM’s longtime artist, Don Childers. To go along with Jackie Clay-Atkinson’s article on growing peaches, he wanted to show off a beautiful peach tree in all its springtime glory. The kids in the picture must have a good mom somewhere making sure they’re wearing hats and sweatshirts to ward off the cool spring temperatures.


18  Annie on Everfree Farm
   By Annie Tuttle

52  The humble kerosene lamp
   By Patrice Lewis

Alternative energy

26  Solar-powered water purifiers
   By Jeff Yago, P.E., CEM


33  Build a cistern out of corrugated road culvert
   By Joe Mooney

57  Deck out your RV
   By Dorothy Ainsworth

Farm and garden

8  Peaches on your homestead
   By Jackie Clay-Atkinson

39  Operating a still-air incubator
   By Benjamin C. Richards

62  Ancona ducks
   By Amanda Kemp

65  Beware of herbicides
   By Sylvia Gist


73  The militarization of America’s police forces
   By John Silveira

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